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Transcript of History of the Farrell / O’Farrell Nameyo · PDF file Michael Farrell was thborn on...

  • Your O’Farrell Family History

  • History of the Farrell / O’Farrell Name

    As both (O')Farrell and (O')Ferrall, this name in

    Irish is ÓFearghail, from the personal name

    Fearghal, made up of fear, "man", and gal, "valour".

    The original Fearghal or Fergal from whom the family

    claim descent was king of Conmaicne and was killed

    at Clontarf in 1014. His great grandfather Angall

    gave his name to the territory they possessed, Annally in Co.

    Longford. The present name of both the county and the town derives

    from the family, the full name in Irish being Longphuirt Uí

    Fhearghaill, O'Farrell's Fortress. They ruled this area for almost

    seven centuries, down to the final catastrophes of the seventeenth

    century, after which many members of the family fought with

    distinction in the armies of continental Europe. Today the surname is

    one of the most common in Ireland, with a wide distribution throughout

    the country, though the largest concentration remains in the historic

    homeland of Longford and the surrounding areas.

    Throughout this document, the surname Farrell is often referred to as

    O’Farrell and visa versa. For example, Sandra’s Great Grandmother

    Julia Whelan married Michael Farrell in 1896. His father is also

    listed as Michael Farrell on their marriage certificate. In the 1901

    census, Julia is listed as Julia Farrell with her son Patrick Farrell.

    However, in the 1911 census, she is listed as Julia O’Farrell with her

    son Patrick O’Farrell. The O’Farrell surname seems to have stuck on

    the maternal line since then. Conversely, on Sandra’s paternal line,

    the O’Farrell surname seems to have been lost and replaced with just

    Farrell when Sandra’s paternal grandfather dropped the O and became a

    Farrell. The reason is not clear however rumour that it was something

    to do with an unpaid debt.

  • More often than not, Irish names were anglicised for socio-economic

    reasons so O’Fearghail became O’Farrell and/or Farrell.

    Carmel O’Farrell

    Carmel O’Farrell was born in 5 Lower Mallow Street, Limerick on the

    23rd April 1936 to Elizabeth ‘Moira’ O’Gorman (Rathmines, Dublin) and

    Patrick Michael O’Farrell (Enniscorthy, Wexford).























    O’Farrell / Farrell Maternal Family Tree

    Carmel O’Farrell’s original birth certificate

  • Carmel spent the 1st 8 years of her life at 1

    Ballinacurra Terrence as her father Patrick

    O’Farrell was stationed there with the Irish

    Omnibus Company (IOC). The IOC was the company

    succeeded by Great Southern Railway (GSR) in

    Limerick and Patrick worked there as a

    superintendent. When Carmel and her family

    moved to Dublin they lived on Rathgar Road,

    just behind the car showroom at 74 Rathgar

    Road. Her father was working in Sligo at

    the time. Her mother Elizabeth ‘Moira’ and

    the children lived there until Carmel was about

    13. Moira then bought a house in Castlepark in

    Rathfarnham with her mother Teresa O’Gorman

    (nee Doyle of Calverstown, Co Kildare. Carmel lived in Castlepark until

    around the time she started working. Carmel’s mother and father Patrick

    O’Farrell moved to 40 Hazelbrook Road, Terenure, Dublin. Carmel had 2


    Patrick ‘Pat’ Michael O’Farrell (emigrated to Australia in July 1955)

    Born: 6 th July 1934, Limerick

    Married: 1) Dorothea Antoinette Perez on 13 th November 1971, Victoria,

    Australia. 2) Seaviyanti ‘Julie’ Elizabeth Holak on 21 st December 2002,

    Brisbane, Australia.

