History - Macmillan Primary Catalogue 2014

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Transcript of History - Macmillan Primary Catalogue 2014

  • History

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    Topics for the Integrated Curriculum CDsInteractive digital resources

    With the topics matched to the Australian Curriculum: History/NSW Syllabus, these outstanding digitalresources will bring your integrated curriculum to life.

    Providing reliable, accurate historical information, coupled withinteractive activities, animation and video produced specificallyfor the target age group, they support key History topics.

    Each CD is divided into 4 Key Ideas that make up the topic and includes:

    an eBook of one complete reference title, plus additional extracts from other titles, providing valuable information video and audio clips, interactive activities, and an animation covering additional information downloadable worksheets, providing a variety of research, writing and investigation activities graded spelling of content words treated within the topic.

    The content is developed in HTML 5 for use on most devices.

    Year 49781458644657


    Key Ideas: Exploration Early Contact with Australia Life of Indigenous Australian before European contact Colonisation of Australia Nature of contact between indigenous population and Europeans.

    Year 69781458644664


    Key Ideas: Journey to Federation Social and Cultural Changes Immigration Individual and Group Contributions.

    First Contacts

    Australia as a Nation

    newDigital Resources

    on CD


    full sitelicences

    also see page 143

    Integrated Curriculum

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    Bringing factualinformation to lifeThese books are part of an outstandingseries covering popular topics in the humanities area of the Australian Curriculum/NSW Syllabus.

    The engaging text stimulates studentsto explore issues that impact on Australia.

    Key features of the student books: a focus on contemporary issues to promote thinking a range of visual literacy elements Inquiry Learning key questions summary spreads.

    Mac Australia Topics

    lower primary middle primaryReading Age 5.5 7+ yrs4 books l $8.95 eachValue packs available

    Reading Age 8.510 yrs4 books l $12.50 eachValue packs available

    upper primaryReading Age 9.512 yrs4 books l $12.50 eachValue packs available

    Information Report(RL12)9781420278361

    Information Report(RL 20)9781420278378

    Information Report(RL 20)9781420278392

    Information Report(RL12) 9781420278385

    Information Report 9781420278415

    Information Report 9781420278422

    Information Report 9781420278439

    Information Report 9781420278408

    Information Report9781420278477

    Information Report 9781420278446

    Information Report 9781420278460

    Information Report 9781420278453

    Lower primary

    Upper primary

    History Lower Pack (6x 4 titles save $21.48) 9992101112625 $193.32


    History Middle Pack (6x 4 titles save $30.00)9992101112694$270.00


    History Upper Pack (6x 4 titles save $30.00)9992101112762$270.00



    see page 175


    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    Teacher Support


    see page 82StudentBooks


    eBookson CD

    see page 82

    Teacher Resource Books contain guided readingand writing notes for many titles, together withInquiry Learning units of work. See pages 174175 for details.

    TS Teacher support

    eB eBooks on > CD> Macmillan Digital

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    Integrated Curriculum

    Integrated inquiry unitsThese stimulating packs assist students development of information literacy skills,and conceptual understandings of the topic being covered.

    With content aligned to the Australian Curriculum: History,the resources can be used flexibly.

    The packs contain: students books interactive eBook version of each title on CD, with full site licence PDF of the Teaching Guide on CD Teaching Guide containing teaching notes, photocopiable worksheets, suggested websites for further research, graphic organisers and self-assessment tasks.

    CurriculumResource Packs

    9781420298338$42.50 each (PB)(x5 packs)

    9781420298529 9781420298345 9781420298352 9781420298369 9781420298376

    9781420297935$62.50 each (PB)(x5 packs)

    9781420297942 9781420297911 9781420297928 9781420297966 9781420297959

    When I Was Young lower primary

    Highlights, for young students,changes in daily life from past to present.

    The AustralianGold Rushesupper primary

    Historical aspects of the Australiangold rushes are explained in this fascinating resource.

