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HI Hostels Guide: SpainHI Membership benetsHostelling International is a membership organisation. And your HI youth hostel membership entitles you to special member prices plus access to a vast range of discounts around the world. For all the facts, check out HI Membership on www.hihostels.com!

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SpainRed Espanola de Albergues Juveniles C / Castello, 24 6 Derecha Madrid 28004 (34)(915)227007 (34) (915) 228067 contacto@reaj.com t www.hihostels.com

Capital: Language: Currency: Population: Size sq km: Phone code:

Madrid Spanish Euro 39 433 944 504 782 34


Facsimile number E-mail Adress t Web Adress i Reservation recommended b Credit cards accepted v-|Number of rooms containing indi Japanese style beds Linen included in fee Linen can be hired H Suitable for wheelchair users X Groups welcome Y Family rooms available A Female only B Male only F All meals available (unless otherwise specied): B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner (evening meal) Self catering facilities provided [ Caf/Bar available } Cycle store at hostel ~ Discounts & Concessions available r Common room(s) in hostel TV room in hostel a Library for members use j Internet Access at hostel Conference room(s) G Laundry facilities available at or near the hostel d Luggage storage for members K Basic store available at or near hostel Lockers available at hostel Air Conditioning k Lift in hostel E Parking facilities available at or near the hostel n Tourist Information ^ Currency Exchange at or near hostel Garden at hostel Playground at hostel N Nearest major Airport hAirport bus O Horbour/Port: Name and distance from City Centre Z Train: nearest Station and distance to hostel M Bus (from City Centre): No/Nos, alighting point and distance to hostel Tram or trolley bus (from City Centre): No/Nos, alighting point and distance to hostel Underground: Line name, Station Name and distance to hostel Bus Stop Tram Stop Q Beach at or near hostel L Skiing area T Hiking area W Swimming at or near hostel V Sports facilities at or near hostel Telephonenumber cated number of beds


HI Hostels Guide: Spain - 05 September 2010

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HI Hostels Guide: Spain - 05 September 2010

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Aguadulce - Instalacion Juvenil

Alacant - La FloridaAvda Orihuela 59, Alicante 03007 34-965-113044 / 902225552 34-965-282754 / 963985913 laorida_ivaj@gva.es Directions: 4 W from city center N Alicante 14.00km h Alicante 1.50km O Alicante 1.50km M 3 0.02km Avd. Orihuela k

Alcala de Moncayoc/ Puerta del Lugar s/n, Alcala de Moncayo (Zaragoza) 50591 34-976-646459 / 976646434 / 685998099 34-976-646459 fdsalcala@gmail.com Directions: M Vera de Moncayo

AlfaroPlaza Azaa, Alfaro (La Rioja) s/n 26540 34-941-180 545 / 900 200 272 941 291 953 albergues.juventud@irj.es Directions: Alfaro YgX



Aguadulce - Instalacin Juvenil Campillo del Moro, s/n. E-04720 Aguadulce 34-950175148 / 902510000 34-950175152 aguadulce.itj@ juntadeandalucia.es t www.hihostels.com 6xw 2xx 23xy Directions: 1 S from city center N Almeria 25.00km YHgXb


Albarracin - Rosa Briosc/ Santa Maria, 5, Albarracin (Teruel) 44100 34-978-710005 / 976714797 34-978-710005 / 978704019 raaj.iaj@aragob.es Directions: Albarracn HkX

Alcoba de los Montes La FuenteAlcoba de los Montes (Ciudad Real) 13116 0034 926 697 331 / 606 387 503 alberguesclm@jccm.es Directions: M Alcoba de los Montes YHXFV

Algeciras - Instalacion Juvenil



Alcudia - La VictoriaCtra. Cap Pinar Km. 4,9 Alcudia (Mallorca) 07400 34-971-545542 / 902111188 / 971545395 34-971-546649 lavictoria@tjove.caib.es Directions: N Son Sant Joan 60.00km O Port DAlcudiac 5km; Palma 60.00km M Palma-Alcudia 60km Alcudia Church 5km HgXrG

Aguilas - CalarreonaCtra. de Vera Km4, 30880 Aguilas (Murcia) 34-968-413029 34-968-413029 aj_calarreona@listas.carm.es Directions: 4 SW from city center N San Javier 100.00km h Aguilas 5.00km YHXr

Albergue Anna M. Janerc. Foros, 19 17527 Llvia 972 146 341 annamariajaner@peretarres.org

` Albergue Matacabosc. Sant Jaume, s/n 25540 Les (Lleida) 973 64 80 48/973 64 52 71 973 64 83 52 matacabos@aran.org

Algeciras - Instalacin Juvenil Barriada El Pelayo, Ctra.N-340 Algeciras (Cadz) 11390 34-956784035 / 902510000 34-956784039 algeciras.itj@ juntadeandalucia.es t www.hihostels.com 2xv 11xw 9xx 16xy Directions: 8 W from city center O Algeciras 12.00km M 12.00km Algeciras YHg




