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HOMEMADE EASY. Sausage Cheese Balls. Shelia Estes, Emily Flannery & Stacey Palmer. Situation Analysis. Homemade Easy, prospective prepackaged foods company that provides quality pre-made meals Three full-time employees Distributed to Northwest Arkansas region - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOMEMADE EASYSausage Cheese Balls

Shelia Estes, Emily Flannery & Stacey PalmerSituation AnalysisHomemade Easy, prospective prepackaged foods company that provides quality pre-made mealsThree full-time employeesDistributed to Northwest Arkansas regionStay at home moms, working parents, busy adults, studentsCatering companies Small businesses

Internal EnvironmentSmall businessShared ownership and investment Sheila Estes, Emily Flannery & Stacey PalmerShared work distribution each employee prepares and packages food as outlined by customer ordersAbility to provide large and small ordersAbility to provide customer service through direct marketing and cater product to specific needsAbility to use high quality and high cost ingredients with hands-on cookingLow startup fundsSmall staff cannot fulfill large orders with short notice

Mission StatementWe exist to provide a high-quality, consistent product that enables consumers to prepare a wholesome, affordable, and quick meal with ease.External EnvironmentCompetitiveMany competitors Wal-Mart/Sams Club competitively priced and able to sell large quantities with short noticeNapolis, Johnny Carinos, Olive Garden Offer comparable meatballs in a sit-down atmosphere, but are not portable. More expensiveCatering Concepts Affordable, pre-prepared, family-sized to-go meals.TechnologicalAbility to take online orders and process credit cardsWebsite to take orders, view ordering options, and learn about the company

External EnvironmentEconomicPeople cooking themselvesVariable cost of sausageLegal/RegulatoryFDA regulationsBusiness license costSocio-CulturalVegetarian/Vegan populationPackaging concerns plastic bag storagePeople take pride in cooking meals from scratch(Continued)SWOT AnalysisSTRENGTHSAbility to make product to order flexibleHigh customer contact encourages great service and retentionAbility to select choice ingredients for optimal end productAttention to specialty products including gluten-free

WEAKNESSESLimited resourcesSmall staffEmployee turnoverHigh variable costs depend on demand

OPPORTUNITIESPotential to supply catering companies that distribute large amounts of productHigh growth potential both in and out of the NWA market

THREATSMany competitors with similar substitutesCompetitors with lower costs due to cheaper ingredientsEconomy

Marketing ObjectivesDevelop profits of at least 10% within the first year of operation.Maintain customer satisfaction of at least 95% continuously within the first year of operation.Have all business debt retired within one year of opening.Product strategyCore productConsistentWholesomeAffordableQuick meal solutionActual productSausage cheese ballsAugmented productPre-cooked for quick heatingGluten free option

Product strategyProduct line and mixSpicy and mild regular Spicy and mild gluten freePackaging, branding and labeling Resealable packageHomemade Easy labelInsert with cooking instructions and ingredientsHow can attention to service quality enhance our success?Customers will be assured that each time they purchase Homemade Easy Sausage Balls they will have the same quality and taste.

(Continued)Product lifecycleIntroductionLimited productsSlow growthProfits are negative to smallLimited distributionIntroduce new customers to productsMaturityAdd new productsAttract new customersSales levelGrowthHeavy advertising and promotionProfits increaseEncourage customers loyalty DeclineProduce most popular productsIncrease advertisingEvaluate whether to continue or notpricingAffordable$5.50 to $7.00Accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for customer convenienceSales receipts available via text message or e-mailOffer discount for bulk sales

PROMOTION MIXCitiscapes Magazine: Magazine based out of Fayetteville, AR, that showcases local food, activities, and people. Circulation is Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest): Grassroots and inexpensive way to get the word out about our product and where we will be selling it. A good tie-in with the Farmer's Markets in the local area.Local Farmer's Markets - Hand out baked samples and sell our unbaked, premixed product.TARGET MARKETPeople who spend a substantial amount of time on social media.Customers who are interested in local items and companies.Customers who tend to support local companies and products.Women 20-45Communication modelSource: Homemade Easy and its foundersEncoding: Print advertising design, text, and pictures on social mediaMessage: Have homemade snacks for your family without all the hassleMedium: Citiscapes Magazine, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, local Farmer's MarketsReceiver: Consumers who are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and who read Citiscapes MagazinePromotion StrategyPull Strategy: Build a following through social media and farmer's markets, so small shops and local merchants will want to sell the product in their stores.

distributionInbound LogisticsAcquire raw materials through local sources, such as Sams Club, Wal-mart, and Harps.During Intro of business, transport raw materials via one of our own vehicles.OperationsSort raw materials into batches according to type of rollsDuring start-up of business, store raw materials in refrigerator and freezer at Staceys houseDuring start-up of business, manufacture product at Staceys houseOutboundFor local deliveries, transport in Sheila Estes vehicleFor shipping to other areas, use USPS with cold pack

DistributionMarketing & SalesPromotion with booth (sales and samples) at area Farmers MarketsAdvertising in Citiscapes MagazineWord-of-mouthBusiness cards left at area retailersService after SaleNutrition label on packagingResealable plastic packaging

(Continued)distributionDistribution ChannelsDual & Hybrid (direct to consumer and internet)Type of DistributionExclusive at firstSelective after business is established(Continued)Thank you for your businessVisit us at http://homemadeeasy.weebly.comBudgetOverall budget $20,000 quarterlyOperating expenses32% marketing within first yearApprox. $8,000 quarterlyVariable Costs Supplies based on orderEstimated $1000 monthlyPackaging/Shipping/Distribution Taxes/Business license - Estimated $5,000 first month $500 monthly thereafterSalaries - $37,500 quarterly*see budget breakdown at:http://homemadeeasyjbu.weebly.com/budget.html