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  1. 1. Hemant Nitturkar Project Director Cassava Seed System Project Innovation and entrepreneurship for inclusive agricultural development: Possibilities for India Nigeria collaboration 5thDecember2017 ASSOCHAMandNACCIMA ABUJA
  2. 2. I bring greetings from: Entity Background RTB is a collaboration of five international non-profit research centers: Bioversity International, CIAT, IITA, CIRAD and led by CIP. RTB creates a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to addressing challenges in cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, plantains, and tropical and Andean roots and tubers across regions. Headquartered in Montpellier, France. Striving to reduce poverty and achieve food security on a sustained basis in developing countries through scientific research and related activities on potato, sweet potato, other root and tuber crops. Headquartered in Lima, Peru. Fifty years of leading public good research to transform African agriculture through work on Cassava, Maize, Cowpea, Soybean, Yam, Plantain, Banana and Cocoa. Head quartered in Ibadan, Nigeria. Hemant Inclusive development evangelist and India-Africa-phile, currently based in IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria and managing a project to establish an economically sustainable seed system for cassava in Nigeria.
  3. 3. Population dynamics
  4. 4. Imperatives for both countries INNOVATION INCLUSIVE GROWTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP Our countries cannot create jobs for all, the youth need to create jobs for themselves, and others! Scarce, costly and dwindling resources mean, frugal innovation is the way forward to make progress!! Excluded populations too have aspirations; and they are no longer patient!!!
  6. 6. Learnings from India and Nigeria TOP DOWN
  7. 7. Learnings from India and Nigeria BOTTOM GRANDMA TECHNOLOGIES
  8. 8. Learnings from India and Nigeria ASPIRATION AL MIDDLE CLASS
  9. 9. Learnings from India and NigeriaECOSYSTEM ECOSYSTEM
  10. 10. WHAT CAN I HELP WITH AND WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? India-Nigeria private seed industry collaboration India-Nigeria seed certification agency collaboration in cassava Social entrepreneurship development CSR development initiatives Anything that aims at SDGs development
  11. 11. The time now! THANK YOU h.nitturkar@cgiar.org