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  • 1. By: Kayla Williams

2. Born 1841 in Istanbul,TurkeyDied 1925 in Paris, FranceA French ManagementTheorist 3. Father of the school ofSystematic ManagementSuccessful managingdirector of anengineering company 4. 1. To plan- Forecast and plan2. To organize- Build up the structure3. To command- Maintain activity among the personnel4. To coordinate- Unifying and harmonizing all activity5. To control- Everything occurs with conformity with established rule and expressed command 5. 1. Specialization of Labor2. Authority3. Discipline4. Unity of Command5. Unity of Direction6. Subordination of Individual Interests7. Remuneration8. Centralization9. Chain of Superiors10. Order 6. 11. Equity12. Personnel Tenure13. Initiative14. Esprit de corps 7. Change and Organization Decision-making Skills. Can be used to improve the basiceffectiveness of a manager Understand that management can be seen asa variety of activities, which can be listedand grouped 8. Pros: Cons: Fayol provided a The principles describe alanguage tovision rather than realitycommunicateand are based on Fayolsmanagement theory andown experience ratherestablish a foundation than empirical research.for management Later studies bytraining.Mintzberg and Kotter found that successful Managers shouldmanagers spend littleperceive organizations time carrying out Fayolsas living organisms that activities and rely morerequire constant on cultivating networksattention rather than as and personal contacts.mechanical machines. 9. 12Manage-The Executive Fast Track (2011). 14Principles of Management: Henri Fayol.Retrieved fromhttp://www.12manage.com/methods_fayol_14_principles_of_management.html on October 23,2011. ProvenModels(2011). Five Functions ofManagement. Retrieved fromhttp://www.provenmodels.com/3 on October23, 2011. VectorStudy (2008). Henri Fayol. Retrieved fromhttp://www.vectorstudy.com/management_gurus/henri_fayol.htm on October 23, 2011.