Hayao Miyazaki

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Hayao Miyazaki. Co-founder of Studio Ghibli. EARLY life. Born Jan. 5, 1941 Born in Bunkyo, Tokyo 2 nd Oldest of 4 brothers Father was director of his uncles factory Miyazaki Airplane which made rudders for fighter planes during WW2 Constantly drawing, especially planes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hayao MiyazakiCo-founder of Studio GhibliEARLY lifeBorn Jan. 5, 1941Born in Bunkyo, Tokyo2nd Oldest of 4 brothersFather was director of his uncles factory Miyazaki Airplane which made rudders for fighter planes during WW2Constantly drawing, especially planesAspired to be a manga artist

For the love of animationDecided he wanted to pursue animation after viewing HakujadenBegan animating in 1961His first job was at Toei Animation (in-between artist)Released 1st feature film Lupin III: The castle of Cagliostro in 1979In 1984, after the release of his Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind he co-founded Studio GhibliFilm Spirited Away won Picture of the year at the Japanese academy Awards and was the first anime film to win an American Academy Award

Where is he now?Wife: Akemi Ota2 Children: Goro and KeisukiCurrently working on more anime films

His work?WriterStory boarderDirectorProducerAnimator

Cinematic StyleAnimationWarm, soft/ vivid cool coloursMany different camera techniquesMany different camera anglesCamera movements: pan and head onUse of music and sound effectsSymbolismUse of storytelling (dialogue)

ThemesThe UnderdogYoung girl who moves to a new homeSpirits/ Supernatural beingsMagicEnvironmental issues/ NatureFriendship/ LoveHardshipsFlying!

InfluencesChildhood experienceEveryday lifeFamily/friendsSocial/environmental issuesOsamu TezukaHakujadenSnezhnya Koroleva

Frederic BackDisneyFleischer BrothersLa Bergere et la Ramoneur

People he has influencedJohn LasseterSatoshi KonTomm MooreToyoo AshisaMichael Dante DiMartinoPete DocterGlen Keane

QuestionsName two things that have influenced Miyazakis workMiyazaki usually storyboards his own work T OR FName 3 common themes in Miyazakis workMiyazaki was interested in graphic design before he became an animator T OR FThe movie _______________ started of Miyazakis career as an animator.

AnswersChildhood moving and environmental concernsTrueFlying, magic, supernaturalFalse- Manga artistHakujaden