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Transcript of Heidrea for Heroes - Honoring Our · PDF file 22/12/2014  · Heidrea for Heroes -...

  • CHIPS was written by Peter Beltran, and formatted by Nancy Richard.

    Here’s Your Rotary Club News! Also read Chips on the web at www.plymouthrotary.com

    Rotary Club of Plymouth P.O. Box 927 Plymouth, MA 02362

    Heidrea for Heroes - Honoring Our Veterans Jesse Brown from Heidrea for Heroes, a veterans organization, was today’s guest speaker. Mr. Brown is a retired Marine who entered the service at seventeen, completed several tours, traveled the world and realized when he left the service that it is difficult for many veterans to make the transition from military to civilian life. He works as a general contractor and with a partner started Heidrea, a 501(c )(3) charitable organization whose mission is to help veterans in need. To do so, they provide workforce training, job referral services, adaptive housing renovations, veteran/ family support, and specialized equipment that will help veterans lead productive lives. In 2014 they received State funding to help staff their organization. Their organization is also meant to fill the gaps in services for veterans that other charitable services don’t provide. One of the challenges their organization faces is finding veterans in need. The veterans are very proud and don’t like to ask for help. Fundraising is also difficult, but they were able to raise enough money to send a veteran and his wife to New Orleans on a trip they couldn’t otherwise afford. They helped another veteran suffering from PTSD who had his house pipes freeze while he was in hospital receiving treatment. They are in the process of renovating his house to repair the damage caused by the burst pipes. In partnership with another veterans’ organization they are working to place veterans in the workforce. Mr. Brown ended his speech with a request for people to like them on Facebook and Twitter and get the word out about their organization. Their website is at www.heidrea4heroes.org.

    Guests and Visiting Rotarians After having members recite the Four Way Test, President Jim introduced the visiting students. They were, from Sacred Heart – Marybeth Mason and Adam Tomasi- and from Plymouth South-Thomas Gleason and Haley Gaunt . Additionally, we had Guests and potential new Rotarians in Marshall Aiello and Matt Hayden from Allstate Ins. and Michelle Constantino from Cape Cod Community College, Plymouth campus.

    Announcements: Past Pres. Doug MacLeod passed around a sign- up sheet for bell ringing for the Salvation Army this week-end, Saturday, Dec 20 in front of Macy’s at the Independence Mall; Past Pres. Donna Ouellette announced that last Saturday’s Polar Express was a big success having sold a total of 1298 tickets. She gave a special thanks to Marshall Aiello and Matt Hayden for showing up Saturday night and helping us load and unload the trucks with Polar Express decorations and supplies; PP Donna also announced that she and Secretary Lynne Budge are volunteering at the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball gala benefiting the Plymouth 400 celebration that Jeff Cohen is organizing. She has tickets available for the Ball and is seeking Silent Auction items. Lynne Budge is in charge of advertising and is seeking businesses who want to advertise at the Ball. VP Larry O’Connell wanted everyone to make certain they mark their calendars for the Auction on March 20-22 and the official kick-off meeting on January 5. We need to increase the value of gross donated items about 10% in order to have the money to make our annual donations. Past Pres. Joe Balboni has prepared a history of every member’s collected donations from the past 5 years and VP Larry said we need to ask donors to give a little more. This is our main fundraiser and it is very important to really step it up.

    Slate of Officers Pres. Jim announced the slate of incoming officers as follows: Pres. Darin Fabrizio, Pres-

    Elect Larry O’Connell, VP Dennis Carman, Secretary Patrick Flaherty, Asst. Sec. Ellen Remlinger, Treasuer Patrick Driscoll, Asst. Treas. Past Pres. Joe Balboni, Sgt At Arms Patti Ryan, Asst. Sgt At Arms Steve Murphy, International Service Dir. Margie Burgess, Club Service Sue Giovanetti, Community Service Jeff Cohen, New Generations, Dr. Gary Maestes, Vocational Service Past Pres. Peter Beltran, Foundation Chairperson Heather Cozby and Immediate Past Pres. Jim Finucane. There is no meeting Dec 29 and there is a Board Meeting tomorrow at 7:30am at President Jim’s office.

    Happy Bucks: Missed meetings-Joe Davis, Keith Bossung; Late-Bryan Fecteau; Leaving early-Robin Nutter and Past Pres. Steve Triffletti. Past Pres. Donna Ouellette thanked Patti Ryan for a great job with the Holiday Party and announced she had dropped off 100 pounds of food from the Polar Express to the Food Pantry; Past Pres. Jeff Metcalfe gave a happy $5 thanking Joe and Jen Davis for organizing and running the cookies and hot chocolate for the Polar Express and showing up to work after getting back from Costa Rica at 2:30am;Jeff also wanted to thank all the Rotarians who helped with the Polar Express especially Past Pres. Donna Ouellette and Pres. Jim Finucane; Pat Daly also thanked the Rotarians for the winter clothes donated at the Holiday Party.

    Hand Shaker: Past Pres. Brian Alosi was the handshaker and Barrie Young got the free lunch. King of Hearts: $162 in the pot, 32 cards, Pat Flaherty had the winning ticket, but didn’t pick the winning card.

