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Healthier Together April 7, 2014

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Healthier Together. April 7, 2014. Agenda. Celebrate Successes – Video. The Healthier Together Evaluation Report is:. Report on objectives Report of quantitative indicators of reach into the community Snapshot of activities Basis for goals & objectives for future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthier TogetherApril 7, 2014

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Agenda• Welcome & Introductions (20 minutes)• Celebrate Successes – Video (5 minutes)• Healthier Together Community Health Improvement

2011-2013 Evaluation (20 minutes)• Health Break (5 minutes)• Setting the Stage and Process Overview (10 minutes)• Top 3 Health Priorities (10 minutes)• Healthier Together Moving Forward - Organization (10

minutes)• Task Force Assembly/Sign-up (30 minutes)• Upcoming Workshops & Meetings (10 minutes)

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Celebrate Successes – Video

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The Healthier Together Evaluation Report is:

• Report on objectives• Report of quantitative indicators of reach into the

community• Snapshot of activities• Basis for goals & objectives for future • A valid representation of the process and impact of

implementing HT• Qualitative commentary on what worked and what did

not work• A participatory document that blends many voices into

“one song”

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The Evaluation Report is NOT:

• A research report that enables us to determine that HT is the “cause” of change in risk factors, policy, or prevention of chronic disease• A report that includes 100% of activities

- Evaluation was not started at the beginning of implementation- We included only systematically documented data

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The Evaluation Report Addresses:

• Objectives that were achieved, partially achieved, not achieved and discontinued• Quantitative indicators of reach of HT into the


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Data Sources

• Assessments• Community education• Community gardens• Activities with schools• Policy and environmental influences• Grant procurement• Web site

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How will we know if HT had an impact on reduction of chronic disease in the county?

• Documentation of activities conducted by HT• County health rankings• BRFSS

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After School Program Parent Surveys

• Pre and post surveys of parents whose children participated in the after school programs• Object of the survey is to assess changes in home

environment that have been shown to be associated with healthier weights• Student from UMN SPH will analyze the results

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Health Break

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Setting the Stage

• Many factors influence community health and well-being• More than just disease prevalence, medical care or

public health services• Combination of factors including: socioeconomic

conditions, available educational services, individual behaviors, financial stability of community itself• Everyone can contribute to and share in responsibility

for their community’s protection and environment

Health is everybody’s business…

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Process Overview

• Partnership between the hospital and public health arose out of common need: to create and maintain healthy communities.• Partnership & Supporters–Baldwin Area Medical Center–Hudson Hospital & Clinic–River Falls Area Hospital–Westfields Hospital & Clinic–St. Croix County Public Health–Pierce County Public Health

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Process Overview – We all play a role!

• Process is intended to be a group rather than an individual endeavor

“Take Action Cycle “

County Health Rankings &


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Process Overview - Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

• Healthier Together Evaluation 2011-2013• Committee reviewed quantitative data (i.e. County Health

Rankings, Public Health County Profile, etc.)• Community Health Assessment aNd Group Evaluation

(CHANGE)• Community Health Needs Assessment Survey (October &

November 2013, 434 participants)

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Top 3 Health Priorities

Healthy FoodsPhysical ActivityDental Health

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Healthier Together Moving Forward

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Task Force Assembly/Sign-Up

• Names & emails• Areas of interest• How would you like to help improve the health

of our communities?• Upcoming Task Force meeting (date, time &


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Upcoming Workshops & Meetings

• May: Strategic Planning Workshop (County Health Rankings and Roadmap Representatives)• June: Health Equity Workshop (Transform WI

Representatives)• June 19th: Healthier Together Advisory Meeting• July: Mental Health Workshop (Make it OK and NAMI

Representatives)• May through July: Develop community health

improvement plan (task forces gather monthly)• August 21st: Healthier Together Advisory Meeting• August: Implement improvement plan