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Yale University Press, London presents History titles for 2011

Transcript of History Catalogue 2011


ContentsSubjectNew Paperbacks British History Yale English Monarchs Medieval History International History General History Russian History European History Jewish History World War II Military History Ancient History & Archaeology Science & Medicine Religious History American History Index

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Published for The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art Distributed by Yale University Press Published for the Yale Center for British Art The National Gallery, London Distributed for the Art Institute of Chicago Distributed for the Bard Graduate Center Distributed for Editions Hazan, Paris Titles receiving full trade discount

FRONT COVER: Benjamin West, The Battle of the Boyne in 1690 (detail), 1778. From This Seat of Mars by Charles Carlton, see page 4.

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A Little History of the WorldIllustrated EditionA glorious illustrated edition of the international bestseller. Blending high-grade design, fine paper and classic binding, this is both a sumptuous gift book and an enhanced edition of a timeless account of human history. His enthusiasm for his subject is irresistibleWith Gombrichs Little History at last available in English there will be many generations of future historians who will attribute to it their lifelong passion for historyand for truth. Lisa Jardine, The Times The book charms, amuses and informs superblyIn A Little History, Gombrich proves he is as much a story teller as a professor. Andrew Roberts, Daily Express an engrossing kaleidoscopic account of global history from the ancient Egyptians to the Treaty of Versailles. Tristram Hunt, BBC History Magazine Also available A delight for all ages. The pages sparkle with the learned authors wit and wisdomand reading them, one feels as if Gombrich, one of the greatest ever art historians, is guiding one through time with a grandfatherly gleam in his eye. Ben Schott, The ObserverAvailable September 2011 304pp. 200 b/w + colour illus. ISBN 978-0-300-17614-8 25.00* 2008 304pp. 40 b/w illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-14332-4 8.99*

Ten Popes Who Shook the WorldMany popes have played a central role in the history of Europe and the wider world, not only shouldering the spiritual burdens of their office but also contending with the political crises of their times. In an acclaimed series of BBC radio broadcasts, Eamon Duffy enthralled listeners with vivid stories of the ten popes he judges the most influential in history. With this book, readers may now also enjoy Duffys portraits of ten exceptional men who shook the world. The book begins with St. Peter, the Rock upon whom the Catholic Church was built, and follows with Leo the Great (fifth century), Gregory the Great (sixth century), Gregory VII (eleventh century), Innocent III (thirteenth century), Paul III (sixteenth century), and Pius IX (nineteenth century). Among twentieth-century popes, Duffy examines the lives and contributions of Pius XII, who was elected on the eve of the Second World War, the kindly John XXIII, who captured the worlds imagination, and John Paul II, the first non-Italian pope in 450 years. Each of these ten, Duffy shows, was an extraordinary individual who helped shape the world we know today.Available October 2011 176pp. 30 b/w illus. ISBN 978-0-300-17688-9 14.99*

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Marking the HoursEnglish People and Their Prayers, 12401570a glorious feast of a bookWith Duffy as our guide, the apparently random scribbles of often nameless men and women start to sound like a clear message from the distant past. Kathryn Hughes, The Guardian It takes subtle insight and deep historical understanding to interpret these traces of intimate spiritual experience. Duffy is a master of both, wearing extraordinary learning with extraordinary lightness Helen Castor, The Sunday Telegraph2011 208pp. 120 colour illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17058-0 16.99*

2010 280pp. 30 colour illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-16889-1 12.99*

2006 496pp. 47 colour illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-11597-0 12.99*

2003 260pp. 26 b/w + 16 colour illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-09825-9 12.99*

2005 700pp. 141 b/w illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-10828-6 15.99*

E. H. Gombrich Eamon Duffy


New Paperbacks

Available August 2011 448pp. 30 b/w illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17798-5 14.99*

2011 432pp. 20 illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17242-3 12.99*

2011 336pp. 16 b/w illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17234-8 12.99*