    Children: Mark, Allan

    Pat O’Farrell

    in 1955 &

    original birth


  • Anthony ‘Tony’ Joseph O’Farrell

    Born: 28th August 1938, Limerick

    Married: Mary Nolan on 3rd April 1970, Dublin

    Children: Stephen, Jean, Conor, Karyn, Cristina

    Carmel O’Farrell’s Father – Patrick O’Farrell

    Patrick Michael O’Farrell was born on Island Road

    Enniscorthy, Co Wexford on the 25 th April 1900

    to Michael O’Farrell (Horse Trainer) and Julia

    Whelan. It states ‘x’ indicates Julia’s mark

    which normally indicates that a person couldn’t

    read or write but don’t believe this is the case

    here. Julia came from what was considered a

    ‘well-off’ family and sang opera. Also, in the actual

    census document overleaf, her father has noted she can ‘read and write’.


    Age 10

    FL: Pat, Carmel and Tony in Ballinacurra

    Anthony ‘Tony’ O’Farrell original birth certificate







  • In the 1901 Census (below), Patrick Michael Farrell (not O’Farrell) is

    listed as living at 39 Island Street, Enniscorthy with his mother Julia

    Farrell (not O’Farrell either), her father Patrick Whelan, her brother

    Michael J. Whelan and a servant Mary Brady. Note that Island Street and

    Island Road seem to be used interchangeably in various documents.

    39 Island Road, Enniscorthy was on the main road that goes into

    Enniscorthy from the Dublin direction (N11) and runs alongside the

    river. Although the building no longer exists, No 37 is still standing.

    Further investigation could be done to investigate these buildings

    through land records, old photographs and county records on-site in


    Note that Patrick O’Farrell’s father Michael Farrell is not mentioned in

    the 1901 Census nor is Patrick Whelan’s wife, Julia (maiden name

    Cowman). This detail is covered later in this document.

    1901 Census – from The National Archives

  • 10 years later, Patrick Michael Farrell, now an O’Farrell is listed in

    the 1911 Census (below) as living in 4 Island Road, Enniscorthy with his

    mother Julia, who appears to own a shop on the same premises. He is 11

    years old and there are three boarders living in the house. Having

    boarders living in a house was not uncommon at the time and if you

    consider that Julia was a single mother raising her son Patrick, it was

    probably partially born out of necessity.

    The Census record shows that Patrick’s

    Patrick’s father Michael Farrell is

    still not living with the family. It

    also shows that Patrick’s Uncle and

    Julia’s brother Michael Whelan was

    running a ‘Public House’ a few doors

    down in No. 1 Island Road. This no

    longer exists. 4 Island Road (pic 2016)

    Currently under renovation by

    present owners

    1911 Census – from The National Archives

  • Carmel Farrell’s Maternal Grandmother & Grandfather

    Julia Whelan & Michael Farrell

    Julia Whelan was born in Island Road, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford on the 24 th

    July 1873 to Patrick Whelan, Publican and Julia Cowman.

    The birth record doesn’t state what number in Island Road the family

    were living at. An enquiry has gone into St Aidan’s Cathedral in

    Enniscorthy to check if they have any more detail. Julia was baptised

    in the Diocese of Ferns in the Parish of Enniscorthy on the 25 th July


    Michael Farrell was born on Christmas Day, 25 th December 1866 in Hospital

    Lane, Enniscorthy to Michael Farrell and Jane Farrell (nee Kelly). It

    states that his father Michael Farrell is a servant. Hospital Lane is

    nowadays a 10 minute walk from where Julia lived in Island Road.

    Copy of Julia Whelan’s birth certificate from The General Register Office

    Copy of Julia Whelan baptismal certificate from the www.irishgenealogy.ie

  • Michael Farrell was also baptised in the Diocese of Ferns, in the Parish

    of Enniscorthy on 28 th December 1866. Sponsors are recorded was Michael

    Whelan and Mary Whelan.

    The 1901 Census was the 1 st complete census taken so it can be difficult

    to ascertain where people resided before then (see note).

    Julia Whelan and Michael Farrell were married in the Roman Catholic

    Church of Enniscorthy (now St. Aidan’s Cathedral) on 27 th April 1896.

    + The original census returns for 1861 and 1871 were destroyed shortly after the

    censuses were taken. Those for 1881 and 1891 were pulped during the First World War,

    probably because of the paper shortage. The returns for 1821, 1831, 1841 and 1851 were,

    apart from a few survivals, notably f