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St. Gianna Helath Academy- Spring Semester 2010

Transcript of Health Academy Portfolio by Kara Simon

  • 1. St. Gianna Health Academy Kara Simon

2. Learning Opportunities -Teachers are medical professionals in a medical facility. -Students are authentically engaged observing medical procedures. Newman University -Opportunity to take a medical terminology class for college credit. -Also able to attend career discovery lectures every Friday. Experiences/Exposure -Increases your marketability to collages -Study Medical Ethics -Opportunity to study in several areas in the medical center. -Opportunity to observe medical procedures - more than volunteers. -An individualized learning experience set up for each student. Employment -Graduates offered positions in the Hospital. 3. Rotations For 16 weeks I was able to visit different units and shadow the nurses to experience what a career in the medical field would be like.Over the course of this semester I have visited places like the ER, Heart Cath Lab, PICU, and different nursing stations.Thank You Cards To show appreciation to the nurses and technicians who let me follow them I made thank you cards.I made 5 creative cards and 5 professional cards.Here are some examples 4. RADIOLOGY 5. CATH LAB 6. RADIOLOGY 7. PROFESSIONAL THANK YOU TOPEDIATRICS 8. PROFESSIONAL THANK YOU TO8SE 9. MENTOR FORMS After each day in the hospital I gave my mentor a sheet to evaluate my rotation.They would note my professionalism and attire as well as the time I arrived.Each mentor would provide a number to be later contacted in need be.REHAB SFC 10. RADIOLOGY SJC 11. HANDOUTS FROM ROTATION Laboratory SFC Week 15 TRANSPLANT SFC Week 5 12. Hand Washing Presentations -We went to several grade schools to teach the little students about washing their hands. -We made a skit, posters, costumes, and a song for our presentations.We were also able to use the glow box and germ lotion to demonstrate the importance of washing hands. -It was rewarding to see childrens reactions as they learned. 13. VISION SCREENING -We went to Bishop Carroll High School to screen the freshman and junior students. -We had the experience of testing their vision and recording it for the school.-Some of the students would dictate the results, while the other would help the student know what to do . 14. CADAVER LAB -We were able to visit Newman Universitys anatomy lab.This cadaver dissection is a class taken by most biology students and forensic science students.It was amazing to be able to hold a human heart and see all the intricate ventricles.We could view and touch three different cadavers who all had interesting medical histories.This was a very exciting experience. 15. CPR TRAINING -CARDIO PULMONARY RECESSITAION We spent a class day to get our certification in CPR.The class was in the hospital and took about 2 hours and we were able to practice the techniques on dummies.We are certified in adults, children, and infants.This class was provided by the Red Cross. 16. Kara M. Simon Objective To obtain an entry level job in the medical field so as to increase my experience and skill. Education 2009- Current Newman University, Wichita, KS -AP English -US History -Medical Terminology -Physics 2009- Current St. Gianna Catholic Health Academy, Wichita, KS -Rotations in Intensive Care Units and Nursing Stations -Experience in basic medical analysis -Certification in Cardio Pulmonary Recessitaton (CPR) 2006- Current Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, Wichita, KS -Graduation pending, May 2010 -Cumulative GPA 3.6/4.0,-Honors curriculum 2006-2010 -Spanish 2006-2009 Volunteer Experience 2006-Present Bouge Animal Hospital, Wichita, KS -Shadowed veterinarians to experience daily functions of a animal hospital; including surgeries and routine checkups 2008-Present YMCA Adaptive Learning Class -Experience of physical therapy for special needs children ages 4-15 2006-Present 4-H -Completed various hours of service to the community Employment January 2008-Present Dillons, Wichita, KS -Customer Service Representative: Care for customer needs; and represent store -Cashier: Run the cash register, Check out groceries, Interact with the customers -Bagger: Sack groceries, assist customers with their groceries, work in the greenhouse, hand out samples in the produce section, interact with customers 2002-present Self-employed baby-sitter (as needed) -Take care of children, assist with basic living actions Special Awards and Recognitions Captain of the R-Zone Dance Team National First Place Platinum Medal Odyssey Dance Competition, Oklahoma City, OK National First Place Overall Winner in Novice Division Odyssey Dance Competition, Oklahoma RESUME 17.

  • Kara Simon
  • April 14, 2010
  • Denise Clarke-Hang
  • Program Director
  • 929 N. St. Francis
  • Wichita, KS 67214
  • Dear Mrs. Clarke-Hang:
  • I am writing in response to an opening as an entry level kennel assistant at your animal hospital. I am very interested in applying for this position.
  • I have a great interest in a medical career, and more specifically, I am interested in a veterinary medicine profession. As a result, I took the initiative to gain experience in a veterinary career by shadowing Dr. Bouge and Dr. Smith at the Bouge Animal Hospital. I have seen surgeries and the daily operations of a veterinary clinic. I already have an understanding of what would be expected of me as a kennel assistant in your hospital.
  • Additionally, I am a participant in the Saint Gianna Health Academy program. I have been exposed to many medical experiences in a hospital through this program as I have had the opportunity to follow doctors and nurses in many units. This program has also helped me to further research the veterinary career.
  • I love to work with animals and I feel that I possess the qualities necessary to care for them as well as communicate and learn from your staff. I believe myself to be a fast learner and I work well under minimal supervision. I would welcome the opportunity to prove myself.
  • If you feel I possess the qualities you are looking for I would greatly appreciate an interview at your earliest convenience. If unavailable I will call you back as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for you time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Sincerely,
  • Kara Simon

COVER LETTER 18. VETERINARIARY MEDICINE -This is my future career focus after the research I have done during Health Academy. I would love to be able to work with animals every day.We even were got the opportunity to talk with a zoo veterinarian.This was a very good experience for me; I could see myself in that position someday. 19. BLOOD PRESSURE -I learned how to take blood pressures in Health Academy.We learned the risks of high and low blood pressures.I was given the opportunity while on rotation to take the blood pressure of a patient using the electronic machines. 20. PULSES Posterial TibialCarotid Artery Brachial Artery Radial Artery Femoral Artery Dorsalis Petus Artery Popliteal Artery With Justin Beiber 21. REFLECTION This class has helped me to understand and experience the medical field.It has also had a positive influence on my future career.This opportunity is something that most people do not have until college.It has helped me with different forms of communication as well as professionalism in the hospital.The best experience for me was interviewing a veterinarian, Dr. Bree Smith.This interview has opened up the door to an experienced mentor who can help me get the information and experience I need for my career.After finishing this academy, I leave more prepared and confident for college!