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Holiday destinations in Romania

Profesor: Frumuelu MihaiStudent: Popescu ValentinGroup: 8213

Holiday destinations in Romania

Romaniamy birth place, the country that will always be called home, the heart of Europe, the country where we do not speak Russian, but we do speak one of the fifth remaining Latin languages Romanian. For some, its the country of Dracula, but that only when they find out that Transylvania is not a country. Talking about Transylvania 1stof December is Romanias National Day, or in other words Great Union Day. This day marks the unification of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom, together with the provinces Basarabia and Bucovina in 1918. 1stof December, for any Romanian, its a celebration day, a day of happiness and gratefulness.

What does Romania mean for someone whos not Romanian or has never been toRomania yet?First of all, Romania is not the country of gypsies and thieves. Romania is the country of the first perfect 10 in gymnastics through Nadia Comaneci, is the country that gave insulin to the world through Nicolae Paulescu, the country that gave the world the jet engine through Henri Coanda and helped all of us fly. Romania is the country where you go and you are welcomed in every house with a glass of wine or tuica (home made spirit) and the best food your host has. Is the country that delivers brilliant brains every year that win gold medals at international Olympics in Mathematics, IT or Geography. The same country where if you go, chances are you wont get robbed, but youll make some awesome friends and meet some happy faces.

Romania happens to have amazing landscapes mountains, hills, sea side, Danube Delta (A UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site), medieval cities perfectly preserved, a cosmopolitan Capital, the only Merry Cemetery in the world, a country where you can still buy perfectly natural fruits and vegetables, and a country where seeing carriages on the street is still very normal.In Romania, you will find what its called by Top Gear The Best Driving Road in the world Transfgranul, medieval fortresses on top of the hills, castles (Dracula/ Bran Castle, Peles Castle etc.), the biggest building wide wise after the Pentagon Palace of Parliament, or the Salt Mine museum (Salina Turda).

Delicious food such as smoked pork meat, or beans with pork ribs, or the very famous mititei, and equally famous sarmale, and not to mention mmligaRomania is a developing country, which is still fighting the ghost of its past. However, Romanians are kind and loving, and Romania is gorgeous. I am not saying its the perfect country, but what I am saying is that despite all, Romania is carrying a powerful history and a great culture.