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  • HKTDC Advisory Committees

    HKTDC Industry Advisory Committees

    Electronics/Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee

    Fur Advisory Committee

    Garment Advisory Committee

    Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee

    Jewellery Advisory Committee

    Toys Advisory Committee

    Watches & Clocks Advisory Committee

    HKTDC Mainland Business Advisory Committee

    HKTDC Service Advisory Committees

    Design, Marketing and Licensing Services Advisory Committee

    Entertainment Industry Advisory Committee

    Financial Services Advisory Committee

    Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Services Advisory Committee

    Infrastructure Development Advisory Committee

    Logistics Services Advisory Committee

    Professional Services Advisory Committee

  • HKTDC Industry Advisory Committees

    Electronics/Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee


    Ir Dr the Hon Lo Wai Kwok,

    SBS, MH, JP

    Member (Functional Constituency - Engineering)

    Legislative Council


    Ir Dr Andros Chan Director

    Ample Rich Creation Limited

    Mr Benjamin Chan

    Ms Karen Chan

    Founder and Managing Director

    MediConcepts Limited

    Executive Director

    German Pool O2O Ltd.

    Mr Leo Chan

    Mr Andrew Chiu

    Founder and General Manager

    Leader Radio Technologies (LRT) Limited

    Founder & Investor

    3DP Technology Ltd.

    Mr Eric Chong President & CEO

    Siemens Limited

    Mr Alex Hui Executive Director

    Kin Yat Holdings Ltd.

    Dr Alan Lam Co-Founder and CEO

    Sengital Limited

    Mr Albert Lam Chairman

    Kenford Industrial Company Limited

    Mr Herbert Lau Senior Vice President

    AP Photonics Ltd.

    Mr Keith S K Leung Innovation Lead, BG Personal Care

    Philips Electronics Hong Kong Limited

    Dr Eddie Lo CEO

    Lomak Holding Group Limited

  • Mr Herbert Lun Managing Director

    Wing Sang Bakelite Electrical Mfy. Ltd.

    Mr Kevin On Director of Communication


    Mr Kow Ping Director & Co-founder

    Well Being Digital Ltd.

    Mr Andy Wong Executive Director

    L C Technology Ltd.

    Mr Eric Xie

    Mr Sunny Yan

    Mr Danny Yick

    SVP, EcoBuilding Business

    China Operations

    Schneider Electric

    Managing Director

    Toshiba International Procurement Hong Kong Ltd.

    Managing Director

    Alco International Limited

    Mr William Yim President

    Sanwa Technologies Limited

    Mr Jos Zdziech Electronic Appliance Director &

    Hong Kong Office Manager

    Carrefour Global Sourcing Asia Limited


    Ms Wendy Luk

    Manager, Product Promotion

    Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • HKTDC Industry Advisory Committees

    Fur Advisory Committee


    Mr Wilson Chiu Director

    Chiu's Fur Trading Co


    Mr Dennis Fong


    International Fur Co Ltd

    Ms Rose Ko Director

    Precious Fur Trading Co


    Ms Joanne Chan Director

    J. C. Fur Co Ltd

    Mr Chan Wa Fai Director

    East Link Fur Ltd

    Mr Cyril Fong Director

    Mega Kingdom Ltd

    Ms Brenda Fung Manager

    Hong Kong Fur Federation

    Mr Johnny Lau Director

    D S K Furs Ltd

    Mr Victor Leenders Managing Director

    Marco Fur (Asia) Ltd

    Mr Simon Li Director

    Lanca Fur Trading Co Ltd

    Mr Sun Shiu Tsang, Henry Director

    Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd

    Mr Andy Wong Director

    Mandarin Fur Ltd

    Mr Thomas Wong Director

    Asia Fur Co Ltd

  • Mr Wallace Wong General Manager

    Ocean Fur Co Ltd

    Mr Wong Yau Fai Director

    Ace Fur Manufacturing Ltd


    Ms Annisa Chan Manager, Product Promotion

    Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • HKTDC Industry Advisory Committees

    Garment Advisory Committee


    Mr Lawrence Leung Managing Director

    Sun Hing Knitting Factory Ltd


    Mr Tim Au Yeung Business Development Director

    Liberate Co.

