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dishes made at home with procedure

Transcript of homemade dishes

  • 1. Before presenting my PPT onthe topic Working of aHuman Ear, I would like tothank Anjali Rajpal maam forinspiring me to increase myknowledge about Science.

2. Definition ofear: the organused by humansto detect sound. 3. Each part of the ear serves a specificpurpose in the task of detecting andinterpreting sound. 4. Picture a satellite dish thatcollects radio waves. The outer ear is similar! The curved formation on theoutside ( the pinna) helpsfunnel sound down the earcanal to the eardrum. 5. The middleear transfersthe energy ofa sound waveby vibratingthe threebones foundthere. 6. These arethe smallestbones inyour body! Together,theyreabout thesize of anorange seed.HammerAnvilEardrum Stirrup 7. When sound wavesreach the middle ear,they cause theeardrum to vibrate. This vibration thencauses the threebones to vibrate. These vibrations aretransformed intolongitudinal/pressurewaves in the middleear. 8. Two main parts:CochleaAuditory Nerve 9. Coiled like a snail shell Contains approximately300,000 hair cells Is filled with fluid,through which soundcan travel easily. 10. These tinyhairs bendbecause ofthevibrationscaused bythe soundwaves. 11. The tiny hair cellsof the cochlea areset in motion byvibrations The vibrationsstimulate tinynerve cells. The nerve cellsthen send signalsalong the auditorynerve to the brain.