Hercules reborn: the afterlife of a classical hero Emma Stafford (University of Leeds)

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Transcript of Hercules reborn: the afterlife of a classical hero Emma Stafford (University of Leeds)

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  • Hercules reborn: the afterlife of a classical hero Emma Stafford (University of Leeds)
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  • Room N, Via Latina catacombs, Rome, C4th AD: Hercules and the hydra; with Alcestic and Cerberus; in the Hesperides garden.
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  • Hercules adorning Christian churches: 13 th -century baptistry pulpit of Pisa cathedral; 13 th -century relief from west facade of St Marks, Venice; door-jamb of Porta della Mandorla, Florence (1391-1405).
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  • Groups of labours in Renaissance art (clockwise): Triumph of Hercules tapestry (1513-21); Lucas Cranach the Elder, Antaeus (c.1530); Annibale Fontana, rock- crystal intaglio, Achelous (1560- 70); Francisco de Zubaran, Cerberus (1634).
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  • < Albrecht Durer, Hercules Killing the Stymphalian Birds (1500). Frederic Lord Leighton, Hercules Fights Death for Alcestis (1869-71)
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  • Hendrick Goltzius, Hercules Victor, 1617 (New York). Text: I, Hercules, terror of the world, rest, weary after subduing the three-formed king of further Spain and after taking the apples from the turning-point of Hesperus, where the never- sleeping serpent had guarded them in gardens of gold. > The Farnese Herakles, Roman- imperial period copy of original of c.325 BC (Naples).
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  • Giambologna, Hercules and Nessus (1599). Canova, Hercules and Lichas (c.1795).
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  • Hercules at the crossroads: Cranach (c.1500), Veronese (c.1580), Poussin (1594-1665), Caracci (1595-7), Paolo dei Matteis (1712).
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  • Andrea Alciato, Emblemata (1612 Padua edition) no.138: The Twelve Labours of Hercules. 1531 Augsburg edition: Those who venture on what is beyond their powers (Hercules and pygmies) and Eloquence superior to strength (the Gallic Hercules).
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  • > Holbein, portrait of Erasmus (1523). Holbein, Hercules Germanicus (1522): Luther tramples Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas.
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  • HERCULES AND OMPHALE Lucas Cranach the Elder (1537, Braunschweig); Abraham Jenssens (1607, Copenhagen); Franois Lemoine, Hercules and Omphale (1724, Paris).
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  • Lucas Cranach the Younger, The Sleeping Hercules Beset by Pygmies (Dresden, 1551); Lorenzo Lotto, portrait of Andrea Odoni (1527, Hampton Court); Rubens, Drunken Hercules (c.1612, Dresden).
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  • < Antonio Pollaiuolo, version of hydra image from Medici palace (c.1475, Florence). Bandinelli, Hercules and Cacus (1534), Piazza della Signoria, Florence.
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  • The French monarchical Hercules: Louis XIII as Hercules the Emperor (1635); Louis XIV conquering the Triple Alliance, on Porte Saint Martin (1668).
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  • The French People Overwhelming the Hydra of Federalism Davids design for colossal statue of Hercules: on sketch for state seal (1793-4) > In Festival of Supreme Being (1794)
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  • Steve Reeves as Hercules (labove), and magazine advert for Hercules.
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  • And again in Hercules Unchained (1959)...
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  • A selection of 1960s Hercules films. Below right: Mark Forest in Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules (1961).
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  • Arnold Schwarznegger (aka Strong) as Hercules in New York (1970), originally dubbed but more recently with his own voice restored.
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  • Lou Ferrigno (aka the Incredible Hulk) as Hercules in 1983, with Sybil Danning as Queen Ariadne.
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  • Kevin Sorbo in Hercules the Legendary Journeys. (Above right) With Lucy Lawless in Xena Warrior Princess.
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  • Hercules love interests (clockwsie): Deianeira x 2 (Renee OConnor, Tawny Kitaen), Serena, Iole, the 50 daughters of Thespios... (Left) Hercules and Uncle Iolaus...
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  • Disneys Hercules (1997).
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  • Hercules double family: Zeus and Hera, Alcmene and Amphitryon; NB contrasting colour schemes for Olympus and earth.
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  • Marvel Comics take on Hercules: Above left: Hercules meets the Mighty Thor (1974). Right: covers from the more recent series The Incredible Hercules (2008-10).
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  • HERAKLES NOW Left: Marian Maguires Herakles Takes Up Dairy Farming, lithograph 2006/7. Right: Two logos familiar in Greece today.
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