Aisa - Albergue Valle de Aisac/ Alta, s/n Aisa Aisa 22860 +34-974-362420 +34-974-356861 albergue@ alberguevalledeaisa.com 2xw 1xx 1xy 1xz 4x{ Directions: N hUESCA 100.00km Aisa YXrjb[

Aldeadavila de la Ribera

Albergue Montsec-MurCtra. Sant Esteve de la Sarga 25632 Gurdia de Noguera 973 652 123 montsecmur@peretarres.org


Aldeadavila de la Ribera c/ La Noria Ctra de Macastre, Aldeadavila de la Ribera Alborache (Valencia) (Salamanca) s/n 46369 37250 34-962-508123 / 902225552 +34 923526359 34-962-508020 +34 923526359 albergalborache_ivaj@gva.es albergue@aldeadavila.com Directions: 0 NW from city center t www.hihostels.com N Manises, Valencia 38.00km O 11xw 105x{ Directions: 200m Valencia 48.00km M Buol at from city center N Matacn the YH XrbF} 120.00km YHgXrG




HI Hostels Guide: Spain - 05 September 2010

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Alicante - Villa Universitaria



Avila - Profesor Arturo DuperierAv de Juventud s/n, Avila 05003 34-920-221716 34-920-221716 duperier-ij@jcyl.es Directions: Avila rGFd

Alicante - Villa Universitaria Avda. Vicente Savall, 16 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig Alicante +34 902101929 + 34 965156697 reservas@villauniversitaria.com t www.hihostels.com 60xv 40xw Directions: 5 km from city center N El ALTET (Alicante) 15.00km O Puerto de Alicante 12.00km M n 24 200.00km YHkXrG

Alsasua Zelai 91 Alsasua (Navarra) 31800 34-948-564814 34-948-564973 aalsasua@navarra.es t www.hihostels.com 2xv 18xw 5xx 8xy Directions: 1- from city center N Noain-Pamplona/Vitoria 55.00km M Alsasua 1.00km 1 YH


Arbejal Carretera Arbejal Arbejal (Palencia) 34843 34 + 979870174 34 + 979870174 info@ campamentoscaracuel.com t www.hihostels.com 2xw 1xx 2xy 9xz 10x{ Directions: 2 from city center Cervera de Pisuerga ~ Yg

Banyoles - Alberg Banyoles




Almeria - Instalacion Juvenil Almeria

Altafulla Placeta 12 Altafulla (Tarragona) 43893 34-977-650779 / 934838363 34-977-650588 alberg.altafulla@gencat.cat t www.hihostels.com

ArcentalesBarrio Laureta s/n, Arcentales (Vizkaia) 48879 34-94-6109004 34-94-4532753 laestacion@agoranet.es Directions: M Autobuses ANSA (Bilbao-Lanestosa) 0.10km La Tejera gFV

YHgkXrjb FKAlmeria - Instalacin Juvenil Almeria c/Isla de Fuerteventura, s/n Almeria 04007 34-950175136/ 902510000 34-950175140 almeria.itj@juntadeandalucia.es t www.hihostels.com 81xw 2xx 1xy Directions: 1 SE from city center N Almeria 6.00km YHgkXrG


Banyoles - Alberg Banyoles Calle Migdia, 10 Banyoles (Girona) 17820 34-972-575454 / 934838363 34-972-575454 albergbanyoles@teleline.es t www.hihostels.com Directions: N Girona- Costa Brava 30.00km Banyoles YHg

Aranda de Dueroc/ Antonio Baciero, Las Fracesas Arando de Duero (Burgos) s/n - 09400 34-947-505030 34-947-505030 alberguearanda@sprintem.com 8xw 3xx 3xy 4x{ Directions: 1 km from city center h Aranda de Duero M Linea 1 ~ YHg

Aunon - EntrepenasPoblado de Entrepeas Auon (Guadalajara) 19130 34-949-358415 / 949888870/ 925221676 34-949-888871 alberguesclm@jccm.es





HI Hostels Guide: Spain - 05 September 2010

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Barcelona - Mare de Deu Barcelona - Center de Montserrat Rambles

Barcelona - Pere Tarres

Barcelona - InOut Youth Hostel

gkXrGjb[ F^dK

Barcelona - Mare de Deu de Montserrat Passeig Mare de Du del Coll, 41-51 Barcelona 08023 (+ 34) 932 105 151 (+34) 932 100 798 alberg.barcelona@gencat.cat t www.hihostels.com Directions: N 20.00km h #28 Plaa Catalunya O Barcelona 2.00km M 28, 92, N5 (nocturno) Line 3 - Green (Vallcarca Station exit:Republica Argentina) 0.50km next to the hostel ~ H

Barcelona - Center Rambles Hospital 63 Barcelona 08001 34-934124069 34-933171704 reservas@center-ramblas.com t www.hihostels.com 10xy 20x{ Directi