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  • 1. Social Media Advocacy plan

2. Everything under the sun on HGH that people need to know but dont know whom to Ask. Community based interactions between virtual Avatars on Second Life and Teen Second Life 3. All the information under the sun on HGH that people need to know but dont know whom to Ask. Key Features: Dynamic Content- Different content on the Homepage, each time a person logs in. Comprehensive & Credible information on HGH presented in a user friendly manner Points for reading articles, commenting on stories, polls etc and subsequent log ins. Searchable by key words Easy and user-friendly Audio-Video playback options Translations in popular European languages Senator, Congressmen, Lawmaker sensitization campaign Networking with other NGOs and governmental agencies for advocacy on HGH 4. What Kind of Content Can You Expect ? Blog they Call me Shorty Ask Aunt Maggie Your own Agony Aunt Share your Story Second Opinion Online Consultation with a panel doctor ? What is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency ? What is Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency and its symptoms ? Signs and symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency? Growth Charts When can we say that the growth is abnormal, Why and whom to consult? FAQs Comic strip on HGH explaining difficult terms in easy language 5. Where are the footfalls going to come from : There are today close to 100,000 people suffering from HGH deficiency in USA and UK. They can be converted into the initial footfalls through : SMS messaging E-mail mailing lists RSS feed cast Viral marketing or word of mouth promotion on social sites and blogs Blogs Search Engine Promotion Paid traffic Posts on social forums, chat sites and health support groups RSS mailing lists 6. Key Features : Online Resource Centre Virtual Traffic Control Room Visitors Visitors Visitors 7. Social Network & Health Support Groups : Reach Global, Bonding Local Registration through filling up a form with contact details etc. Membership to be confirmed by e-mail to selected persons. This is to ensure that: Only genuine Doctors get registered as Doctors Registration No. to be tallied Only genuine people get in Children and Teenagers are not exploited Two main registration categories: As a Doctor As a patient/family member At this stage itself the person logging in is asked his preferences and given the option to choose other people in his geographical location who may be: Of the same surname e.g. Smith or Patel Same place of birth Same College etc (This is because such people are expected to bond better) 8. Second Life & Teen Second Life : BENEFITS TO THE DOCTORS: Doctors Consultation Chambers in the virtual world. A place were Doctors meet other Doctors, attend Web Seminars, Conferences and watch video demonstrations of new products They get points for each log-in, give consultation and advise to patients. These points can be later redeemed for gifts and family holiday Packages BENEFITS TO PATIENTS: Chance to touch and feel others with similar problems in the virtual world Separate online counseling sessions for parents and children Virtual meeting place with the top doctors Rich media experience with film shows, audio talk shows and 3-D animations Prizes for the most creative innovation