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  • Holiday Pop Ins
  • Brought To You By
  • Before We Start!
  • Baked Goods Baked goods, such as cookies, cakes and pies, are gifts that come straight from your heart and are sure to please even the pickiest recipient. Great clients like you are a real TREAT!
  • Coffee Gift Cards Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Timmy Hortons. Some discount stores offer mugs for $2 under. Put a $5 gift card in a mug.
  • Coffee Gift Cards A more inexpensive option is to simply do a pop by with a fresh hot coffeeput a gift card in note in the sleeve! If you are crafty make a personal cup holder ( and put the gift card in the sleeve.
  • Discounted Gift Cards
  • Flavored Teas Clients like you are my cup of tea!
  • Wrapping Paper, Tape, Bows, Gift Tags Dont get wrapped up with holiday stress. Stick with me for all of your real estate needs!
  • Wire Whisk w/ Decorative Bag of Hersheys Kisses We whisk you a Merry Kissmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Holiday Candle Dont keep your friends and family in the dark about me! Ill provide the light they need to make the right home decisions!
  • Snowman Kit Man! Theres snow business without your referrals!
  • Holiday Tree Your referrals are my special-tree!
  • Decorative Window Clings Clinging to the hope of buying a new house? Right now is your window of opportunity!
  • Clear Glass Ornament Clearly, I will work as hard for your referrals, as I do for you!
  • Holiday Towels Dont throw in the towel! The real estate market hasnt dried up yet! Call Peggy today to find out what this market has to offer you!
  • Tree Skirt Lets not SKIRT the issue. The real estate market is hot right now!
  • Extra Holiday Lights Great clients like you are the LIGHT of my business!
  • Extra Holiday Cards (A sheet of personalized address labels are a nice touch too!) You can never be too prepared! Trust me on this, Im a Realtor!
  • Holiday Storage Organizer The 2012 Real Estate Market has a lot in STORE!
  • Holiday Kissing Ball Its a BALL having great clients like you!
  • Holiday DVD Itreally is a WONDERFUL LIFE! Happy Holidays!
  • Holiday CDS Great clients like you are music to my ears.
  • Nuts and Nutcracker Im nuts about my clients.
  • Gingerbread House Kit Your Home Sweet Home is My Business.
  • Holiday Cook Book This market is cooking up some great deals!
  • Hot Chocolate Jar Baby its cold outsidebut the market is still HOT!
  • Extension Cord I just LOVE staying connected with great clients like you!
  • Calendar Everyday is a GREAT day with clients like you!
  • Candy Canes When I said you are a great clientI MINT it!
  • Holiday Tissues & Cough Drops Great clients are nothing to sneeze at!
  • Fleece Throws It Warms My Heart to know I have clients like you!
  • Sparkling Cider Great clients are the SPARKLEof my eye!
  • Lifesaver Story Book The markets tough sometimes, but great customers like you are my LIFESAVERS!
  • Stocking With Goodies When St. Nicholas comes to fill up each shoe, He leaves gifts inside, and a shiny coin, too! So here's a small token that's just meant to say~ Best wishes to you as you go on your way!
  • Christmas Pickle Call me when you need a Realtor and youll never be in a pickle!
  • Holiday Cake When it comes to great clients, you take the cake!
  • Pictures With Santa! Bring Santa to their home or have them come to the office to meet the jolly ole fellow!
  • Apple Pie Pop In (Or Reverse Pop In) You are the apple of my PIEthank you for being a great client!
  • Holiday Puzzle Puzzled about real estate options? Fret no more!
  • Neck Tie When it comes to great clients, there is no TIEyou are the best!
  • Golf Balls Need a Realtor thats on the ball?
  • Bird House Do you think this market is for the birds? You just need a good Realtors!
  • Where Do I Find Awesome Deals?
  • Thanks For Coming!