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  1. 1. Homeless People By Aqeel Ahmed
  2. 2. Contents Page
    • Homeless People
    What means being homeless? Homeless on the streets Information Donate Charity12345
  3. 3. What means being homeless
    • Have you ever wondered how many homeless people are suffering outside in rain searching somewhere safe to live? Have you ever wondered how many people are living without shelter in rain suffering from diseases? Have you ever wondered how they live in ripped clothes in cold weather? Think what will you do when you arehungry and you have no food to eat? Think what will you feel when you are cold, sitting in the rain trying to sleep?
    • Put yourself in a lonely homeless childs shoes dont you feel sympathy for him or you are so selfish that you are trying to avoid him. Beginning to get a picture. Everyday thousands of people become homeless but you dont care. They suffer from diseases but you dont care.
  4. 4. Homeless on the streets
    • Some people are crying for food and you are wasting your food day by day. Some little children are dying for water and you are busy wasting water in your homes. Dont you think you are greedy and selfish. Imagine you sitting on the streets of Bradford hovering around without food and water feeling cold because of the rain. If you ask someone for money, he kicks you and starts carrying on going on his own way. Wont you feel that this is injustice. You cant be that bad.
  5. 5. Information
    • There are 3.4 billion people homeless in the world living in poverty. Many people become homeless through no fault of their own. Those 3.4 billionpeople who live on less than $2 a day. The highest rate of poor people is in Africa. They have no food, no clothes, no shelter just living on streets crying for money. Homelessness is often found more in LEDC countries like African.
  6. 6. Donate Charity
    • Please donate charity. Your charity can give water to a child who got dry throat for a couple of days. Your charity can save a child who is suffering from diseases like rickets. Please, Please give charity and help us give comfort to homeless people in the world
  7. 7. The End
    • We hope you will start giving charities and saving little childrens life from today and tomorrow. We are not stopping you all enjoy your life but what we just want from you is a lot of support from you all so we can save this world getting homeless.