    Ms Kei Chan

    Head of Marketing APAC

    Yoox Net-A-Porter Group

    Mr Leo Chan

    Co-Founder & Executive Director

    AMENPAPA Limited

    Mr Nick Chan

    Managing Director

    Hale Textile Limited

    Mr Alan Cheung

    Managing Director

    Grandion Industrial Ltd

    Ms Janet Cheung Vice Chairman

    HK Fashion Designers Association

    Ms Lu Lu Cheung Creative Director

    Rolls Group Ltd

    Mr Herbert Chow

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chickeeduck Retail (Hong Kong) Ltd

    Mr Peter Ho Chief Executive Officer

    Initial Fashion Inc. Ltd

    Ms Maylie Kan Director

    Ever Peak Garment Limited

    Mr Edwin Keh

    Chief Executive Officer

    The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and


    Ms Joanne Lam Merchandising Director

    Uniqlo Hong Kong Limited

  • Mr Henry Lau

    Design Director

    SPY International Limited

    Mr Eric Lee Director of Global Business Development

    Bossini Enterprises Limited

    Mr Ricky Ngo Executive Director

    Pine Hover Limited

    Ms Janis Tam

    Managing Director

    Swire Resources Ltd

    Mr Tam Kin Tung

    Executive Director

    Chun Au Knitting Factory Ltd

    Mr Joey Tong Executive Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

    Berlinetta (Asia) Holdings Limited

    Mr Manix Wong Director

    MPTW International

    Mrs Rita Wong Managing Director

    Cerie International Ltd

    Mr Michael Yee Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing, Global

    Supply Chain

    Gap International Sourcing Ltd.


    Ms Annisa Chan Manager, Product Promotion

    Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • HKTDC Industry Advisory Committees

    Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee


    Mr Tom Tang, JP Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region

    TTM Technologies Enterprises (HK) Limited


    Mr Gordon Chan Chief Executive Officer

    Boshi Industries Limited

    Mr Johnny Chan President & Executive Director

    Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity


    Ms Annie Choi, JP Commissioner for Innovation & Technology

    Innovation and Technology Commission

    Mr Steve Chuang Chief Executive Officer

    Protronic (Far East) Limited

    Dr Richard Fung

    Mr Kent Ho

    Chief Executive

    Hong Kong Standards & Testing Centre Limited

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Spectrum 28

    Mr Jimmy Kwok, BBS, MH, JP

    Managing Director

    Rambo Chemicals (H.K.) Limited

    Mr William Lai Chief Executive Officer

    Fortune Pharmacal Co., Limited

    Dr Alan Lam Co-Founder and CEO

    Sengital Limited

  • Dr Michael Lam

    Mr Calvin Tan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ultratech Mold Design & Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    Prof Terence Lau

    Director of Innovation and Technology


    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Mr Lo Yiu Chuen President

    On Kee (HK) Environmental Recycling Limited

    Dr Lewis Luk, JP Chief Executive Officer

    Lusignan Group Limited

    Mrs Mak Tang Pik-yee, Agnes, MH, JP Executive Director

    Hong Kong Productivity Council

    Ir Dr Herman Tsui

    Chief Executive Officer

    A-oneTech Ltd.

    Mr Michael Tsui Chief Executive Officer

    Rehab-Robotics Co Limited

    Prof Benjamin W Wah

    Mr Albert Wong Hak Keung


    Wei Lun Professor of Computer Science and


    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Chief Executive Officer

    Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks


  • Mr Simon Wong Founding Partner

    Whiz Partners Asia Limited

    Dr Vivian Taam Wong

    Dr Jack Yeung

    Vice President

    Modernized Chinese Medicine International



    Ace Corporation Holdings Limited

    Mr Thomas Yeung Chairman

    Environmental International Limited

    Mr Daniel Yu Chief Executive Officer

    Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited


    Ms Wendy Luk

    Manager, Product Promotion

    Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • HKTDC Industry Advisory Committees

    Jewellery Advisory Committee


    Mr Kent Wong Managing Director

    Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co Limited


    Mr Danny Chau Managing Director

    Front Top Jewelry Manufacturer Limited

    Mr Mark Ho Chairman

    Kwong's Art Jewellery Trading Co. Limited

    Ms Jessica Kwan Director

    Universal Jewellery Design Center Limited

    Mr Peter Lam Managing Director

    Peter Lam Jewellery Limited

    Mr Sam Lau Director

    San J Jewellery Limited

    Mr William Li Director

    Chase Jewellery Manufactory Limited

    Mr Cliff Lo

    Managing Director

    A-1 Jewelry Manufactory Limited

    Mr Ken Lo Director

    Eternity Manufacturing Limited

    Mr Theodore Ma

    Mr Kevin Ng

    Managing Director

    Ma Belle Jewellery Company Limited


    Hi-Tech Jewelry Manufacturer Ltd

  • Ms Yvonne Pong Marketing Director (Diamond & Pearl)

    Wing Hang Diamond Co Limited

    Dr Terence Shih Chairman

    Dai Sun Jewellery Company