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  • ?Whatsin a NameSo Many Icons, So Many Years.


  • Get Better,After 60 Years Of Unprecedented Arts & Entertainment Publicity Success, Americas Leading Independent Entertainment PR/Marketing Firm Is About To

    Add An InterActive Media DivisionAt Hollywood & Vine Interactive Media (HVIM), we define, design, develop and deploy custom interactive solutions for top artists, entertainers and brands to further their reach. HVIM brings years of expertise to their digital world for first class, highly effective solutions.

  • Get Better,After 60 Years Expand

    3XIts Size,And turn Social Media, Online Public Relations and TV and Entertainment on the WEB on their collective ears with the best and brightest talent from the Silicon Valley.

    An InterActive Media Division

  • In the late 1940s, we started as

    Solters & ORourkeMae West

    Solters & SabinsonIn the 1950s, we became

    With partner, Harvey Sabinson, Lee Solters promoted a record- setting 300 Broadway shows, including those of Broadway legends David Merrick, Mary Martin, Ethel Merman, Carol Channing and the legendary Katharine Hepburn. Later, Sabinson would become the only publicist to ever be awarded a TONY Award.

    Among our early clients, Naughty but nice

  • Mae West

    Solters & Sabinson

    In the 1960s Solters scores a milestone, signing Frank Sinatra for the next 25 years

    And Las Vegas comes knocking, CAESARS PALACE, the worlds premier casino hotel, and home to the worlds greatest boxing matches gambles on our talent , AND the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority signs on as well. We have Vegas locked up!

  • Whoopi Goldberg

    Among the fondest memories, launching

    in her now ground- breaking, career launching one woman show on Broadway.

    Almost simultaneously,A STAR IS BORN,

    with us for the next 33 years.

    Barbra Streisand,

    By the late 60sIt was off to the Rome Colosseum for the Ringling family sale of Ringling Bros. to impresario Irvin Feld. Solters rented a tiger for the occasion.

  • Among the fondest memories, launching

    in her now ground- breaking, career launching one woman show on Broadway.

    Among the highlights: Taking Dolly Partons career from Nashville to Hollywood. Lee coined the now infamous phrase,

    By the 1970s our name changed again, to

    Paul McCartney & Wings

    It cost a lot of money to look this cheap.

    Solters Roskin Friedman

    Led Zeppelin

    Paul McCartney at the circus.

  • In the 1970s we continued to represent more big hitters

    Dorothy Hamill

    Peggy Fleming

    Jim Henson

    Gliding into the 1970s, Solters & Roskin also added more marquee attractions, the worlds premiere Ice Queens, Olympians Dorothy Hamill and Ice Capades, and Peggy Fleming and Ice Follies.

    In the mid 1970s, Solters added one of its most beloved clients, Jim Henson and The Muppets, for an amazing, near two-decades run.

  • The 1980s, made

    Ed McMahonIn the 1970s we continued to represent more big hitters

    Dorothy Hamill

    Jim Henson

    TV history with

    The M*A*S*H Finale

    Who Shot J.R.?&

    We were the P.R. machine behind two of the most watched TV milestones.Who Shot J.R.? was, at the time, the highest-rated television episode in U.S. history, beaten in 1983 by the final episode of M*A*S*H. which we also represented.

    Taking off: When it came to luxury air travel, Solters, Digney and current consultant Marcia Newberger teamed to launch the worlds first, all first class airline, REGENT AIR.

  • Our next big superstar signing,

    Michael JacksonSuper Showman

    with sellout crowds3 years running at Radio City Music Hall for a grand showman (recent subject of an HBO Film)


    followed by yet another


    and the Jason Kidd Foundation

  • Solters & Digneyin 2001

    Red Carpet

    Making the POPE an



    Taking Ray Charles

    to new Career


    By the 1990s, we were simply The Lee Solters Company and became

    Quickly... Establishing a reputation forgala press for Hollywood

    and sports charity events...


    and the Jason Kidd Foundation

    Evander Holyfield


    Muhammad Ali and his Celebrity

    Fight Night

  • Digney PR ClassicsFirst ever West Coast fund raiser for Atlanta based Morehouse College

    First ever Fathers Day PR stunt for Best Buy

    100th Anniversary Celebration of City of Burbank, with special guests Mickey & Minnie and the City Mayor, provided by Burbanks most famous business, The Walt Disney Studios.

