Hellenistic Architecture and Sculpture

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This presentation covers the rise and fall of the empire of Alexander the Great and the architecture and sculpture of the Hellenistic period.

Transcript of Hellenistic Architecture and Sculpture

  • 1.The Hellenistic World 323-31 BCE

2. Alexander the Great 356-323 BCE 3. Alexander the Great, 3rd c. BCE 4. Alexander the Great, c. 330 BCE 5. Aristotle Tutoring Alexander Leon Gerome Ferris, 1895 6. The Taming of Bucephalus Andr Castaigne, 1899 7. Alexander Mosaic, c. 100 BCE 8. Pharos of Alexandria (Reconstruction) 9. Hellenistic Architecture and Sculpture 10. Pergamon 11. Ancient Pergamon, 19th-c. Drawing 12. The Altar of Zeus, Pergamon c. 180-160 BCE 13. Battle of the Gods and the Giants 14. Pergamon Sculptures 15. The Dying Gaul, c. 220s BCE 16. Gaul Killing Himself and His Wife, c. 220 BCE 17. Nike of Samothrace c. 200-190 BCE 18. Laocon and His Sons c. 150 BCE-1st c. CE