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Horror Movie Villains

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Horror Movie Villains

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Bathsheba Sherman  was the main villain in the 2013 movie ‘The Conjuring’

She was an evil ghost of an 1800's Satanist (devil worshipper)

The film she is featured in is based on a "true" story of the Haunting in Harrisville, Rhode Island.

She has a demonic look about her host like skin, rotting flesh, and piercing eyes

Her abilities are: possession, poltergeist occurrences, telekinesis, biokinesis, and she can put curses on others

What makes her scary?:“She looks unappealing and is not

revealed for a long time” -Holly (age 18 ).

Bathsheba Sherman

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The Babadook is a bogeyman who haunts people when they chant his chant. He is the main villain in the 2014 film ‘The Babadook’

He inhabits a pop up book that randomly appears in places.

His appearance is menacing as he has pale white skin and wears all black, his nails are long and sharp and his mouth is pitch black.

His powers include: huge supernatural skills, dark powers, possession, telekinesis, teleportation and shape shifting

What makes him scary?:“The contrast between his ghostly skin

and dark clothing and mouth” –Hannah (age 18).

The Babadook

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Jason Voorhees is from the ‘Friday 13th’ franchise (which started in 1980-2009)

Jason was a silent relentless killing machine.

He wore a mask to hide his facial deformity and mainly carries a machete. His clothing is ragged and ripped.

His abilities are unlike the other villains on this post as he is not supernatural. He is able to kill rather easily and is referred to as a ‘mass murderer’

What makes him scary?“I would not say he is scary from his

appearance but his actions are because they seem more real” -Yasmine (age 17).

Jason Voorhees