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The Daily Camera's annual Holiday Gift Guide series begins with Holiday Gift Guide 1, published on November 26, 2009.

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Fight nature deficit disorder Instant Gratification Gifts for women Ten ways to save money this holiday season Six Picks: Gifts for men Six Picks: Gifts for men and women New for 2009: Activity Gifts Tips on navigating the holiday shopping season Holiday Season Fashions: Its a mix-up Where the cool things are

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Get kids active with outdoorsy gifts this yearBy Pete Zimowsky, Tribune Media Services

Fight nature deficit disordermay not remember a TV show or a computer game, but they sure will remember the first fox they saw in the woods. Youre an outdoorsy guy riding around in a sled and tromping around in the snow. You understand. OK, you can still bring a Wii or PlayStation, but maybe throw in a ringer to get the kids outdoors. Santa, also tell parents that if they get an outdoors gift for their kids, it is a commitment to take their kids fishing, hiking or whatever.

A lot of kids will bomb me with snowballs for writing this letter, but its really important. Youve got to go easy on the electronic games and gadgets, and noimagination toys this holiday season. Promote more outdoorsy gifts. Yup, this is serious. Kids are too plugged in these days. They need to be unplugged and introduced to the outdoors. Thats why when I was in an outdoors shop last week and spotted a pair of pint-sized snowshoes, I immediately bought them for my oldest grandsons gift. There was no hesitation. (Hopefully, my son wont let him read this column, and the gift will remain a surprise.) Santa, youve heard of Richard Louv, author of the book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder. He says kids, who dont get outside, suffer from increased feelings of stress, have trouble paying attention and feel like they are not a part of the world around them. He calls the phenomena nature deficit disorder. Hes right. You just dont see that many kids roaming around outdoors anymore. Im always surprised when I see a couple of kids riding bikes along the Greenbelt and carrying fishing rods. Its an oddity today, but it was very common in the past. Everything is so structured with no-imagination toys to video games to sports. One report said that the average child, 6 to 11 years old, spends an average of 30 hours per week looking at a television or at a computer screen. Kids spend 6.5 hours each day using electronic equipment in their free time, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study. So, Im suggesting that you bring kids more nature- or outdoors-oriented gifts. Playing outdoors promotes physical and mental health and creativity. They4 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

Dear Santa:

Here are some outdoorsy kids gifts: A new flashy bike helmet may spark more bike riding. Bicycle accessories, like bells and baskets, can come in handy. Inexpensive trekking poles come with a compass built in the handles. Kind of fun. Kid-size Camelbak packs are just the right size for pintsized hikers and skiers. BMX or mountain bike. It will have them out in the neighborhood or doing jumps in the vacant lot. Sleds. It only takes a few inches of snow for sledding. Sleds and toboggans are fun and theres a lot of exercise going back up the hill. By the way, the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge is one hot sled. Youll fight the kids over it. Kid-size fishing rods and fishing kits with a rod, reel and fishing box may spark a lifelong pursuit. Theres even a Spider-Man fishing kit. A fly-tying kit for older kids will spark an interest in bugs and stuff. Black Diamond even has a Wiz Kids head lamp.

Spark some bird watching. Instead of toys that buzz, light up and make a lot of noise, how about an assortment of wildlife puppets? I really love the snowy owl puppet I got one of my grandkids last year. It was a hit. Compact binoculars. This is one sure way of getting kids interested in wildlife watching. Some high-quality binoculars are made for youngsters.



A good, quality compass will get kids interested in orienteering. Hey, its north then east to Joeys house. Kites. Theres something about hiking around and chasing the wind to fly a kite. I think kite flying is a lost art. Good, high-performance outdoor clothing for kids can be expensive, but it will make outdoor adventures more comfortable for them. Junior-size backpacks, skis, snowshoes, sleeping bags and hiking shoes are available for kids.





Toys for toddlers must meet the demands of on-the-go age groupBy Kristi Elliott, Tribune Media Services

Instant GratificationYounger toddlers still unsteady on their feet may end up leaning too much on Rocky, who could shake off or surprise a small child with his enthusiasm. Some of the trucks from Sprigs simple but effective toy line may be a better fit for less stable children and are available at childrens boutiques. Little mommies will be full of pride and joy as their Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Doll reaches the ultimate milestone walking and takes her very first steps. The doll senses when her mommy is holding her hands to help her walk with help or alone. She

When did your little bundle of joy turn into Veruca Salt, wanting the world and wanting it now?

Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Doll

Unlike the first couple of years, your toddler is probably going to be less focused on the spectacle of gift unwrapping and more into whats inside all those pretty, pretty packages. The good news is, its an easy age group to find colorful gifts at all price points. Kids have probably begun to develop preferences for certain TV shows, colors and activities, and theres sure to be a gift out there that caters to them all. Heres a brief selection of a few holiday offerings.

also responds to tummy tickles with adorable giggling sounds and motion. This interactive doll recognizes her pacifier and bottle for realistic nurturing play. And, the Walk & Giggle Doll plays Peek-a-Boo, sings silly songs, walks her puppy on a leash and says sweet phrases like, No, no help Mama, All by myself, and I told you ... I can do it! Little Mommy even smells like baby powder coming out of the box. Just when you begin to fear Little Mommy will give your youngun the false impression that parenting is a cake walk, she throws you for a loop: she requires 6 AA batteries, which are not included. Caucasian and AfricanAmerican dolls available.

This bright yellow and black, fully functional dump truck is packed with personality. This new best buddy can be played with like all traditional dump truck toys but will also have kids laughing and dancing as he stands up, squats, shakes, tells jokes and dances. Kids will delight as Rocky says, Shake what your mama gave you! and wiggles and jiggles to his own fun music. Activated by interactive sensors and featuring motorized movement, his headlights flash and he says more than 100 phrases like Rocky reporting for duty and Lets get to work. Kids will be fully engaged as they get ready to load em up and move em out with real hauling and dumping action. He stands up and shakes out his load and says Great job, Champ! And when the day is done, Rocky goes to sleep, squatting down into his tires, snoring loudly. Note to parents: Rockys energy can hardly be tied down. Though hes ready to roll right out of the box, getting him untethered from his packaging is a 15minute task. His build also makes him a better fit for stable, older toddlers.6 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE CAMERA / ENTERPRISE

Matchbox Rocky The Robot Truck

Kids will feel just like theyve stepped into Handy Mannys world with this kid-sized repair shop that features lots of great projects that they can build, just like Manny does on his show. They simply grab the blueprints, choose a project and slide that blueprint into the diagnostic center and Manny will walk the child through the steps and show how to complete the project. Kids can get to work with the pretend power saw and power drill and the more than forty parts included to complete the more than 20 featured projects.

Mannys Repair Shop

The Fisher Price Imaginext Dragon World Fortress playset is a tall and towering fortress that reveals a world of imaginative play with surprise features and a full range of accessories. Two knights unlock a variety of interactive features open the front door, watch and hear the lightning and thunder, pull the lever to unleash the guard dragon, turn the activation disk to move the dragons head, reveal a hidden staircase, release a ferocious roaring dragon or roll a boulder. The Dragon World Fortress also comes with a bed, helmets, shield and sword, two moveable flags, cannon and a moveable banner.

Imaginext Dragon World Fortress


Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song

This unique musical activity set lets tots make music and art at the same time. The faster they color, the faster the music tempo. Start by giving baby one of the eight triangular crayons, designed to give children more control