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Homemade-HandmadeA website for craft enthusiasts

The Aim of the Website A market place for crafting products.

To build and maintain a crafts community

To provide an online crafts meeting point

To be the font of knowledge when it comes to crafting

To showcase finished product craft companies (paid for advertorials)



Social Media Aims & ObjectivesTo build and maintain buzz and awareness.

To promote products, content, groups and events.

To drive traffic to website.

To increase subscribers, followers and fans.

To gain audience insights.


Encourage sharing links with peersBuild number of likesCalls to action buy / like / tag / comment

Building fans - bi-monthly competitions:LIKES:Offer a small free gift / voucher / discount to those who like the pagePOST A PIC:Competition whereby crafters share a photo of their homemade items. We pick the best one, or see which one gets most likesTAGS:Get fans to tag themselves on a Facebook picture we have posted. Tweets of interesting facts and figures, newsTweets lots of imagesRetweet those who we followMonitor and respond immediatelyHashtags:Use hashtags for events / products / brand / competitionseg #mothersdayGood way to monitor interaction!Building followers:rewteets are entered into prize drawtweets with relevant hashtags are entered into draw

Video how-to guides for craftingUse Youtube / Facebook application

Pin boards of products with links and costPhoto how to step-by-step guidesShare video how to guidesGeneral inspiration board about fashion and craftsMust be done daily to build presence and boards


CRM Focus


Customer Relationship MarketingExpanding our database

First purchases.

How customers found the website.Sign up form


Postal Address/email


Example: What craft you are interested in, What products would you like to receive emails about, What day/time would you like to receive our emails.

Sign up form


FeedbackForumsLeave feedbackSupport any complaints or ideas that would be sent to our Support TeamFeedback Surveys we would set up quarterly surveys about different aspect of our business 10% off from their next purchaseInnovation. New products/offers would get good exposure website banners and emails/text messages to customers. Tailor offers individually customized promotions - interested in knitting 10% discount on their next purchase + a newsletter with the latest tips on knitting trends.Customer Support - well trained and contactable via email and phone. Complaints or difficult issues would be escalated to management for handling and building trust.


Use off site and on site SEO techniques to improvewebsiteperformance in search rankings, boostsite traffic, brand recognition & sales. Goal is to drive traffic to websiteOn site SEO:Offer valuable and relevant content; use Google analytics and Adwords for keyword searchUse keyword in page title Target keywords 3-5 relevant keywords : homemade, handmade, craft, creative ,craft supplyGet customers to leave a comment in pop out window asking ;Have you found what you have been looking for Off site SEO:Getting links to our website from other websites, articles, blogs, social media, obtain backlinks from high-profile sites Linking using anchor text : Handmade, creative craft, craft materials



Generate traffic and leads to website by PPC campaign using Google platform. Create PPC's ads that will encourage customer to click and act (avoid bouncing)PPC example Title; Craft Supply Materials for Homemade ArtShort Description: Wide Range of Craft Materials Available for All Types of Craft Url: www.homemadehandmade.co.uk/ unique wool/ kitchen craftT: Craft gift setsideas D:Order now - Unique and Personalised Gift Sets Url: www.homemadehandmade.co.uk/gift sets


PPC cont.. Rules to follow when creating PPC and increase effectiveness: Offer valueCapitalise first lettersDifferentiate Large selection, hundreds of stylesMake an offer: Free shipping, 3 for 2Limited time offer: Order by 15 July etcCall to action: Order now Use category specific urlAim is to run approx 4 different PPC ads and determine which advert is most successful and repeat but also constantly optimise and test for new keywords Target audience; mothers, women, relevant business, tradesman, artisanAdvert Placement: web- magazines dedicated to craft, hobbies, spare time, seasonal, craft businesses, communities on face book, localTest new adds, landing pages


RSSUse Feeds to reach and attractcustomers with news on whats trendy, chic, new products, styles etc>>Unique and stylish>> Whats in Fashion, Craft Style?>> Make your own in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, loungeetc >> Chic product of the month try it yourself (with materials bought from us)>> Mix and match art phenomenon DIY mixing craft >> DIY - Seasonal>> Personalised gift of the day buy now


E-newsletterReceived only by subscribers.Weekly, Monthly or tri-mestral.Content: 1- Product of the week/month. 2- tutorial videos. 3- Special offers and promotions.


How to Subscribe


Subscription confirmation e-mail

From: HomeMade HandmadeTo: [email protected]: 02/07/2012

Dear Caroline

We are happy to announce that you are now subscribed to HomeMade HandMades free email newsletter!

You will receive regular updates on the latest products, videos, special offers and loads of inspiring projects and ideas available in our online shop.

Regards,The HomeMade HandMade team


How to opt out Our objective is to keep people visiting regularly our website looking for updates on new products and videos. We will make it difficult to opt out: 1- Unsubscribing form 2- Confirmation link.


Example form


Birthday E-mailEach subscriber will receive an e-card on their birthday from the HomeMade HandMade team. Personalized e-cards, with the subscribers name. The aim is to give subscribers the feeling that HomeMade HandMade is part of their daily lives.


Thank you for shoppingAutomated e-mail.Confirming purchase made.Confirming the delivery date and time.Order reference number.




Sheet1CRMDatabase25Feedback25Support25Innovation25To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

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