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HAYAO MIYAZAKI Alba Esteras Oliva

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1. HAYAO MIYAZAKIAlba Esteras Oliva 2. Nausica de la Vall del Vent (1984) In the distant future, after a thousand years and apocalyptic world war, the Earth appears to cover almost completely contaminated with toxic gases and plagued by poisonous mushrooms and forests of giant insects. Mankind has been almost eliminated and the few survivors barely survive in isolated villages and in poor condition. Valley of the Wind is a tiny regeneration, surrounded by more powerful kingdoms. Nausicaa is the princess of the Valley of the Wind and only daughter of King Jihlava and is a pilot and a great warrior. The Nausicaa is also very sweet and compassionate and has great respect for nature, including insects and other animals in the area contaminada.La crisis begins when the neighboring kingdom, Tormekia, commanded by Princess Kushana, Valley of the Wind invades attempt revive a lethal "God of War" ... In Spain the movie was released on 11 of November of 2011. 3. El castell al cel (1986) Aircraft slides on a cloud in a full moon night. Musk, a secret agent of the government, accompanied by a girl, Sheet to the strength of boredom. Suddenly the ship is attacked by bandits who, like the government, seeking the secret of levitation magic stone that Sheet worn around the neck. Stone is the key that will open the doors of the celestial fortress, a floating island in the middle of the sky created by a mysterious race that long ago disappeared from the planet ... In Spain the movie was released on 20 of May of 2012 4. El meu ve Totoro (1988) The film is a portrait of Japanese rural life in the fifties. A college professor travels with her two daughters to a house near a forest while his wife is recovering from tuberculosis in a rural hospital. His daughters discover the existence of the "elves dust" ... In Spain the movie was released on 2 of April of 1996 5. La tomba de les lluernes (1988) In the Second World War. Seita and Setsuko are children of a Japanese naval officer living in Kobe. One day, during a bombing, they fail to arrive on time to the bunker where his mother is waiting. When looking after his mother, they found badly injured in the school, which has been converted into an emergency hospital ... In Spain the movie was released on 5 of May of 2002. 6. Kiki, laprenent de bruixa (1989) The young witch Kiki is a thirteen-year is about to begin his training. Like all witches age, go a whole year away from home in a place where I can help people with their magical powers. Flying with his broom and accompanied by his good friend and inseparable Jiji, a black cat wise, the Kiki begin a journey full of adventure and fun, where do great friends, as in Tonbo and discover where the real power of magic ... In Spain the movie was released on 4 of December of 2011. 7. Porco Rosso (1992) Porco is a pig flyer that frustrates all acts of piracy committed by the hijackers of the Adriatic. Here, they determined to end the brave and skilled aviator, agree to hire an American adventurer whose mission is to eliminate ... In Spain the movie was released on 1 of September of 1994 8. Puc escoltar el mar (1993) The tanuki, a kind of Japanese raccoon, have the ability to transform into humans or other creatures with only desire. When a family of these animals discover that men are destroying the forest where they live to build a new development, they are prepared to fight using all its power ... In Spain the movie was released on 6 of December of 1997 9. Murmuris del cor (1995) The Shizuku is a teenager fond of reading, which is planned to spend their summer vacation in the library reading and translating foreign songs. But to his surprise, his plans are an unexpected turn when he discovers that the chips books grab library have the same name: Seiji Amasawa. One day, the train, the cat Shizuku is a mysterious door to the store where Seiji worked as an apprentice luthier. In Seiji explains the Shizuku that his dream is to bring his art to Italy and encourages Shizuku to write books. In Spain the movie was released on 18 of January of 2006 10. La princesa Mononoke (1997) In order to heal the wound that has caused a mad boar, young Ashitaka goes in search of deer god because only he can release the spell. Throughout his journey discover how the forest animals fighting men who are willing to destroy Nature. In Spain the movie was released on 7 of April of 2000. 11. El viatje de Chihiro (2001) Chihiro is a ten year old girl traveling by car with their parents. After passing through a tunnel, they come to a fantastic world, where there is no place for human beings, for only the gods of first and second class. When he discovers that his parents have been turned into pigs, Chihiro is very lonely and scared ... In Spain the movie was released on 18 of October of 2002 12. El castillo ambulante (2004) Sophie, a young woman who weighs about a terrible curse that gives the appearance of an old woman. Sophie decides to seek help from the wizard Howl, who lives in a walking castle. But perhaps Howl who need the help of Sophie ... PD: I LOVE THIS MOVIE In Spain the movie was released on 29 of December of 2012. 13. Ponyo al penya- segat (2008) Ponyo, a small princess of the seas, wants to escape from the control of her father and discover the outside world. This is known as, Sosuke, a boy of eight years and that will give you food. She falls in love with him and decided Conveter in humans. But this breaks the laws of the sea and endanger their small seaside town. In Spain the movie was released on 4 of April of 2013 14. El vent saixeca (2013) Jiro, who dreams of flying airplanes and beautiful design is inspired by the famous Italian designer Caproni aircraft. Nearsighted since childhood and therefore unable to fly, is attached to the aircraft division of an engineering company in 1927. His genius is recognized and soon became one of the most prestigious aeronautical designers ... In Spain the movie was released on 3 of January of 2014