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Secrets For Making Big Profits FromYour Financial Advisory Business

Transcript of Hicks Guerilla MarkGuerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisorseting

  • Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors

    Secrets For Making Big Profits From

    Your Financial Advisory Business

    By Jay Conrad Levinson & Grant W. Hicks, CIM, FCSI

    "Based on the Best-Selling Marketing Series of All-time"

    What is Guerrilla Marketing? The first Guerrilla Marketing book was published in 1984. Today there are sixteen volumes in 37 languages and well over 14,000,000 copies have been sold worldwide.

    "I'm referring to the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remain as always -- achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money" says Jay Conrad Levinson. Inside you will find a wealth of ideas and strategies to achieve success in the investment industry.




  • No matter what business you're in, Jay Conrad Levinson shows you how to grow sales and profits beyond your wildest dreams -- without spending an extra penny on marketing costs!" -Robert Allen, Best-selling author and world-renowned lecturer.

    In the marketing world, no one knows how to use the weapons of the trade better than industry expert Jay Levinson. He is living proof that his unconventional marketing ideas work."

    -Entrepreneur Magazine

    'Guerrilla Marketing' books are among the best marketing books our reviewer has ever read." - Seattle Times Every book by Jay Levinson is worth reading." - Jane Applegate, author of Succeeding in Small Business

    Guerrilla Marketing For Financial Advisors

    Copyright c 2007 by: Grant W. Hicks, CIM All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from Grant W. Hicks, Jay Conrad Levinson or their publishers. P.S. IMPORTANT COMPLIANCE NOTE PLEASE READ Hows that to grab your attention! As an advisor we know that all marketing must adhere to company and industry policies and compliance. Make sure that any marketing idea or activity is cleared through your firm and firms compliance department before proceeding. All securities and insurance industry rules and regulations must be followed. We must hold ourselves to high industry standards in the public eye, so compliance with all of your marketing is a key to future success.

  • About the Authors Jay Conrad Levinson

    Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, Guerrilla Marketing, plus 29 other business books. His books have sold 14 million copies worldwide. His guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that today his books appear in 39 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs world-wide. Jay taught guerrilla marketing for ten years at the extension division of the University of California in Berkeley. And he was a practitioner of it in the United States -- as Senior Vice-President at J. Walter Thompson, and in Europe, as Creative Director and Board Member at Leo Burnett Advertising. He has written a monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine, articles for Inc. Magazine, and online columns published monthly on the Microsoft Website -- in addition to occasional columns in the San Francisco Examiner. He also writes online columns for several Internet websites, including Netscape, America Online, Fortune Small Business and Hewlett-Packard. Jay is the Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, a marketing partner of Adobe and Apple. He has served on the Microsoft Small Business Council and the 3Com Small Business Advisory Board. His Guerrilla Marketing is series of books, audiotapes, videotapes, an award-winning CD-ROM, an Internet website, and a breakthrough online marketing advancement called The Guerrilla Marketing Association, a marketing support system for small business, a way for business owners to spend less, get more, and achieve substantial profits. www.gmarketing.com for more information Grant W. Hicks CIM, FCSI

    Grant Hicks has been selling ideas successfully for fourteen years and are based on his everyday experiences as a financial advisor and business builder. As a manager, Grant built up a financial planning firm from twenty advisors to over sixty advisors in three years. He then went back to managing clients and as a Retirement Planning Specialist, Grant built up his book of business rapidly from one million to over forty million under management in just over two years. He won the best ideas contest in 2001 for Canadian financial advisors for his innovative marketing ideas and was featured across Canada at the Advisors Forums and in Advisors Edge, Canada's magazine for financial professionals. His ideas have also appeared on Advisor.ca, a Canadian advisors marketing and business building website. Grant speaks to audiences of financial advisors, mutual fund wholesalers and insurance professionals on a regular basis about how to build your business through his marketing ideas. His promotional website www.financialadvisormarketing is a virtual search engine for marketing for investment professionals and the financial industry with hundreds of links to the best marketing ideas and speakers in the industry today. He holds the Canadian Investment Manager, (CIM) portfolio management designation from the Canadian Securities Institute and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, the highest mark of professionalism in the Canadian Securities Industry (FCSI). Grant is a long-standing member of the Canadian Association of Financial Planners (C A F P)and The Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (C A I FA, now called Advocis) and the Federation of Independent Deposit Brokers ( FCIDB) . He is a shareholder of Partners In Planning Financial Services, Canadas largest independent Financial advisory firm. He owns Hicks Financial, a fixed income management company.

    He is also President of Hicks Financial Consulting, a marketing and consulting firm to the financial services industry. Grant writes a weekly column on financial topics in his hometown newspaper in Parksville, British Columbia. He is married with two children. Grant played professional hockey in Europe, before starting a career in the financial services industry in 1989.

    www.financialadvisormarketing.com for more information grant@ghicks.com

  • What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you pales in comparison with what lies within you. Ralph Waldo Emerson


    STRATEGY # 1



    Concept: Writing out your goals is one thing. Establishing a system and framework for accomplishing your goals is crucial to your success. Working on your business on a regular basis will create dramatically better results than working in your business. I guarantee that working harder in this business will not make you more successful. Working on your business and developing new ideas to be successful on a regular basis will. Why do the greatest athletes such a Tiger Woods keep practicing on a regular basis? Each day they are trying to get a little better. They are working on their game, not playing the game. Objective: As financial advisors we plan our clients long-term financial future every day. So why do we neglect to do it for ourselves and our business. I have asked several financial advisors what long term means. Te answer is usually five, ten or fifteen years that they develop plans for clients. Then I ask, how long is your business plan. If it is not ten years, maybe you dont plan on being in the business that long. I dare you to look at your financial plan and share it with your peers. Then look at your long-term business plan. If you have one, congratulations but if youre like most financial advisors you wrote it a few years ago and never updated it. As advisors, we develop long term financial plans, and yet, the average business plan for financial advisors is 1- 3 years. Develop your plans as 1 year ( must do) 3 year ( achievable ) 5 year ( goal oriented ) 10 year (long term vision ) If I was to sell you on the benefits of the business plan, it is the projections into the future based on what you know today. The challenge is to think how you can grow and do things differently to achieve higher goals. Start by thinking if you could design your ideal business plan, amazing financial targets, and goals, what would it look like. Then think of a business or advisor that you would like to be like. Think of the possibilities. The limit is only in how much you can imagine. Challenge yourself to become the most successful financial advisor you know, not because of the money you will earn, but the person and advisor you will become. Strategy: Start today to develop a one year (short term)3 year, five year and a ten year ( long term ) written business plan for success. Most advisors today love to feel that they are independent and work for themselves, yet they lack the discipline of running a successful business. If you work for a firm, then they have structured goals and targets set for you, and are followed up with on a regular basis. As an independent financial advisor, I know that there is one thing to write a business plan, but being disciplined and accountable for it is another. Make yourself accountable to someone and share your business plan. This may be a spouse, an associate financial advisor, a wholesaler, or someone in your peer group (which we discuss in a later chapter). A business plan has the benefit of creating a blueprint for eve