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  1. 1. Healthcare AudienceQ1 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Better understand the healthcare industry LinkedIn Healthcare information How others have seen success in healthcare The goal for today: Healthcare is such a vast subject we cannot cover everything at the very least you should walk away with knowledge of the industry, the ability to plug in LinkedIn and its assets related to healthcare, and provide a lively discussion to share ideas and best practices LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  3. 3. The Healthcare Industry
  4. 4. Healthcare Industry Facts To Know50 Most CommonlyAdvertised Job TitlesHealthcareOther1337 Job Ads for nursing professionals remain online for an average of 6 weeks LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  5. 5. Healthcare Industry Facts To Know 23% of healthcare employers have open positions for which they cant find qualified talentThe U.S. hospital industry has acombined annual revenue of about 1 in 9 U.S. jobs will be in the Healthcare sector by 2020$860 BillionLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  6. 6. What LinkedIn Can AddressLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  7. 7. The Healthcare Industry On LinkedIn
  8. 8. LinkedIn Has Incomparable Healthcare Data LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  9. 9. Healthcare on LinkedIn Facts To Know 1 in 10 LinkedIn Member in North America is in the HealthcareIndustry Healthcare Providers are in the top 6 function on LinkedIn 15.9 Million LinkedIn Members in the Healthcare Industry 40% are active* 8.1 Million LinkedIn Members in the Healthcare Industry in the US 42% are active* 23K companies represented on LinkedIn33% Male67% Female LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  10. 10. Over 8.1 Million U.S. Healthcare Industry Members Top 5 Locations:Greater New YorkCity AreaGreaterLos Angeles AreaSan FranciscoBay Area 324K340K300K 714K Greater Boston365KAreaGreater ChicagoArea LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  11. 11. Healthcare Usage InsightsLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  12. 12. Current LinkedIn Clients LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  13. 13. Healthcare Talent Pools In the USA Registered NursePhysician/SurgeonLPN/LVN704,056218,05569,798 248,826104,731 20,413 Active Active ActiveOccupational Therapist Physical Therapist Home Health Aide 31,990 84,43529,066 13,89340,039 12,152 Active ActiveActiveLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  14. 14. Healthcare Talent Pools In the USASpeech PathologistEMT/Paramedic Medical Director 47,79282,418 81,358 20,55841,33953,634 ActiveActive ActiveMedical RecordsTechnician Dietician/Nutritionist Dentist 42,25760,843 43,085 20,364 33,795 19,401 ActiveActive Active LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  15. 15. Registered Nurse Talent Pool In the USA 1,105,899Globally 704,056 US Only704,056 Registered Nurse Members Top Locations:248,826 Greater New York Area Active Greater Chicago AreaGreater Boston Area Greater Los Angeles AreaSan Francisco Bay Area LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  16. 16. What Should You Showcase?What factors matter most to Healthcare Providers when evaluating a job?Excellent compensation & benefits76%Job security44%Good work-life balance 42% Flexible work arrangements 34%More Values employees contributions30%Important A place I would be proud to work 29%Ability to make an impact 29%Good relationship with your colleagues28%LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  17. 17. Healthcare Guide for Success
  18. 18. How Others Have Seen Success In Healthcare EducateAdvocatesGet ExecutiveBig Initiatives Sponsorship Prove the value Media Solutions of LinkedInCreate a storyTBI Datathat resonatesGold FullSolution LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  19. 19. Successful Talent Direct Examples Medical DirectorsGeneral Atomics is Hiring! 2,500 InMails sent 1,663 InMailsSPEAK TO A LINKEDIN RECRUITERLinkedIn is Hiring!openedHello Candidates Name, 283 InterestedLinkedIn is growing and hiring top talent in the IT industry. Our business is thrivingand we are excited to bring on some of the best in the business to join our team. CandidatesWe realize that in order to sustain our growth we need to invest in hiring the bestpeople to our organization. Response rate ofWould you be interested in discussing how you could join a fast-growing11.3%company, play an essential part in helping drive this radical shift, and giving yourcareer a tremendous boost in the process?We are looking for a Java Developer who loves winning, innovating, and having alasting impact on the world. Now is a great time to join our company to have a Regulatory Affairs inhand in shaping how we do business!Want to learn more or know someone else who may be interested? Click on the the Pharmaceuticalbutton below and well be in touch! Industry 2,000 InMails sent 1,639 InMails opened 511Interested Candidates Response rate of 25.6%LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  20. 20. Ways to Up Level Your Convos & Engage C-Levels Fundraising LinkedIn provides a platform to network with the next fundraiser Leverage LinkedIn to let people know how to contribute Research Engage your next potential hire with the exciting projects that you are working on Leverage LinkedIn to share your research to the masses Attracting patients and followers Professionals are also potential patients Tell your story to candidates as well as consumers Physicians peer-to-peer sharing best practices Create and manage a group to be an industry thought leader Become an industry Influencer Physicians professional profile of record Patient recommendations Brand Ambassadors for the organizationLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  21. 21. Appendix
