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Established in 2006 Synth Eastwood is a Dublin based music, art & technology group. Our aim is to present creative work from around the world in an atmosphere more akin to a gig than an exhibition. This is done by inviting artists of every field and level of experience to submit work based on a theme/brief we set. All relevant work is welcomed and exhibited at no cost* to the artist.

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  • Thank you

    Jeannie OBrien, Oxfam Ireland, Heineken,

    GP Digital, Nikki Darcy, Mary Agnew, Eoin

    Swan Sweeney, Stephen OBrien, Niamh

    Horohan, Miriam Ibaez, Helen Connolly,

    Steinunn Jakobsdttir, Liadain Aiken,

    Aoife Kelly, Conor Denny, Lauren Kavanagh,

    Andreas Pettersson, Emma Blaney, Mark

    Earley, James Earley, Louise Phipps,

    Richard Gilligan, Future Print, D in the

    Button Factory, IMOCA, Liam Caffery, Bear

    Koss, Peter Lynch, Richard Seabrooke, Candy

    & Synth Eastwoods many mothers.

    Join uS

    Find us on FaceBook or join our

    website mailing list to be kept up

    to date with Synth Eastwoods shows

    and projects. Were always looking

    for folks to get invloved.

  • wELComE to

    Synth EaStwoods

    homEmadE Show

    Were very happy to present our seventh

    submission based show. The show contains

    illustration, photography, typography,

    design, animation, film, music compostion,

    audio loops, and sculpture from over 200

    people. All work on show was created

    for the theme HomeMade. Please visit our

    website soon to see photos and videos of

    tonights work.

    Cheerio for now,

    Synth Eastwood.


  • PRinT EXhiBiTionfeaturing 100+ artists

    ViDEo EXhiBiTionfeaturing 30+ artist

    houSE oF CoSy CuShionS Livemyspace.com/houseofcosycushions

    ShoRT Film Richard Bolhuis/richardbolhuis@yahoo.com

    ThE Jimmy RiG SliP JiGGeorgeHiggs.com

    homE maiD lamPChrisJudge.com/ClionaOFlaherty.com

    CuCkCoo CloCkRenateHenschke.com

    homEmaDE animaTionFergal Brennan/fergalb@gmail.com

    Part onE : FiLmBaSE 8Pm 10.30Pm

  • Ladder Installation


    Homemade Family

  • TV Hugh Cooney/www.youtube.com/user/Hughgcooney

    FaiR CiTy VoiCE oVERSPhilip & Paul Galvin/youtube.com/watch?v=rv5hDeNdXIU

    homEmaDE FamilyTanya OKeefee/tanyaok2001@yahoo.co.uk

    lET ThEm EaT CakE Aisling Fegan/ashfegan@yahoo.co.uk

    oXFamS FREE GaFFName / email address?

    laDDER inSTallaTionMick Minogue/www.mickbuttonminogue.blogspot.com

    TwaDDlECiaran Hickey/www.everydayblue.com

    FREE laSaGnE!Kindly made by Synth Eastwoods Mums

    DollS houSESarah Brownlee/brownlee.sarah@gmail.com

    homEmaDE laPToPJennifer OBrien/jennifer@sourcedesign.ie

  • Optical Therimin

    GIF Shoot!

  • GiF ShooT! Synth Eastwood & You!

    oPTiCal ThEREminMichael Una/www.una-love.com/muna

    homEmaDE ChaiR Peter Martin/pernac@gmail.com

    Dylan Higgins/dilhig@yahoo.com

    l.a. GEaRLauren Kavanagh/laureneek@gmail.com

    homEmaDE lamPBl Farry/blafarry@gmail.com

    hoBBy hoRSESLiadain Aiken/li.aiken@gmail.com

    FooD/CloThinGBarbara Brennan/sideshowbabs@hotmail.com

    SaFETy FiRSTTara Whelan/sweetnessiwasonlyjoking@hotmail.com

    BREaD oF ThE BRianSBrian Drennan/brianyeabrian@yahoo.co.uk

    Brian Mccarthy/brianbread@gmail.com

  • PRinT EXhiBiTionfeaturing 100+ artists


    ry H



  • Dam







    o O



  • SPILLY WALKER is David Kitts exciting new

    electronic disco project Spilly Walker with his younger brother, Robbie Kitt. David has just

    released his latest album The Nightsaver and Spilly are due to release their debut later this year. Watch this space...www.myspace.com/spillywalker

    SPilly walkERCAL TV Visuals

    THE SYNTH EASTWOOD band performs an audio/

    visual set based around the theme of the show. Content is sourced from all audio and visual loops submitted as

    well as from the GIF Shoot! shot on the night of the show. The instrumentation and membership of

    the band is largely undefined as guest

    players are frequent but the fundamental

    lineup always features CoolHandLoop, Simon

    Cullen, and Phil Boyle. Take us Home boys.

    SynTh EaSTwooD BanDVisuals: GIF Shoot!

    Part two :

    BUtton FaCtory

    10.30Pm 03am

  • DONAL DINEEN is an Irish radio presenter,

    photographer, film maker and former television presenter. He currently presents an assortment

    of electronica and world music on his Small Hours

    (formerly Here Comes the Night) late-night radio show on Today FM. He is also the reason we stayed up late on a school night when he presented the No Disco TV series on Network 2.www.todayfm.com/Shows/Weekdays/Donal-Dineen/


    Donal DinEEnHomemade Set & Visuals

    WE ARE FROM Limerick City in Ireland. We ring people on the phone and when they

    answer the phone we do jokes to them. We record it and then we put it on the internet for people to listen to. We have

    recently started to do pop songs aswell. When we do a song, we write, perform, record and produce the

    song on our own, without any help from people who arent me or him (The

    Rubberbandits). www.myspace.com/


    RuBBERBanDiTSLive Performance/Visuals

  • BLUEFOOD, Irish producer of computer funk, has been at the controllers for 10 years now and

    is known for his quirky round self-styled sound. Livesets vary from improv theatre at the Electric Picnic, chill-out at the Life Festival to dark

    bouncy wobbles at Mantua and most recently at the Sibin fundraiser. Various Label Releases include parings with The Alphabetset, Kaboogie and

    Acroplane. www.myspace.com/


    OKAY, basically its my fourth 4 deck composition, tagging loops from swing, techno & jazz and putting them together to form new tracks. Its done without the headphones as they slow me down... theres no time for traditional cueing and they get in the way. Also its kinda like Ableton Live except

    off decks. Loads of people still come up and ask

    me how I do it so nows the time to find out. 50

    records in 50 mins.

    BluE FooDShonagh Hurley Visuals

    CalVin JamESLive Camera Visuals


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