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Issue 11 Spring 2014

Holy Trinity/St. Michael Spring 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I received good feedback from the book Rediscover

Catholicism that was given out at Christmas. The

book, by Matthew Kelly, reminds us of the beauty

of our Catholic faith and the universal call to


A beautiful part of our Catholic faith is the season

of Lent, which begins with the blessing and

imposition of ashes. This year, we have a late start

to Lent (March 5th) but hopefully, it will guarantee a

warm, pleasant Easter (April 20th).

The ashes are symbolic of the shortness of life and

the call to prayer, fasting and weeks of service and

mercy. Masses for Ash Wednesday are 6 a.m. and

7:45 a.m. at Holy Trinity and 6:30 p.m. at St.

Michael. Stations of the Cross and area wide

Penance Services are also a prayerful part of Lent.

Stay tuned to the bulletin for dates and times.

May Lent 2014, be a meaningful time for all of us

to rediscover Catholicism. Several books are still

available, if you lost yours or didnt receive one. It

is a great book highly recommended by Bishop

Donald Hying.

A blessed Lent,

Fr. Ed Kornath

Holy Trinity School News

Its hard to believe that we have just finished

the first semester, which means the school year

is half over. Our 3rd

, 5th

and 7th

grade students

are preparing to take the Iowa Basic testing the

beginning of March, so please keep them in

your prayers during this time,

Catholic Schools Week: The week started out

with two days off due to the cold weather, but

we still managed to have a great week. The

Spelling Bee (Grades 5-8) was held on

Wednesday, January 29th

, and the top two

spellers compete in the district bee in February.

Congratulations to Reagan Dricken 1st,

Dominic Zillmer 2nd

, and Everett Quissek

(alternate). Thursday started out with Mass and

was dress your best day. The students looked

wonderful all dressed up. Thursday evening the

Holy Trinity students had their science fair

projects displayed in the church basement for

everyone to see. The week ended with an all

school trip to Lighthouse Lanes for a fun-filled

afternoon of bowling! Thanks for your support

of Catholic Education.

Chili Dinner: It was a successful event. A hot

bowl of chili with sides and dessert along with

good fellowship made the chilly weather more

bearable. We brought in $851.00.


Congratulations: Kate Butschlick in 3rd


earned a 2nd

place finish for her Dig Deep

poster in the Conservation Poster contest.

Athletes: As the basketball season comes to the

end, we would like to congratulate the boys and

girls who played and practiced hard. Several

trophies were added to our trophy case this

season. Go Wildcats!

Kindergarten Open House: A special open

house for the 3K, 4K and 5K was held on

Thursday, February 6th


Registration: It is registration time for the

2014/2015 school year. We have a wonderful

School Family incentive program this year. If a

school family enrolls a new family to Holy

Trinity School, both the new family and the

school family receive a $500 Drexel Building


Supply voucher and a $500 Tuition credit. So

now is a great time to enroll at HTS.

Again we would like to thank you for your

continued support of Holy Trinity School.

Without your help, all this would not be


The caring, supportive community of Holy

Trinity School might be just what youre

looking for-an environment where your child

can thrive.

A Catholic education offers many benefits,


Personal attention

Opportunities for spiritual growth

Academic excellence

Its never too late to enroll in Catholic school.

Call us and find out why Catholic education is

the answer!

Jodi Casetta, Principal


[email protected]

Holy Trinity Buildings & Grounds

Our broken central vac has been replaced and

paid for. Money for this unit came from four

members of our parish, whose names will be

kept anonymous with the highest amount being

$500.00 and the other three paying the rest. We

thank those that helped out and give yourselves

a pat on the back. THANKS

Cleaning the first part of January, which was a

good crew that came in, we found that we could

use a vacuum with a hose on it to clean up the

hard to reach areas. A lot of salt was brought in

and it gets to areas that cant be reached with

the other vacuums. One of our small vacs went

on the blink and it is not worth fixing per the

vacuum people in West Bend. A new one

would be $60.00. We use these small hand

vacuums for stair areas. So if there are some

good working vacs available, drop them off in

the Narthex furnace room. It would be


Thanks to Jim L., the small water heater was

replaced in the sacristy closet. It lasted about

11 years. It was replaced with a 2- gallon

one. The former was a 6 gallon one. It is used

to wash the Mass chalice and cups.

We have another problem with a leaking

heating pipe in the church boiler room. Andy

P. has temporarily patched part of the pipe and

we are hoping that the leak dont get too bad so

we can repair it later, after the heating season.

Thanks Andy for staying on top of these

problems. He also indicated there is a water

pipe in the school basement that needs


We have a couple months of Winter left and

then its Spring. Yeah!

H.T. Human Concerns Committee

HT first graders adopt seminarians.

A recent item in the bulletin caught the eye of

Leann Butschlick, and because she acted on it,

all the current seminarians at St. Francis

Seminary have now been adopted by members

of Holy Trinity parishioners.

In the past, adults have volunteered to step up

and write to the seminarians. Butschlick

wondered if students at Holy Trinity could

participate in the program and spoke to Human

Concerns member Judy Harlow about the


Harlow was delighted with the idea, especially

considering the wonderful experience it would

be for the children and how the seminarians

would respond to cards and prayers from little


Is Catholic education the

answer to your prayers?


Butschlick got the green light to proceed from

principal, Jody Casetta, and got started,

volunteering the first grade, which includes her

daughter, Mara.

Just before Christmas, Mrs. Tammy Duff, who

was subbing while the class regular teacher,

Betsy Simon, was out on maternity leave,

explained the project. The children were eager

to help out.

Duff said the children made some beautiful

Christmas cards and, They know these men

are going to become priests.

There are seven kids in the first grade, and the

boys adopted one of the candidates and the girls

the other, according to Butschlick. In January,

Butschlick planned to help the class write

letters to the seminarians, and In February we

are sending Valentines, she said, adding,

Beyond that, I dont know.

Recently, the children were asked how they

thought the seminarians would feel when they

get their cards. David Zillmer responded by

saying, I think they will feel good because I

said, I love you and you will be an awesome

priest. Adopting a seminarian makes me

happy because we are helping people said

Anna Amerling, while Maddie Marquardt said

I feel great because we will have a new


The other participants included: Luke Okrent,

Landon Daniel, Mara Butschlick and Emily


Butschlick also spoke to Fr. Ed about

expanding on the idea of teaching the children

about how men prepare for the priesthood. I

had talked to Father Ed before his vacation, and

he said after he returned, he was going to talk to

the class about being in the seminary.

Because of cancelled school days, Fr. Ed has

not been able to visit the class but says he still

plans to do so. Fr. Ed wholeheartedly

applauded the list of children adopting the


Already Butschlick has had a note from one of

the candidates. He responded to a cover letter

she sent along with the childrens cards.

I think they will get a kick out of it, especially

if we keep it going Butschlick said and

concerning the possibility of attending the

ordination of these men added, That would be

really neat!