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1. FHA HOME IMPROVEMENTLENDINGFinancing Solutions by Admirals Bank 2. PROGRAM OVERVIEWFHA Title 1 Home Improvement Loan No equity required to qualify Free to offer to your customersLoan Amounts $7501- $25,000 secured with fixed rates from 4.95%-9.95% Unsecured up to $15,000 (pay as you go or- same as cash) Up to $7,500 unsecured with fixed rates from 7.95%-12.95%Time Frame Customer gets pre-approved within minutes Customer receives the funds within 11-12 days of original inquiry 3. LOAN DETAILS Requires a credit mid-score of 650 or higher Debt-to-Income Ratio of 45% or underAvailable Terms: 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 yearsUnsecured loan up to $15,000 must go in combination with $25,000 secured (payment options, same as cash or- pay as you go)No Pre-Payment PenaltiesTax Deductible Interest (Secured Loans Only-Confirm with Tax Pro) Funds are disbursed before work beginsFunds are only for Home Improvements (No Debt Consolidation)Closing fee to customer included within loan amount 4. LEASE VS. BUYBUYLEASE Consumer is empowered by Consumer does not own systemowning their system Not eligible for tax incentives Eligible for tax incentives, instant Not eligible for SRECSrebates & SRECS Pre-payment penalties may apply Tax deductible interest rate Payments have potential to Option to re-amortize payments increasewithin first 2 years of loan and Does not increase home valuereduce out of pocket cost No pre-payment penalties 5. TITLE ONE PLUS ONE New Program!! Additional $15,000 in unsecured fundsApproved in conjunction with customer qualifying for primary standard $25kloan option through FHA Pay as you go or- Save Now, Pay LaterMinimum fico score required 700 Debt to income ratio not to exceed 45% Terms 12 months through 10 years available 6. THE PROCESS Offer the homeowner the financing optionApply over the phone or online while youre at Complete an application email it to your Accountthe customers house ExecutiveHomeowner approval Borrower(s) provide proof of employment andCustomer is pre-qualified within minutesincome for an official approvalHomeowner receives the Funds Customer can receive the funds in 11-12 Customer chooses a checks or wire transfer business days 7. Daniella R. Muschiano 401-248-7377 or 1-800-572-7844 ext. 7377 Fax: 1-888-622-2573 Dmuschiano@admiralsbank.com*Contractor/Company whom referred you: ____________________________________________*Required to fill in if applicableHOME IMPROVEMENTS _______________________________________________________ AMOUNT REQUESTED____________________________REAL ESTATE INFORMATIONADDRESS ______________________________ CITY _______________________ ST _____ ZIP __________________DATE PURCHASED ____________________ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE ______________________________ ST 1MORTGAGE BALANCE ________________ PAYMENT __________ TAXES & INS. INCLUDED? Y / N 2ND MORTGAGE BALANCE ________________ PAYMENT___________ CURRENT VALUE _________________ MOBILE HOME Y/NMULTI FAMILY PROPERTYY/N # OF UNITS _________________BORROWER INFORMATIONBORROWER CO-BORROWERNAME _______________________________________NAME _______________________________________SOC SEC # ____________ - ________ - ____________SOC SEC # ____________ - ________ - ____________DATE OF BIRTH ______________________________DATE OF BIRTH ______________________________HOME PHONE ________________________________ HOME PHONE ________________________________ALTERNATIVE PHONE ________________________ALTERNATIVE PHONE ________________________EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION BORROWERCO-BORROWEREMPLOYER ____________________________________ EMPLOYER __________________________________ADDRESS _____________________________________ ADDRESS ____________________________________PHONE ________________________________________PHONE _______________________________________LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT _____________________LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT ____________________POSITION _____________________________________POSITION ____________________________________ANNUAL INCOME _____________________________ ANNUAL INCOME ____________________________OTHER INCOME _______________________________OTHER INCOME ______________________________ BORROWERCO-BORROWER I do not wish to furnish this information I do not wish to furnish this information ETHNICITY ETHNICITY Hispanic or Latino Not Hispanic or Latino Hispanic or Latino Not Hispanic or Latino RACERACEAmerican Indian or Native Alaskan American Indian or Native Alaskan Asian Asian White White Black or African American Black or African AmericanNative Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander SEXSEXMale Female MaleFemale 8. Online ApplicationVisit http://www.admiralsbankloans.com/home_improvement/home.aspProvide Email Address Create Password SubmitFollow instructions for completing and submitting the application.When asked how you heard about Admirals Bank, select contractor and enter code listed belowYour Contractor Code 9. TIME TO GROWYou Sell MoreCustomer gets EveryoneJobs the work done Benefits 10. GETTING YOU SIGNED UPFill out two forms and provide proof ofproper licensing and liability insuranceGet approved to offer financing to yourcustomersStart offering a financing option, stop losingjobs due to lack of funds and grow yourbusiness 11. Admirals Bank Contractor Referral Program Survey To enroll in the Admirals Bank Contractor Referral Program, please take a few minutes to complete the short survey below. Inaddition we will need a copy of your Contractors license (if your state requires one; if not, please provide a copy of your businesslicense) and certificate of liability insurance. If you have any questions regarding this survey or the Admirals Bank Contractor Referral Program, please call us at 1-800-715-8472.Contact Name______________________________________________________________________________________Company Name___________________________________________ Date _______________________________Street Address______________________________________________________________________________________City / State___________________________________________ Zip _________________________________Phone ___________________________________________ Fax ________________________________E-mail Address______________________________________________________________________________________ For IMMEDIATE response, please provide your email addressWhat type of home improvements do you offer? _________________________________________________________________How long have you been in business?_________________________________________________________________How many labor crews do you employ?_________________________________________________________________How many jobs do you average per month?_________________________________________________________________How is your average cash price per job?_________________________________________________________________Do you offer free estimates? (please circle)YES NOHow many sales representatives do you have?_________________________________________________________________What type of financing do you offer? (please circle) IN-HOUSEOUT-SOURCEDNONESales/Finance Manager______________________________________________________________________________________FAX YOUR COMPLETED CONTRACTOR SURVEY & COMPANY PROFILE TOAttn: Daniella R. Muschiano 888-622-2573 12. Contractor Referral Company ProfileCompany Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________________Name of Company Principals: 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________________________________________Company Phone Numbers: 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________Company Fax Numbers: 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________Company Email and Web Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________Name of Primary Company contact(s): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ *NOTE: If you would like to opt-out of receiving fax or email communications from the Admirals Bank Contractor Assistance Team, please specify NO CONTACT next to your fax number and/or email address. 13. CONTACT INFORMATION Daniella R. Muschiano Admirals Bank15 Park Row WestProvidence, RI 02903Dir. 401-248-7377 Fax 888-622-2573 NMLS : 774607dmuschiano@admiralsbank.com