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  • Application and Interviewing Suggestions for California Community College Faculty and Academic Administrative Positions

    Presented by Diane ClerouDean of Human ResourcesState Center Community College District

  • Topics1st Workshop 10am and 1pm

    Application ProcessInterviewing Suggestions

    Second Workshop 11am

    Minimum Qualifications and Equivalencies

  • Application ProcessReview the position announcementIs this the position you want?Do you have the education and experience required for the position?Are you willing to live in that area of the state?Is this location the right place for you and whomever or what ever you need to consider?

  • Application ProcessUse the position announcement to set up a plan to ensure all of your documentation gets in ON TIME!

    Deadlines are NOT suggestionsAll documents MUST be in by the deadline listed on the position announcementUse checklist and setup timelineYour fax MUST be received prior to the date and time of the deadline

  • Application ProcessRead each position announcement carefully as the required documents may vary greatly from one district to another, and from one division to another within the same districtFor EVERY document you submit make sure it is NEAT, NO SPELLING ERRORS, NO PUNCTUATION OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS

  • Application ProcessTypical documents required for a complete application packet:

    ApplicationLetter of Application or Letter of InterestResume or placement fileLetters of RecommendationReferencesTranscripts

  • Application ProcessApplication:Answer every question on the applicationType it or print it very neatlyThis application and your entire application packet is a reflection of your personality and professionalism

  • Application ProcessLetter of Interest (aka Letter of Application)

    Your education and experience and how they meet the requirementsIf you do not meet min. quals. state your argument for equivalency (and complete any form)Address every duty listed on the position announcement that you have experience with, or state how you believe other experience or education have prepared you to perform that duty

  • Application ProcessResume and/or placement file

    UPDATE everything!Revise your resume when applying for different types of jobsSelection committee members are not impressed when a candidate uses one letter of interest or one resume for all jobs

  • Application ProcessLetters of Recommendation

    Make sure your letters are no older than the position announcement stipulatesExample: 1 year old 3 years oldIf letters are not NEW, call the letter writer and let him/her know you are sending their letter again, where to, how you are qualified for this positionMake sure he/she still supports your job search

  • Application ProcessReferences

    Make sure their contact information is accurateName, phone number, address, titleCall them and make sure they know where you are applying, why you are qualifiedMake sure they still support your job searchHighly likely your references and letter writers will be contacted so be SURE they positively and unequivocally support you!

  • Application ProcessTranscripts:

    Unofficial copies are fine to complete your application packet unless the position announcement specifies officialMake sure copies are clearOfficial transcripts are required once you are offered a position

  • Application ProcessDegrees acquired outside of US must have evaluation service assessmentMeet the deadline

  • Application ProcessHave someone proof read EVERYTHING before you send it inHave the proof reader check your documentation against the position announcement to ensure you addressed everything

  • Application ProcessBe accurate with dates, times, places and namesProvide enough detail to sell yourself and get you through the paper screen

    HR will screen for:Completeness of the application packetMinimum qualifications: educ and experienceIf you are not certain you meet the min. quals then complete the EQUIVALENCY PETITION

  • Application ProcessThe division or department selection committees will screen for:

    CompletenessNeatness of application packetRecency of informationEducation, experience, equivalencyFit with needs of department

  • Interviewing SuggestionsPrior to interview visit college site Talk to people in and outside of the districtBe aware of the Districts/Colleges/Divisions mission statements, vision statements, cultureResearch Districts/Colleges/Divisions/ local communitys demographics, and major industry for the areaInfuse this info into your interview

  • Interviewing SuggestionsMake up sample questions using the position announcement

    Practice answering those questions while looking in the mirrorIf you have to do a teaching, counseling or any other kind of demonstration as part of the interview process, PRACTICE IT!

    Teaching demonstrations might use the selection committee as the students; give handouts PREPARE!

  • Interviewing SuggestionsKnow yourself so you can sell yourselfWhat are your values, cultural experiences which will be an asset for this positionBe clear on the education and experience you have that prove you can do the jobBe clear on what you can bring to the students/department/college to improve it

  • Interviewing SuggestionsPromoting diversity in the workplace remains a legal obligation for CCCsTitle 5 section 53024(a)(2) and Educ. Code 87360Mandate Districts hire faculty and administrators who demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the needs of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of students.

    There is a question on the application and there will be a question in the interview on this subject.

  • Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency for Faculty and AdministratorsPresented by Diane ClerouDean of Human ResourcesState Center Community College District

  • Minimum Qualifications (MQs)1988 - Assembly Bill 1725:

    set minimum standards for faculty and educational administrators in Calif. community collegesAbolished credential systemReplaced with MQsSome require MAFor those with no MA required: AA + 6 yrs., BA + 2 yrs., OREquivalency

  • Minimum QualificationsWhat are MQs?

    Established and revised by agreement between Academic Senate of CCCs and the Board of Governors of CCCsSet the floor for education and experienceDistricts have hiring authority but must adhere to MQs when establishing hiring criteriaMay exceed MQs but not require less

  • EquivalenciesTitle 5 section 53430 allows a District to hire a person who possesses qualifications different from, but equivalent to, those listed on the disciplines list, according to criteria and procedures agreed upon by the Academic Senate and representatives of the Board of Trustees.

  • EquivalenciesEquivalency committees comprised of faculty and administrators; ratio set in agreementEx: FCC has 2 faculty from each division; 2 administrators (HR ex-officio)Allows for local decision making

  • EquivalenciesUsed to be equivalencies by course, now can only be by disciplineEach district has its own equivalency form

    Due by application filing deadlineIf in doubt fill it outForms available on-line or ask HR Assistant

  • Minimum QualificationsMQs also apply to:

    Health services professionalsNon-credit instructorsApprenticeship instructorsDSP & S personnel (Disabled Special Programs and Services)EOPS personnel (Extended Opportunity Programs & ServicesLearning assistance and tutoring coordinators and work experience coordinators

  • Minimum QualificationsA degree that is more advanced than the one listed (and is in the appropriate field) will satisfy the requirements.

    Example: if the MQ is a Masters in psychology, a Ph.D. in psychology will also satisfy the requirement

  • Minimum QualificationsTitle 5 section 53406 states, All degrees and units used to satisfy minimum qualifications shall be from accredited institutionsAccredited means a postsecondary institution accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation.

  • Minimum QualificationsTitle 5 section 53417 In addition to other minimum qualificationsa faculty member shall include a current, valid certificate to work or a license to practice in California, whenever the instructors possession of such a certificate or license is required for program or course approval, or when current occupational certification is essential for effective instruction

    Ex: Calif. RN license; Calif. CPA

  • Minimum QualificationsExamples of MQs:

    History: Masters in history OR Bachelors in history AND Masters in political science, humanities, geography, area studies, womens studies, social science, or ethnic studies OR the equivalent

  • Minimum QualificationsExamples of MQs:

    Business: Masters in business, business management, business administration, accountancy, finance, marketing, or business education OR Bachelors in any of the above AND Masters in economics, personnel management, public administration, or JD or L.LB degree OR Bachelors in economics with a business emphasis AND Masters in personnel management, public administration, or JD or LL.B degree OR the equivalent.

  • Minimum QualificationsExceptions to MQs:

    Ethnic Studies: Masters in the ethnic studies field OR the equivalent OR See Interdisciplinary StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies: Masters in the interdisciplinary area OR Masters in one of the disciplines included in the interdisciplinary area and upper division or graduate