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  • 1. 1021 Balmoral WayAmblerPennsylvaniaUnited States

2. Ben CelliniNothing because I will be living on my private island and will be unknown to theAmerican government. 3. Im Goodat 4. Ping-Pong 5. Lacrosse 6. Speaking 7. Coneing 8. Things that I would liketo doMake money Start a new religionOwn a giant houseTravel into the futureOwn an IslandStart my own restaurantLive in the jungle Be a professional drummerHerd Sheep Have heat vision 9. Be Sad Get my arms cut offPlay track Loose my hairBe a Librarian HomeworkLoose money Die right now 10. Hello my name is BenCellini and I want to livemy life 11. bcellini00@gmail.com