HiAwAtHA tU BoARd From the Hiawatha Hotline February , 1993 (Highlights)...

download HiAwAtHA tU BoARd From the Hiawatha Hotline February , 1993 (Highlights) ¢â‚¬¢ Monday February 1, 1993

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Transcript of HiAwAtHA tU BoARd From the Hiawatha Hotline February , 1993 (Highlights)...

  • MARCH 2013A Monthly Publication of the Hiawatha Chapter of Trout Unlimited

    HiAwAtHA tU BoARd

    • Presidents Message • Up Coming Events

    • 2013 Spring Fundraiser • March Meeting Agenda

    This week I finally got out fishing for the first time in a long time. It was a great day and I got to feel the wiggle on the other end of the line that keeps me coming back. The members meeting in March is long overdue. We will report on what we have been doing as a chapter. Our Treasurer will give a report and our Habitat Coordinator will bring us up to date on all the current stream improvements.

    We will also have elections for the governing positions in the chapter. These jobs are important and require a high level of commitment. The first position is the President. This position is the most time consuming because of the scope of the job. The President oversees the chapter and works to get things done. The key to this job is to take an idea generated by a member and give that person the help needed to bring the idea to life. This is not as hard as it sounds because we have a lot of talented people in the Hiawatha Chapter willing to help. Communication between the different Trout Unlimited chapters is another important part of the job. The second position is the Vice President. The Vice President is in charge if the President is unable to perform any or all of their duties. The Vice President sets up the monthly meetings and speaker or which stream we will go to for the summer’s streamside meet- ings. The Vice President keeps the inventory of Hiawatha Chapter merchandise up by ordering the supplies and having the HTU logo put on them and makes sure the HTU merchandise is available to the membership. The third position is the Secretary. The Secretary takes the minutes of the Board of Director meetings and the Annual membership meeting. This person also handles the general communications that sometimes need to be done between HTU and the other chapters in MN, as well as the State Council. The fourth position is Treasurer. The Treasurer keeps the chapters finances in order and files the tax forms needed for a 501(c)3 organization. The Treasurer is also responsible filing the chapter’s yearly report to TU National. All of these positions are overseen by the Board of Directors which has a meeting on the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm at Gander Mountain to discuss running the chapter and the decisions needed to be made. My time on the board has been a very rewarding time and I had a lot of fun goofing around with the trout heads that make up this great chapter. P.S. I will not be running for any of these positions as we need some new blood and ideas so this is an open invitation for all chapter members to get involved and run for any of these positions. We will be taking nominations from the floor or you can get in touch with a current board member and ask to be put on the ballot.

    PRESIDENT Scott Steffens scott@mntu.org 507-398-2500

    VICE PRESIDENT Carl Berberich berberic@q.com 507-281-1763

    TREASURER Dave Hansen 507-281-3561

    PAST PRESIDENTS Randy Brock randy@mntu.org 507-287-6101

    Frank Angelotti angelofw10@gmail.com 507-289-1688

    WEBMASTER Vince Robichaud vincer40@yahoo.com

    MEMBERShIP CooRDINAToR Phil Pankow, NTLC Liaison Phillip.pankow@alumni.augsburg.edu 507-634-4815

    hABITAT CooRDINAToR Ray Ricketts wudcanu@yahoo.com 507-282-2666

    YoUTh & EDUCATIoN Scott Steffens

    hTU BoARD MEMBERS AT lARgE Marlene Huston mjkhuston@gmail.com 507-208-5013

    NEWSlETTER EDIToR Phil Pankow/ Deb Angelotti angelottiink@gmail.com

    From the President

  • Up CoMing events/ Meetings

    Open Fly Tying every Saturday, 9:00 am till noon at Gander Mountain

    UP CoMINg MEETINgS March 4th, 2013: HTU Annual Meeting at the Izaak Walton Cabin. Voting of Officers and Board Members


    March 22nd-24th, 2013: Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo, Blaine, MN

