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  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    Healing Psalms


    The Dialogues with God That

    Help You Cope with Life

    A Readers Companion to the Book of Psalms

    Jo s h u a O. H a b e r m a n

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    Healing Psalms


  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


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  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    Healing Psalms


    The Dialogues with God That

    Help You Cope with Life

    A Readers Companion to the Book of Psalms

    Jo s h u a O. H a b e r m a n

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    Copyright 2003 by Joshua O. Haberman. All rights reserved

    The author gratefully acknowledges permission to quote from The Book of Psalms, copyright 1917

    and reprinted in 1955 by the Philadelphia Jewish Publication Society. By permission of the Jewish

    Publication Society.

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    ISBN 0-471-26474-1

    Printed in the United States of America

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  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    To Maxine,

    the Love of my Life

  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms









    THE PSALMS xixPSALM 1 1Two Ways of Life

    PSALM 2 2Rejoice with TremblingReflection: Do Not Follow the


    PSALM 3 3Down but Not OutReflection: Coping with Fear

    PSALM 4 5Listen to Your Heart and Be

    StillReflection: Security under God

    PSALM 5 6God Is Not on the Side of EvilReflection: God Cares

    PSALM 6 7I Soak My Bed with TearsReflection: God Heals

    PSALM 7 9He Will Fall into the Trap HeMade

    Reflection: Evil Destroys Itself

    PSALM 8 10

    Does Your Life Make a Difference?Reflection: The Grandeur andMisery of Man

    PSALM 9 12God Does Not Abandon ThoseWho Turn to Him

    Reflection: Prayer

    PSALM 10 14Is God on the Job?Reflection: Gods Justice

    PSALM 11 16God Is Watching!Reflection: Escapism

    PSALM 12 17When You Cant Trust AnyoneReflection: The Two-Front War

    against Corruption

    PSALM 13 19Godforsaken?Reflection: Prayer

    PSALM 14 20Who Has the Last Laugh?

    Reflection: Dependence on GodPSALM 15 21Gods FavoritesReflection: What Is Righteousness?

    PSALM 16 22The Happiness of Knowing

    Gods PresenceReflection: Joy in Gods Presence

    PSALM 17 23

    When God Is Your Best FriendReflection: Prayer

    PSALM 18 25God to the RescueReflection: You Light My Lamp

    PSALM 19 28God Beyond Is Also WithinReflection: The Law of God

    PSALM 20 30The Power of PrayerReflection: Dependence

    PSALM 21 32Hope Is Grounded in Past

    ExperienceReflection: Joy-Sharing

    Reflection: The Two Ways

  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    viii C O N T E N T S

    PSALM 22 33An Experience of SalvationReflection: Hope

    PSALM 23 35The Nightingale of the PsalterReflection: Intimacy with God

    PSALM 24 37Who Is Nearest to God?Reflection: Humility

    PSALM 25 38When Deep in TroubleReflection: Prepare to Meet God

    PSALM 26 41Corruption Is ContagiousReflection: Wonder

    PSALM 27 42Dont Be Ashamed of Your FearsReflection: Fear of Abandonment

    PSALM 28 45Why Expect Help from God?Reflection: Unanswered Prayer

    PSALM 29 46The God of Nature Shares

    Power with ManReflection: God Empowers Man

    PSALM 30 48God, Our LifelineReflection: Optimism

    PSALM 31 50The War of Words

    Reflection: Self-EsteemPSALM 32 52Confession Brings ReliefReflection: Confession

    PSALM 33 53God Is in ChargeReflection: Gods Omniscience

    PSALM 34 55Does Personal Experience

    Confirm Your Faith?Reflection: Be Positive

    PSALM 35 57When Former Friends Repay

    Good with EvilReflection: Words

    PSALM 36 59In Gods Light We See LightReflection: God, Our Preserver

    PSALM 37 61Dont Fight Fire with FireReflection: Anger and Resentment

    PSALM 38 64The Trial of IllnessReflection: Guilt

    PSALM 39 66Is Life Worth Living?Reflection: Death

    PSALM 40 68Back to God for More HelpReflection: Indecision

    PSALM 41 71The Test of FriendshipReflection: Illness

    PSALM 42 72The Dark Night of the SoulReflection: God Experience

    PSALM 43 74Turn to the FutureReflection: Overcoming Gloom

    PSALM 44 75Keeping the Faith Despite

    Gods SilenceReflection: God in Hiding

    PSALM 45 78Family Values in a Royal

    Wedding SongReflection: Enjoy Life

    PSALM 46 80God, Our Refuge and FortressReflection: Crisis-Born Vision

    PSALM 47 82God RulesReflection: God and Reverence

    for Life

    PSALM 48 83Thank God, It Didnt Happen!Reflection: Appreciation

    PSALM 49 85He Shall Take Nothing with HimReflection: Death

  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    C O N T E N T S ix

    PSALM 50 88What God Wants from YouReflection: Intimacy with God


    51 90Coping with GuiltReflection: Guilt

    PSALM 52 92When Words Are WeaponsReflection: Words and Silence

    PSALM 53 93Who Has the Last Laugh?Reflection: Dependence on God

    PSALM 54 94Let God Be Your JudgeReflection: Wonder

    PSALM 55 95Cast Your Burden upon GodReflection: Escapism

    PSALM 56 97God Knows Your PainReflection: Trust

    PSALM 57 99Steadfastness Comes with FaithReflection: Appreciation

    PSALM 58 101Leave Vengeance to GodReflection: Retribution

    PSALM 59 103God Will Justify the Innocent

    Reflection: Morning PrayerPSALM 60 105Vain Is the Help of ManReflection: Rejection

    PSALM 61 106God, Our RefugeReflection: To Pray and to Pray For

    PSALM 62 107The Reward Is According to Your

    DeedsReflection: Patience

    PSALM 63 109Absence Makes the Heart Grow

    FonderReflection: Organized Worship

    PSALM 64 111They Will Stumble over Their

    Own TonguesReflection: Joy in Worship

    PSALM 65 112The More Grateful You Are,

    the Happier You Will BeReflection: The Purpose of


    PSALM 66 114Thanksgiving Is Due at All

    TimesReflection: Our Interdependence

    PSALM 67 116Our God Cares for All NationsReflection: Retribution

    PSALM 68 117A Patriots Tribute to GodReflection: Gratitude

    PSALM 69 120Suffering for the Sake of God

    Reflection: The Book of LifePSALM 70 123Dont Be Ashamed to Ask for

    HelpReflection: Hope and Patience

    PSALM 71 124We Grow More Dependent

    upon God with AgeReflection: Trust

    PSALM 72 126Characteristics of an Ideal

    National LeaderReflection: Leadership

    PSALM 73 128When Good Things Happen to

    Bad PeopleReflection: Envy

    PSALM 74 131Eyewitness to DestructionReflection: Making a Comeback

    PSALM 75 133The World Will Not Fall ApartReflection: With Firmness in

    the Right

  • 7/27/2019 Healing Psalms


    x C O N T E N T S

    PSALM 76 134God Is with the HumbleReflection: Providence


    77 135Seeking God in Days of TroubleReflection: Memory

    PSALM 78 137Does History Teach UsAnything?

    Reflection: Models

    PSALM 79 142Search Your Own Soul When

    Disaster StrikesReflection: Faultfinding

    PSALM 80 143It Takes Two to Make PeaceReflect