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Himalayan Times news covered Crescendo International Orchestra concert

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    PAGE 9THE HIMALAYAN TIMES, SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 2014 www.thehimalayantimes.com


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    Transcending orchestraLetting emotions flow

    KATHMANDU: Sittinginside the auditoriumof the Army officersClub, Bhadrakali onApril 19 was no differ-

    ent than attending an interna-tional music event. Musiciansfrom Crescendo InternationalOrchestra, Annapurna ChamberOrchestra and Nepal PoliceSchool of Music jointly playedviolins, guitars, trumpets, clar-inets, flute, oboe and viola withthe musicians from Germany,Japan, Korea, India, Italy andBelgium. All these musicianswere gathered here for AdarshaGuru Samman Tatha BisheshBadhyabrinda Sangitik Samaro-ha organised byTalejuDhanaKumari Kosh.

    The sound of all these musicalinstruments not only soothedthe audience, it reminded lateking Birendra and queen Aish-warya when they played Ukaali

    Oraali Haru Ma. Their pictureswere painted vividly on onesmind as the song was written byChandani Shah (pseudo name ofqueen Aishwarya).

    National anthem Sayau Thun-ga Phool Ka Haami has beenheard hundreds of times, butwhen delivered through violinwith guitar, trumpet clarinet andaforementioned musical deviceswas quite a new taste for theears. The performers gave theaudience a new feel of the music.

    Amber Gurungs Naulakh TaraUdaae and Sayapatri, GabrielsOboe, Fantasias Greensleeveskept the audience silent. ThemeFrom Everest was able to give areflection of music performed inthe areas around Solukhumbu.The sounds of musical instru-ments carried away the audi-ence to mountain areas themusic was a replica of the tradi-tional music played in

    those areas.Not only Nepali but Newari

    traditional music Silu too wasplayed during the event. Japan-ese musician Yanami Saka-hashis solo flute presentationwas truly a treat.

    The orchestra was able toarouse sad, sentimental sensa-tions during the event. As perGurung, Chancellor of NepalMusic and Drama Academy,Music isnt only singing andplaying. Rather it should be ableto express human sentiments happiness, sadness, pain andsufferings through it.

    This performance was exactlywhat he meant.

    Meanwhile, Dr Narayan HariJoshi was felicitated with the titleAdarsha Guru Samman and acash of Rs 2,00,000, and creden-tials for his contribution in thefield of teaching in Science(Physics) at the event. HNS

    Brewing coffee and artNobel prize gets home after 114 yrs!LONDON: The Nobel Foun-dation has unveiled thewinning design for abuilding that will give theworlds most prestigious prize ahome for the first time in its114-year history.

    The foundation hopes to in-augurate the 25,000 sq metrebuilding in 2018, when it is ex-pected to house nearly all its ac-tivities, including the Nobelprize ceremony and the Nobel museum.

    The winner of the architec-ture competition of the NobelCentre is David ChipperfieldArchitects in Berlin, the foun-dations executive director LarsHeikensten said.

    The building, with a 1.2bnkronor (110m) budget, will bebuilt in a historic district, sur-rounded by water and nearsome of the citys main muse-ums and landmarks.

    It will gather all the founda-tions activities, currently scat-tered around the city, except theNobel banquet, which will re-

    main in the city hall.The Nobel prize ceremony,

    traditionally held on December10 at the Stockholm ConcertHall, will move to the newvenue, as well as the Nobel mu-seum and the Nobel Founda-tion offices.

    The Nobel Centre will alsohouse a library, several confer-ence rooms and educationalspace for school visits. Thebuilding, with a bronze, stoneand glass facade, will attempt toreflect some of the Nobel aspi-rations, according to the win-ning architects.

    It has a certain classical sim-plicity and solidity, British ar-chitect Chipperfield said. Ittries to find a balance betweenbeing solid on the one hand andtransparent on the other.

    Two-thirds of the projectsbudget is secured by private do-nations. The creation of a homefor the Nobel prize has beendiscussed ever since the awardswere first handed out in Stock-holm in 1901. The Guardian

    KATHMANDU: HimalayanBeanz inaugurated theirnew bakery Sara Bakeryon the seventh floor of Civil Mall,Sundhara with a month-longart exhibition RanginDristi onApril 12.

    The exhibition that incorpo-rates ideas of abstract principles,minimalism, automatism and in-dividualism, among others, hasfeatured seven emerging artists.As many as 35 paintings are on

    display at the bakery.According to Sudip Khadka,

    CEO of Himalayan Beanz, 20 percent of the profit to be generatedby the exhibition will be donatedin the form of dedicated art kit tothe SOS Children Village, Jorpati.

    Himalayan Beanz will be sellingbakery products through an inter-active website by incorporating e-commerce and online sales. Thewebsite would be made publicsoon. HNS

    On a heritage walkwith ChitrakarK

    ATHMANDU: Pho-tographs speak a thou-sand words. And it is astrong medium that

    helps one learn about places,people and their lifestyle. OnWorld Heritage Day, photogra-pher Pushpa Chitrakar offered aperfect platform to observe ourheritage since 1968 throughHeritage Walk on April 18 onthe Patan Museum premises.

    Striking black-and-white anda few colour photos of placeslike Changu Narayan, Bouddha,Swayambhu, Pashupati, PatanDurbar Square, Bhaktapur Dur-bar Square, Patan DurbarSquare, statues, among othersare being exhibited.

    In the exhibition, 70-year-old

    Chitrakar has displayed pho-tographs taken since 1968 tilldate. One of his favourite pho-tographs is of 55-windowedPalace of Bhaktapur taken inthe year 1980. In the photo, onecan see a g