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  • 1. NGUYEN HONG PHUOC 1101017269

2. Q: When was WTO established? A: January 1st 1995 Q: How many members are there in WTO now? A: 160 members 3. Q: What kind of organization WTO is? A: WTO is an international organization whose objectives are to supervise and facilitate international trade Q: What is the main function of WTO? A: It is ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably, and freely as possible 4. The unconditional most favoured nation (MFN) principle 1 Reciprocity 3 Mutual recognition 4 Fast track voting procedure (trade promotion) 5 Equal and fair national treatment 2 5. 1. Viet Nam has been a member of the WTO since 2006. 2. Now WTO has 160 members and Viet Nam is the 160th member. 3. Creating favorable conditions for market economy to develop and opening market for financial, insurance, accounting, auditing and taxation services is one of the most significant fields that Vietnam has committed as a new member of WTO. 6. 1. International Economic Integration means(1).. to (2).. 2. The opportunity will also open to all Vietnamese as being the (3).., it means accessing to the variety of the goods and services, enjoy the low prices as a result of (4).. and (5).., and the growth of the (6).. 3. Firstly(7)... but not (8).., Vietnam integrates but has to maintain (9).. as well as the regimes identity, always following the policy of (10) ...and (11).. in economic development. 4. Secondly, once (12).. are reduced for removed and (13).. abolished, competition are more severe. Products of low competitiveness can not be exported. On the other hand they will be defeated by foreign products. Thus, domestic businesses might face bankruptcy. Unemployment rate might rise. (1) restructuring (2) market regulations (3) consumers (4) tariff reduction (5) competitiveness (6) information technology (7) integration (8) dissolvent (9) national identity (10) independence (11) self-reliance (12) tariff barriers (13) quotas