    Biggest gift ever: $20 Million to L.A.s Music Center

    by philanthropist Glorya Kaufman.

    Munchkin Congrats The seven surviving of the original 124 Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz were honored with their own star on Hollywoods Walk of Fame. Digney & Co. went to work to mount a PR campaign in 10 days.

  • To re-elevate the BOZO characters visibility, DIGNEY invented the BOZO AWARDS for copyright owner Larry Harmon Pictures. For a decade, it was a staple press event the day after Thanks-giving, one turkey follows another, quipped Digney at the time, lampooning the rich and famous who had slipped on a banana peel sometime during the year. The awards became so famous that the lampooned started asking to be sent their awards.

    One of the all time great PR stunts was Digneys creation of the BOZO for PRESIDENT campaign in 1984 which kicked off in all seriousness at the National Press Club in Washington, where the Washington Posts lead political writer called the candidate Mr. Bozo and TIME Magazine dedicated a full- page of coverage including photos at the White House.

    When U.S. TVs longest running childrens show BOZO finally went off the air after 40 years, it went out with a BANGGGGG...and media coverage galore...from the CBS Evening News to the cover of TV Guide!

    First ever Fathers Day PR stunt for Best Buy

    20 Year Associationrebranding & relaunching Americas longest running, award winning kids TV franchise, BOZO.

  • Digney PR ClassicsLaunch of Snoopys first ever arena-size live show, Snoopys World of Magic

    For Nestles French water brand VITTEL Digney created the cycling waiters races across America, putting pairs of waiters on tandem bikes, to introduce the brand to American palettes and TV crews!

    When the countrys leading baby nursery company wanted to give birth to its new line, DIGNEY master-minded Expectant Mothers Day on the ninth day of the ninth month, Sept. 9, and Americas press showered the idea with coverage for years thereafter.

    Expectant Mothers Day Cycling Waiters

  • When media mogul HAIM SABAN was getting started in Holly-wood, he asked Jerry Digney to promote his business, including his first TV Show, KIDD VIDEO, on NBC Saturday mornings. So Digney came up with one of his timely PR brainstorms Kidds for Kids in Africa and on Thursday, June 27, 1985, 63 of Hollywoods kids -- including BIGGEST LOSER MC Alison Sweeney, Sean Astin, Shannon Doherty, Scott Grimes, Regina King and Joey Lawrence--joined together to record the song Loves Gonna Find The Way for UNICEF to benefit the children of Africa. Digneys team got everything donated and the event made worldwide news.

    Masterminded PR campaign to win STARBUCKS and its founder- CEO Howard Schultz their first ever GRAMMY AWARDS, eight in

    one swoop, for Ray Charles Genius Loves Company.

    Created a Broadway Holiday Marketing Staple, starting with 42nd STREET in 1984 with all seats $19.84, for a Fourth of July P.R. stunt to sell out soft advance box office.

    Conceived, lobbied and publicized Americas first ever entertainment themed postage stamp, LAUREL &

    HARDY, designed by Broadways legendary Al Hirschfeld.

    Launched worldwide PR campaign for the first museum of its kind in the world, the B.B. King Museum in Mississippi.

    ESPN the worlds #1 sports network engaged DIGNEY for its 25th Anniversary.

    Cycling WaitersHugh Hefner wanted some-thing NEW for PLAYBOY, Digney delivered his client actress Terry Moore, aka Mrs. Howard Hughes, became the oldest woman to ever appear on the cover of PLAYBOY.

  • Digney PR ClassicsA top PR expert for DVD BLU RAY campaigns, assigned to some of the movie business premier classic and iconic titles and generating millions in free coverage, from the New York Times to USA Today and NBCs Today and ABCs Good Morning America.

    Proud to have been chosen to publicize a

    truly historic event, the 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11and its astronauts seen here.

    Launched first ever 29 city tour for Oprah discovery and New York Times best selling author-performer

    Iyanla Vanzant

  • 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11

    Chosen to publicize Fords 100th birthday featuring Beyonce

    Launched first ever Target sponsored float in Tournament of Roses

    beginning when he was a junior in high school

    ABCs Trista & Ryan

    Publicity rep for the worlds most watched TV wedding,

    First national PR team to publicize singing sensation

    Josh Groban

    Legendary national PR campaigns for nearly two decades for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey

    Spearheaded national PR launch for countrys still thriving media icons, Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine

  • And promoting causes for Royalty and

    Presidents ... Presidentia