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Egypt on the BrinkFrom the Rise of Nasser to the Fall of Mubarak Revised and Updated Edition Tarek OsmanTarek Osmans lively account of Egypt, its recent history, and myriad internal conflicts and frustrations, was published in November 2010 to immediate acclaim. Within months, the Egyptian people had risen in protest against the regime and President Mubarak was forced to resign. In this fully revised and updated edition, Osman tells the extraordinary story of the February 2011 protests, and discusses their implications for Egypt and the rest of the world. [Osman] writes with feeling, backed up by an impressively broad list of sources as well as sharp critical insight and astute judgementThe Economist [A] well researched and closely argued book.John R. Bradley, Literary Review Osman writes with a focused and uncluttered style [which will] retain the interest of even the most general reader.Joyce Tyldesley, Financial Times

In Ishmaels HouseA History of Jews in Muslim Lands Martin GilbertIn this absorbing and eloquent book Martin Gilbert presents a fascinating account of hope, opportunity, fear and terror that have characterised the relationship between Jews and Muslims through the 1,400 years of their intertwined history. [Gilberts] scholarship is meticulous, his tone balanced, and he takes care to include painstaking details.Marina Benjamin, London Evening Standard A nonstop barrage of compelling facts from a breathtakingly wide collection of archives Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times The book is a triumph of truth over propaganda, and will make a valuable contribution to restoring Jews to the history books of the Middle East.Lyn Julius, Jewish Chronicle Essential reading.Simon Sebag Montefiore, The Sunday Telegraph Gilbert fluently recounts the ups and downs of Jewish-Arab relations over the centuries.Adam LeBor, Literary Review

CzechoslovakiaThe State That Failed Mary HeimannThis book, the most thoroughly researched and accurate history of Czechoslovakia to appear in English, dispels many conventional views, particularly concerning the Munich Crisis, Nazi occupation, Prague Spring and Velvet Revolution. both a supremely competent and detailed narrative account of the short life of a central European state and a brilliant piece of iconoclasm. This book is a fascinating study of the enduring importance of nationalism and an eye-opening expos of the myths behind received historical wisdomIt is essential reading for anyone interested in 20th-century central European history.Paul Anderson, Tribune The immediate attraction of Heimanns book is that readers unfamiliar with Czechoslovak history will come away with a clear sense of itThis is truly a history of Czechoslovakia, not just of Czechs and Slovaks in the twentieth century.Kieran Williams, Times Literary Supplement

Palestine BetrayedEfraim KarshThe 1947 UN resolution to partition Palestine irrevocably changed the political landscape of the Middle East, giving rise to six fully-fledged wars between Arabs and Jews, as well as a profound shattering of Palestinian Arab society. In this groundbreaking book, Efraim Karsh explores the breakdown in relations between the two communities from both the Arab and Jewish perspectives. It is an arresting story of delicate political and diplomatic manoeuvring by leading figures over the years leading up to partition, through the slide to war and its enduring consequences. A thoroughly researched, sound historical account of the struggles that ensued between the Jewish and Arab communities when the British decided to leave Palestine. Sol Schindler, Washington Times Ephraim Karshs Palestine Betrayed tells in rich detail the story of the fall of the British Mandate and the rise of Israel, going a long way towards doing justice to the history at hand.Seth Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

1688The First Modern Revolution Steve PincusBased on new archival information, this book upends two hundred years of scholarship on Englands Glorious Revolution to claim that itnot the French Revolutionwas the first truly modern revolution. Mr. Pincuss cogently argued account of what really happened during Englands revolution destroys many comforting notions that have prevailed for more than 200 years It leaves the reader with something much more exciting: a new understanding of the origins of the modern, liberal state. The Economist An engaging readthis book will unquestionably become a major talking-point among all interested in Britains last revolution. Ted Vallance, BBC History Magazine A masterful reassessment of the received wisdom of what we understand of modern British history and the concept of revolution. This is a well-researched, well-written and important book. British Heritage


2011 664pp. 72 b/w illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17143-3 16.99*

Available September 2011 304pp. 20 b/w illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17726-8 9.99*

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2011 480pp. 120 b/w + 80 colour illus. Paper ISBN 978-0-300-17086-3 19.99*

2011 416pp. 12 b/w illus.