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3 C's

4 P's 5 Why's A&D ABP

Account Lead

Account Team Member

Activity AIS APAC APQC ARP Artifact As-Is State Bandwidth

BCG Matrix Benchmarking

Best Practices BI Bill rate BIPM BMRC

Boot Camp



BPO Brown Paper or BP Bs & Cs BU Buckets


Business Process Analysis (BPA) Sub-Workstream

Business Process Landscape (BPL) Sub-Workstream

Business Process Optimization (BPO) Sub-Workstream

Business Strategy (STR) Sub-Workstream Buy in CAC Career Advisor CCS Change Order Circle back



Communication (COM) Sub-Workstream

Contact Owner Contact Relationship CPG CPM CPO Crisp CRM CSR

Data Conversion (DCV) Sub-Workstream

Data Management (DMA) Sub-Workstream DBD DCV Deck Deep dive


Deliverable Name

Deliverable Prefix

Deliverable Title DMA

Document Library DW EA EAI EBITDA ECM EDW EIM Elevator speech ELT EMEA ERP Experienced hire FND


Functional Design (FND) Sub-Workstream Future State FY G/L Gannt Chart

GARM GE / McKinsey Matrix GTM Hard stop HCC HCJ HDS

HFusion Methodology HRIS ICM


Integration Test Intellectual Capital (IC)

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property Development IOR ISSO ITIL ITSG

Key account Kludgy KM

KPI Lawson LCL

Leadership & Stakeholder Commitment (LSC) Sub-Workstream

Learning (LRN) Sub-Workstream

Lessons Learned Leverage LOB LRN


Methodology Owner Metrics MMI MRP MS MSA MVP OCM OI OIC

OLS On the Bench Opportunistic Accounts ORB

Organizational Landscape (OLS) Sub-Workstream

Organizational Strategy and Design (OSD) Sub-Workstream


People Workstream

Performance (PRF) Sub-Workstream

Performance Test


Phase Pipeline PM

PMBOK PMI PMP PNW POC Porters Competitive Advantage Portera

Porter's 5 Forces Premier Accounts PRF

Process Process Group Process Workstream

Project Example

Project Management Discipline

Proven Practice PSW PTO PUF QA

QUA Quad Model

Quality Assurance (QUA) Sub-Workstream

Quality Workstream RACI RAM RFP RM ROI RUP S/N


Sample SAP SCM Scope creep Scuba SDF SEC

Security (SEC) Sub-Workstream SG&A Shoreline SME SOA SOIP SOO SOW Staffed


STR Strategic Accounts

Strategy & Performance Workstream STS Sub-Workstream Supporting Materials SWOT

System Test T&C T&E T&P Tagged



Technical Architecture (TCA) Sub-Workstream

Technical Design and Development (TDD) Sub-Workstream

Technology Workstream


Testing (TST) Sub-Workstream TOC

Tool Top 25 (Elite) Accounts TS TST

Unit Test

Usability Test

User Acceptance Test USLT WBT WIP


Description A business strategy model and situation analysis tool that describes how to perform a structured analysis on the company, the customer, and the competitor. Often called the 4 Ps of marketing, it is a Marketing Mix model used to collect and define marketing options in terms of product, place, price and promotion. The model can also be used when planning a new service or product or evaluating an existing offer. Describes a systematic questioning technique used to identify the root causes of problems. Aerospace and Defense Advanced Business Planning The person who leads the activities for an account in our Account Planning process. This person: - Coordinates all activity for an account - Determines Account Team members - Determines Account VPs on all Child Accounts A person who participates on an Account Team. They are responsible for: - Building relationships and identifying opportunities - Updating any other Account Details An activity is the fourth level of Hitachi Consulting's HFusion Methodology (Phase > Process Group > Process > Activity). An activity describes the actions typically executed to achieve or contribute to the completion of a Process. Accounting Information Systems Asia-Pacific region American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) Process Classification Framework. Annual Review Process Document from a project that has already been delivered to the customer Statements about current conditions or status, in contrast with future expectations How much room you have in your schedule, the amount of "free time" you have to spend on other tasks Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix is a portfolio management tool based on market share and growth. It looks at potential opportunities and analyzes which segments of business are in a good position, as well as helps determine priorities within a product portfolio of a business unit. The process by which you measure where you are now. This is often done within our clients as to how their business compares to peers A technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has proven to reliably lead to a desired result; the most current, innovative, and advanced practices. In relation to the Hitachi Consulting Methodology, it is a more widely accepted and applicable term than Proven Practices or Lessons Learned. Business Intelligence The hourly rate we are charging for a resource. This rate will often vary depending on the level of the resource (i.e., from Manager vs. Consultant) Business Intelligence and Performance Management Building the Market Responsive Company