    When I Was Young Pack (1x 6 titles, 1x CD, 1x Teaching Guide)9781420231021 $160.00

    The Australian Gold Rushes Pack (1x 6 titles, 1x CD, 1x Teaching Guide)9781420230888 $180.00

    The Australian Gold Rushes Multi-Pack(6x 6 titles, 1x CD, 1x Teaching Guide)9992101204467 $500.00

    When I Was Young Multi-Pack (6x 6 titles, 1x CD, 1x Teaching Guide)9992101204498 $375.00

    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    Teacher Support



    SeB eBooks on > CD> Macmillan Digital

    eB eBooks on > CD> Macmillan Digital

  • 102 www.macmillan.com.au/primary

    9781420203578$17.00 each (HB)


    9781420297805 9781420297829


    $17.99 each9781420297812

    The Gold Rushesupper primary

    Bringing colonial history to life, these books present four different perspectives on the people and places of the gold rush era.

    Celebrations and Festivalslower primary+

    Providing all the features expected in factual reference books, Celebrations and Festivals will inform young students about some vibrant traditions that are important to diverse Australian families.

    $Paperback Set 9992101201121 $71.96Paperback Value Pack (6x 4 titles) 9992101201138 $388.59

    The Gold RushesTRB9781420209211$32.99



    Colonial Peopleupper primary

    Exploring colonial Australia throughits community members.

    Focusing on different occupations, these intriguing booksexplore aspects of everyday life, job responsibilities andsocial activities in colonial Australia.

    Using a range of text types they immerse students in theperiod, painting a picture of life from the worker's point of view.

    The eBooks come with a full site licence and are: great for students to use for research or interest reading on a computer ideal for teachers to use on IWBs and other digital devices accompanied by teaching support.

    9781420293623$31.99 each

    9781420293630 9781420293647 9781420293654

    Colonial People TRB9781420297324$32.99

    eBooks on CDfull site licence 9781420293906$100.00

    CelebrationseBookslower primary+

    These colourful eBooksfocus on a wide varietyof celebrations and festivals throughout the world.

    eBooks on CDfull site licence(x6 titles)9781420279504 $108.00

    bestseller eB All titles as eBooks > on CD> Macmillan Digital


    eB eBooks > on CD


    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    Hardback Set 9992101112991 $127.96

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    We Are Australianmiddle upper primary

    Tracing Australias historyand identity through the people, places and events that have shaped our nation.

    The series explores the uniquespirit and character of Australias people. First-hand accounts are included.

    Stories fromAustralias Historymiddle upper primary

    This unique series tells the stories of somedefining moments in Australias history. Its useof conventional presentation and graphic-stylere-enactments bring the stories to life.

    The stories offer context and explain the significance ofthese events to Australias development as a nation.

    Graphic-style presentation is employed to engage students,communicating details that text alone cannot convey,and showing different viewpoints.

    Set 3eBooks on CDfull site licence9781420293876$169.999781420293548

    $28.99 each9781420293524 9781420293500 9781420293531 9781420293494 9781420293517


    $25.00 each (HB)9781420265866 9781420265880 9781420265859 9781420265873

    9781420281132$27.00 each

    9781420281095 9781420281118 9781420281101 9781420281149 9781420281125

    Set 2eBooks on CDfull site licence9781420292008$169.99

    Set 1eBooks on CDfull site licence9781420279481$169.99

    eBooks on CDfull site licence(x6 titles) 9781420274257 $155.00



    9781420269086$27.00 each

    9781420269048 9781420269055 9781420269062 9781420269079 9781420269093

    Hardback & eBooks on CD Pack 1 9992101012246 $333.99

    Hardback Set 3 9992101112915 $173.94 Hardback & eBooks on CD Pack 3 9992101112922 $343.93

    Set 1

    Set 2

    Set 3

    Hardback Set 2 9992101010051 $162.00 Hardback & eBooks on CD Pack 2 9992101011171 $333.99

    Hardback Set 1 9780001001233 $162.00

    Teaching & Learning Support Pack 9781420297409 $15.99 Free Teaching & Learning Support with each set

    eBeBooks on > CD> iBookstore> Macmillan Digital

    eBeBooks on > CD> Macmillan Digital





    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

    AustralianCurriculum/NSW Syllabus

  • 104 www.macmillan.com.au/primary

    9781420267884$24.00 each

    9781420267860 9781420267853 9781420267891