    April 10th, 2013: Introduction to Fly Fishing: Marlene Houston and Mike Carpenter will be teaching an 8 week class. Learn the essentials of fly fish- ing, with emphasis on fly casting, what you need to get started, fly casting, on stream casting techniques, fly fishing knots, stream entomology, flies for this area, reading the water, and releasing fish. Focused on the fishing opportuni- ties in southeast Minnesota, this class will get you on the stream, ready for the 2013 season! Outside casting op- portunities, weather permitting. In- structors are Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructors. Addition- al help provided by Hiawatha Trout Unlimited members. You can register on line at www.rochesterce.org/

    April 13th, 2013: HTU Spring Fundrais- er. Held at the Ramada in Rochester.

    March 4th will be the next Hiawatha TU meeting at the Izaak Walton building in Rochester. This one is a big one everybody. It’s our annual members meeting. It will start

    at 7:00pm as always at Izaak Walton Cabin 937 7th Ave. N.E. and cover a president’s update, a treasurer’s report, Officer and Board elections, and more.

    Frank Angelotti’s fly tying class will be wrapping up.

    The Great Water’s Fly Fishing Expo will be held March 22-24 in Blain MN. We will be having a booth there again. There will be great exhibits, shows, and demonstra- tions from top flyfishing group, individuals, and businesses. This is the best show in the mid-west. Hope to see you there.

    The Hiawatha TU annual fundraiser will be on April 13th at the Canadian Honker Events at the Ramada - Rochester, MN. across from Apache Mall shopping center. You can find all the details and buy tickets at www.hiawathatu.org

    Marlene Huston and Mike Carpenter’s fly fishing class through Rochester Commu- nity Ed will start April 10th and run for 4 weeks. Detail can be found by searching the Rochester Community Ed web site under fly fishing.

    EvEnts for March and april 2013

    Hiawatha Trout Unlimited has a rich history in provid- ing for the future of its members as well as the fish and environment they seek. In February of 1993, the Hiawatha monthly meeting covered a far reaching

    spectrum of events and issues and a fly. Here from a 1993 newsletter are a few of the details. Check it out.

    Hiawatha Hotline February , 1993 (Highlights)

    • Monday February 1, 1993 meeting: States Whitewater River watershed manage- ment team, presentation by, Larry Gates, Bill Lorenzen, Tex Hawkins, and Shelly Eckbald.

    • Hiawatha Chapters, " Conservationist of Year Award" Kent Mundy and Orv Woodruf.

    • TU's state wide membership at all time high of 1370 members.

    • Fly of the Month - Orange Winter Scud size 14 -10 on Tiemco 2457 and 2487 curved hook. Description of fly and fly tying step was written by Lyle Besse ( with help I assume from Wayne Bartz ) Six photographs of fly tying steps by Wayne Bartz.

    My favorite part of the article was the fly of the month. An orange scud size 14-18 is still one of my personal favorites and still very effective.

    I love history and truly enjoy looking back into the past and comparing what was talked about that needed to be done and then seeing the effects of that come to fruition in the now. I can’t wait to see something I started or helped with and see what it will look like in another twenty years. Here’s to history and what we can all help contribute to.

    This Date in History

  • The regular meeting of Hiawatha Chapter of Trout Unlimited at the Isaak Walton Cabin on March 4th will be our annual meeting for election of officers and Board of Director mem- bers plus a summary of the chapter activities this past year and a pre- view of what is planned for 2013. The meeting will begin at 7pm.


    President’s Report

    Financial Report

    Stream Project Summary

    Election of Board Officers

    Election of New Board Members

    OFFicers tO be nOminAted:

    President - Carl Berberich

    Vice President - OPEN

    Secretary - Frank Angelotti

    board members to be nominated:

    Paul Krolak

    Monica Willits

    Nominations will also be taken from the floor

    New Business, Coming Events, and Information


    Meeting AgendA

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