    Proposed New Members Board approved proposed members Matthew Hayden and Marshall Aiello from Allstate Ins. Sponsored by Jim Finucane.

    www.plymouthrotary.com • Rotary Club of Plymouth Inc. • December 22, 2014

    Jesse Brown speaks to Rotary about Heidrea for Heroes.

  • Members * Paul Harris Fellow Brian Alosi* 243-4442 President 1986-87 Joseph Balboni* 781-834-1842/781-585-2522 Homeowner’s Insurance President 2006-07 Katherine Banalewicz 241-6867/508-224-6078 Banking Peter Beltran* 747-1462/746-1263 Estate Law President 2008-09 Keith Bossung 781-582-1805/781-585-6511 Marketing Director John Bross* 957-2196 Lynne Budge 747-1546/747-0440 Office Manager Margie Burgess* 746-2811/728-0555 Business Consulting Dennis Carman 781-293-9245/747-6160 CEO Nonprofit Andrew Carter* 746-4426/830-6900 President 1999-2000 Jeff Cohen* 888-9844/888-3500 House Painter Ed Conroy 746-3966/747-9571 Business Law Heather Cozby 759-8334/830-0007 CPA Patricia Daly 781-585-5307/747-7575 Executive Director Joseph L. Davis* 781-585-2906/746-2231 Funeral Director Christopher Dickinson 209-4604/781-524-5046 Business Banking/ Development Bill Driscoll 508-830-9974/830-9970 Financial Planner Pat Driscoll 778-8647/781-585-1000 Branch Manager Roger L. Dunlap* 746-3425/746-2627 President 1975-76 Robert Eisenstein 888-1486/830-4748 Healthcare Administrator Marti Erbe* 224-9555/747-6425 Health Services Manager Darin E. Fabrizio* 523-0926/888-5442 Function Manager Bryan Fecteau 781-837-5161/746-2200 Commercial Law James E. Finucane* 224-9165/617-312-9963 Mortgage Writer Patrick Flaherty 927-2754 Home Health Care John Foley 224-9401/258-2217 Employee Benefits Kenneth E. Fosdick* 746-7520/746-0123 Honorary Member

    President 1995-96 Ann Fried* 781-585-1277/746-7341 Computer Manufacturing Larry Gay* 224-7422/781-785-3014 Property Management President 2005-06 Sue Giovanetti 747-0670/781-585-7511 Advancement Director Dr. Joseph J. Grant* 746-5065/746-1990 President 1996-97 Rev. Kenneth Heckman Jr. 746-3647 Honorary Member Scott Hokanson, Sr. 224-0093/617-733-6471 Benefits Administration Robert L. Hollis* 224-2533/209-0400 Insurance President 2011-12 Jean Johnson* 224-8017/397-2322 Honorary Rotarian Todd Johnston* 888-1712/830-4778 Financial Consultant Denise Kedian 774-454-2444/224-3517 Bed & Breakfast Adam King 888-2290 Old Colony YMCA Robert Kluin 254-8521/746-1622 Director of Marketing & Communications Alice Graham Lague* 759-7154/746-8117 Family Law Mary LeSueur* 746-4252 Retired School Counselor Leon Lopes* 747-4322/345-8127 Home Sales President 2007-08 James Lyman* 570-350-3520 Clergy Doug MacLeod* 224-4638/746-8880 President 1997-98 John Madden 763-3006/781-585-2500 Life Insurance Gary Maestas* 245-9906/830-4300 Superintendent of Schools Robert D. Meichsner* 746-3660/746-1543 Jeffrey M. Metcalfe* 747-3633/746-9244 Architect President 2002-03 James Milch 781-424-2018/781-834-0114 Commercial Banking Mathew Muratore 759-1914/746-4343 Healthcare Administrator Steven Murphy* 747-4660/781-293-5500 Insurance Agent Robin Nutter 781-934-9688\746-1620 Development Director Dinah L. O’Brien* 285-7324/830-4250 Library Director

    Larry O”Connell 224-4474 Consultant Leonard D. O’Hara* 746-6422 President 1981-82 Donna Ouellette* 746-5349/746-7400 Community Banking President 2012-13 Biagio Pizzolato 888-3109/224-8891 Bank Administrator Cynthia Reilly 888-3030/774 487-1918 Banking Ellen Remlinger* 224-8559 Retired Tenant Management Nancy Richard* 362-7193/830-6999 Community Access TV Manuel Rosa* 746-0490/746-8325 Vending Machines President 1998-99 Verna Ross-Hoyt* 224-9507/747-5944 Personnel Agency President 2009-10 Dr. Raymond Russo* 781-585-2813 Honorary Rotarian Teresa Roth 747-3130/781 801 6636 Spa Manager Patti Ryan 781-934-6962/830-2465 Philanthropy Director Edward W. Santos* 746-3962 President 1979-80 Albert E. Saunders* 746-6495/746-3548 Campgrounds Robert A. Saunders* 224-6355 Richard Serkey* 830-0423/746-1023 President 1989-90 Richard J. Silva* 888-4808/830-4300 Honorary Rotarian Jack Shea 781-826-4901/830-3294 Commercial Lender Stephen C. Silverman* 781-293-3329 President 1993-94 District Governor 2008-09 Tom Small*