  22. 22. Objections & Rebuttals There are not a lot of healthcare people on LinkedIn There are just under 16 million healthcare professionals on LinkedIn 8.1 million arejust in the US There are over 700K registered nurses in the US on LinkedIn Healthcare people less likely to respond to InMails and there are lowresponse rates There are several different thinks to consider when determining that InMails tohealthcare professionals are unsuccessful for you your messaging, youraudience, and your employer brand lets talk about the importance of thesethings and how we can improve your response rates We have many healthcare clients who use mass InMail campaigns to target hardto fill healthcare positions with great success lets look into the options you havefor your needs We dont have time to source There are several resources we have that can complement your recruiting effortswithout adding more work for your recruiting team We rely heavily on referrals Lets take your referrals to the next level by leveraging your current employeesnetwork LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  23. 23. Occupations include LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  24. 24. How LinkedIn Can Plug In The retirement of the baby boomer generation and the lack of new talent Planning for the future with pipelining Hiring in recent grads to train with experienced staff The shortage of skilled health IT professionals IT professionals one of LinkedIns top functions Help tell the story of why someone in IT should work in a hospital with LCP Gold An impending trend of significant turnover Know your employer brand compared to other employment options for candidates Proactive targeted campaigns for high turnover roles The undertrained millennial generation Insights for Members are available, but you can be the industry thought leader Push out status updates with industry information that engages this audience The changing future of healthcare leadership Learn about what is happening in the industry, healthcare reform, etc. on LinkedIn Be prepared for any changes with access to a large and engaged audience The rise of more open communication and collaboration LinkedIn is in the social media space and on mobile complementing this initiative Thought leadership opportunities via Influencers, status updates, groups, etc. The impact of company culture on recruitment and retainment Push out what your company culture is like with LCP Knowing your Talent Brand Index and monitoring its changes The younger generations desire to have a broader say in the business Utilize Brand Ambassadors to your advantage on LinkedIn Cultivate this activity by engaging your Followers through status updatesLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  25. 25. Healthcare Company Employee Sizes On LinkedInHealthcare Audience U.S. LinkedIn Average 33% 32%27%17%14%12%9% 9% 8% 6% 6%6% 7%4% 4% 2% 1% 2% LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  26. 26. Physician/Surgeon Talent Pool In The USA 874,824 Globally218,055US Only 218,055 Physician/Surgeon MembersTop Locations: 104,731 Greater New York AreaActiveGreater Los Angeles Area San Francisco Bay AreaGreater Chicago Area Greater Boston AreaLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  27. 27. Licensed Practical Nurse Talent Pool In The USA72,435 Globally69,798 US Only72,435LPN/LVN MembersTop Locations:20,413Greater New York AreaActive Greater Los Angeles AreaDallas/Fort Worth Area Greater Philadelphia Area Greater Boston AreaLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  28. 28. Occupational Therapist Talent Pool In The USA53,295Globally 31,990US Only 31,990OT Members Top Locations:13,893 Greater New York Area Active Greater Boston AreaGreater Chicago Area San Francisco Bay AreaGreater Los Angeles Area LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  29. 29. Physical Therapist Talent Pool In The USA 108,175 Globally84,435US Only 84,435PT MembersTop Locations: 40,039Greater New York AreaActive Greater Chicago AreaGreater Boston AreaSan Francisco Bay Area Greater Los Angeles AreaLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  30. 30. Home Health Aide Talent Pool In The USA 30,571 Globally29,066US Only29,066 Home Health Aide MembersTop Locations: 12,152 Greater New York AreaActive Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Greater Boston AreaGreater Philadelphia Area Greater Detroit AreaLINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  31. 31. Speech Language Pathologist Talent Pool In The USA 64,280 Globally47,792 US Only 47,792 SPL MembersTop Locations: 20,558 Greater New York AreaActiveGreater Chicago Area Greater Boston Area San Francisco Bay AreaDallas/Fort Worth Area LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  32. 32. EMT/Paramedic Talent Pool In The USA 102,003Globally 82