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Hiring at the Speed of Now

Hiring at the Speed of Nowwww.beringertame.com

Who are Beringer Tame?Specialist digital recruiters with 10 years experienceand an office dog

Digital recruitment is moving faster than ever.

Its a candidate led marketThis is especially true of entry-level to middle-management roles These candidates have their pick of the jobs

Ambitious companies are in a race for the best talent

But they arent racing each other

theyre racing speed.

Speed of the marketSpeed of candidates expectationsSpeed of change

How can your company win the race?

There are 4 main tactics

1) Dont drag your feet

Youre a busy person. Candidates and recruiters are pestering you.If the candidate wants to the job theyll wait,right?


Your recruiter is bugging you for a reason.

They know youve got a desirable candidate and dont want you to miss out.Let them help you win the race.

You need to make candidates feel wanted and enthusiastic.

There are plenty of others who will.

Make time sooner rather than later

Be eager to hire

Remember that interviewing is as much them sizing you upTips:

2) Dont think the grass is greener

Sometimes, the first candidate you see is the best.It happens.

Dont let that make you think they are the first of a stream of better and better candidates.

Benchmarking is important,but dont let it take the focus.

You wont be the only one who wants to hire that candidate, so dont miss out for process-sake.

Be decisive know who you want quickly

Dont keep asking for more

Keep benchmarking to a minimumTips:

3) Dont keep quiet

There are times when you will have to move slowly,getting through red tape.

But dont stick your head in the sand.

Candidates will either move on, or theyll feel deflated.

Communication is key.

Give a timetable

Keep the flow of information any news is good news

Help candidates feel the loveTips:

4) Do be flexible

Even if youve run a speedy process, it can all break down in negotiation.

If you wont compete with the benefits offered by competitors, then youll fall behind in the race for talent.

Big corporations can afford a travel allowance or a few extra days holiday.Seriously.

Even if youre small, you can make non-financial offers working from home or a conditional bonus.



Think about the bigger race

Convince the candidate youre an amazing place to work

Your customers want everything yesterday, and your candidates are no different.

They want to work for ambitious, fast-moving companies, and will be put off by a dragging recruitment process.

So stretch your legs and put your trainers on

well see you track side.


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