Training specifically for individuals who are new to Hitachi, to a technology or to a role they will be playing in our organization Acronym and three-letter deliverable prefix for Business Process Analysis Sub-Workstream documents in the methodology (see Business Process Analysis Sub-Workstream for more information) . Acronym and three-letter deliverable prefix for Business Process Landscape Sub-Workstream documents (see Business Process Landscape Sub-Workstream for more information). Business Process Management BPO is an acronym for Business Process Outsourcing. In Hitachi Consulting's Methodology BPO is the acronym and three-letter deliverable prefix for Business Process Optimization SubWorkstream documents within the methodology (see Business Process Optimization SubWorkstream for more information). Diagramming a flow chart of a process using brown paper and movable shapes Benefits and Concerns; often how a meeting facilitator closes a meeting and get feedback on the content and delivery Business Units Individual categories used to describe group like things together A more experienced person (at same level or one level above) that provides advice, support and encouragement to a less experienced person who has just joined the company; at HCC, this is an informal relationship assigned to new hires The Business Process Analysis Sub-Workstream involves assessing the specific activities, tasks, and dependencies that characterize a particular business process and identifying opportunities for improvement. Deliverables associated with this sub-workstream are labeled with a 'BPA' prefix. The Business Process Landscape Sub-Workstream involves understanding the context, scope, interaction/dependencies, and degree of influence on operational performance of the set of processes that drive a particular business operation. Deliverables associated with this subworkstream are labeled with a 'BPL' prefix. The Business Process Optimization Sub-Workstream involves designing and implementing improvements, including but not limited to alignment with technological improvements, to a process or set of processes that make up a business operation in order to gain additional operational efficiency and/or effectiveness. Deliverables associated with this sub-workstream are labeled with a 'BPO' prefix. The Business Strategy Sub-Workstream pertains to the understanding the organization's business goals, and determining the path forward to achieve them. It applies to both business and IT strategy. Deliverables associated with this sub-workstream are labeled with an 'STR' prefix. Consensus or agreement Career Advisor Champion OR Community Action Committee The individual who writes your annual review and guides your career at Hitachi Consulting Customer and Channel Solutions Used to document changes in scope to a project To follow up with someone

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a structured collection of elements that describe certain aspects of maturity in an organization. It aids in the definition and understanding of an organization's processes. Chief Marketing Officer Content Management System -- used to improve a client's customer data experience Change Order COM is an acronym for Customer Order Management. In Hitachi Consulting's Methodology it is the acronym and three-letter deliverable prefix for Communications Sub-Workstream documents within the methodology (see Communication Sub-Workstream for more information) . The Communication Sub-Workstream is focused on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. It aligns the project strategy with that of the overall organization and provides a compelling message to lead the organization through the change. Deliverables associated with this sub-workstream are labeled with a 'COM' prefix. Person who "owns" a relationship with a contact at a client. This person: Maintains contact information Defines settings on Marketing Contact preferences The relationship we maintain with a contact a client. Consumer Packaged Goods Career and Performance Management Chief People Officer Concise; to the point Customer Relationship Management Corporate Social Responsibility The Data Conversion Sub-W