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Art history lecture series on design, lecture 1

Transcript of History Of Design Overview Of Movement And Designers

  • 1.What is design?An overview of design history.

2. Design history is not solely concerned with the line up of facts,
It is about understanding , finding explanations, evaluating the past and opinion.
3. Industrial Revolution.18th-19thCentury.
Influenced almost every aspect of daily life.
4. Arts and Crafts Movement.1880-1910
The Arts and Crafts Movement began as a reaction to "soulless" machine-made production of the Industrial Revolution.
Instigated by William Morris.
Considered the machine to be the root cause of all repetitive and mundane evils.
5. Arts and Crafts Principles.
Importance of the natural qualities of the materials used.
In favour of the master craftsman.
Decanter by Charles Ashbee.
6. Inspired by British flora and fauna.
Many of those involved set up workshops in rural areas and revived old techniques.
Ampelopis Desk by Zulma Steele, circa 1904.
7. The Honan Chapel, 1916.
8. William Morris -1834-1896.
William Morris & Co.manufactured tapestries, furniture and stained glass.
Campaigned for a return to traditional craftsmanship.
9. The Red House -Interior
10. Art Nouveau
The origins of Art Nouveau can be found in the work of William Morris.
1985,Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, produces a poster for a play entitled Gismonda.
11. LExpositionUniverselle, Paris, 1900.
12. 13. Charles RennieMackintosh,Glasgow, 1868-1928.
Mackintosh preferred the strength of the rectilinear line.
Interestingly, he also used patterns from sources such as the Irish Book of Kells (800AD).
14. House for an Art Lover, 1986.
15. Mackintosh, Bedroom Furniture.
16. Bauhaus, The International Style,Germany,1920s.
Influenced by Arts and Crafts movement
Notable absence of ornamentation.
Bauhaus embraced the industrial atmosphere ofits time and attempted to transcend it.
17. Ludwig Mies van derRohe,1986-69.
Last director of the Bauhaus.
Created an iconic image of modernity with his MR Chair.
Minimalist architect and furniture designer.