Honeymoon Destinations in Singapore

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Singapore offers beautiful setting for a honeymoon vacation. The island country has a number of landmarks where newlywed couples can enjoy their time

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  • 1. Honeymoon Destinations inSingapore

2. Singapore History Gallery is a great place to see thenational treasures of the island country. You can findexhibits across disciplines in the gallery. The Museum isorganized themed on fashion, photography, film, foodetc 3. Along with other places,the Fountain of Wealth is also considered as majorhoneymoon destinations in Singapore. It is the largest fountain in theworld and popular spot for takingphotographswith your spouse. The fountaingets better at night with laser shows rendering it a dazzling look.Besides the above places, you should not miss enjoying delicacies around theworld. Since people of different ethnicitiesstay in Singapore, you can findrestaurants serving food from different corners of the world.