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  • 1. Marketing SolutionsWhere business happens Marketing Solutions 1
  • 2. Our mission Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful. Marketing Solutions 2
  • 3. The value we bring to our members Identity Rolodex, Resume, Connect, find and be found Business Card LinkedIn Profile, Address Book, Search Insights Newspapers, Be great at what you do Trade Magazines, Events Homepage, LinkedIn Today, Groups Everywhere Work wherever our members work Desktop Mobile, APIs, Plug-Ins Opportunities that will transform the trajectory of your career Marketing Solutions 3
  • 4. LinkedIn AudienceMarketing Solutions 4
  • 5. The globally connectedprofessional network150,000,000+ UK NLregistered members (as of Jan 2012) 8M+ 3M+ DACH 2M+ France 3M+ Canada Italy 5M+ Europe Spain 2M+ USA 35M+ ME 2M+ 60M+ 3.8m+ India Brazil 13M+ Australia 7M+ South Africa 2.9M+ 1.6M+ Marketing Solutions 5
  • 6. LinkedIn Audience: Healthcare Professionals 5.4Million Healthcare Professionals* 1.6M active on a monthly basis An Engaged Audience: 88M Page Views/Month Rapidly Growing Audience: 48% Growth YOY* LInkedIn Panorama Data Metrics, Nov 2011 Marketing Solutions 6
  • 7. LinkedIn Audience:Healthcare Professionals 20 18 16 Jobs Avg number of PVs / user of secion 14 Groups 12 Profile Views People Search 10 Home Page Inbox 8 Company Pages 6 Address Book 4 2 - 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% % of monthly uniques using section Marketing Solutions 7
  • 8. The Future of Social CommunicationMarketing Solutions 8
  • 9. Social Media Environments Matter 90% of professionals use social media to get access to thought leadership and information they couldnt get elsewhere1 3 out of 4 professionals rely either lightly or heavily on professional networks to support business decisions1 81% of LinkedIn members prefer to have separate social networks for their personal and professional lives2 1Society for New Communications Research, US 2010 2LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, US, August 2011 Marketing Solutions 9
  • 10. The Three Classifications of Social Networks Identity Relationships Activities Status, Friends, Family & Social Utility Social Gaming & Colleagues PhotoSharing Public Fans & Real Time Communications Followers Micro-blogging Professional Colleagues & Professional Identity, Network Business Contacts Connections & Insights Marketing Solutions 10 10
  • 11. The Professional Network MISSION: Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful Provide ability to own and manage ones own professional identity Curate professional context Turn relationships and information into business opportunity Marketing Solutions 11
  • 12. Company Pages: Establish brand presence on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 12
  • 13. Follow Companies: Insights and business intelligence Marketing Solutions 13
  • 14. Engage Those Most Interested in Your BrandIntroducing Company Status Updates Homepage Chevron is demonstrating how solar energy can increase production from Profile mature oil fields. The project uses more than 7,600 mirrors to focus the suns rays onto a solar boiler. Learn more: http://bit.ly/oow11ytfb ChevronLike (5) Comment amet, consecteturadipiscingelit. Loremipsum dolor sit Share Maurisrhoncusscelerisqueporttitor. Fusceviverrajustofermentum dolor volutpat. Like (5) Comment Share Mobile Website 55% of LinkedIn members will follow a company forever.