Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist...

Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist Fall
Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist Fall
Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist Fall
Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist Fall
download Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist Fall

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Transcript of Harvest Tree WBC Missions Newsletter Issue 5 Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist...

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    H ere at Woodland, we support the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) offering by providing envelopes of different amounts so each person who attends Woodland can participate. Children can take a $1 (or more) envelope and participate. Students can

    take mid-range amounts. And adults can take the larger amounts. Our goal is not only $40,000 but also for every person at Woodland to participate.

    T he Cooperative Baptist Fellowship engages in three primary contexts: Global Poverty, Global Migration, and the Global Church, spreading the love of Christ in 30 countries across the globe. Through the work of CBF field

    We can share hope everyday, wherever we are. Here are some specific ways you can be “hope in action.”

     Laredo Mission Trip—Christmas in the Barrio—Sat. Dec. 10 See ar ticle on page 4 and contact Lance Mayes.

     Financial Peace University—9 weeks starting January 8. $49 per couple. Contact Phil Sagebiel or see WBC web site.

     Mission Trip to Macedonia—June 17-27, 2017. See article on page 3.

     ESL -- Christmas break is Dec. 9th through Jan. 10th. See article on p. 4. Web site: woodlandbc.org/esl

     San Antonio Rescue Mission -- Woodland cooks and serves a meal every 3rd Friday. See Darren & Vaughan Ballinger. Next meal is December 16th — Join us!

    Fall 2016 Issue 5

    Hope in Action

    Missions & Ministries Committee, Woodland Baptist

    Harvest Tree — WBC Missions Newsletter

    Habitat for Humanity House Complete

    O ur 10 th Habitat for Humanity build started

    September 24 and the construction phase ended on November 5. The landscaping was completed on the morning of November 19 followed by the home dedication. Our family is thrilled that they will occupy their new home with their 5 month old baby before Christmas. Our family put in over 300 hours of sweat equity. They qualified for their mortgage with Habitat. They will pay a monthly mortgage payment to Habitat over 20 years. No interest is charged on the mortgage and no profit is included in the price of the house. Their monthly payment including taxes and insurance will be about $550 — real affordable housing.

    A ngelo and Lee are refugees from Myanmar (Burma) and never believed they could own a home in America. Even better, they

    Continued on page 4

    Offering for Global Missions

    Continued on page 3

    Please check out our new Missions bulletin board in the Information Center as you enter the sanctuary from Maresh Hall.


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    Excerpt from November e-mail: The Body of Christ is a wonderful organism with all its various peoples in diverse places endowed with all their many gifts to serve a living Savior, Jesus Christ...Here in Cambodia, Noy and I train church leaders using the Bible Training Center for Pastors materials to give pastors and church leaders the tools they need to do their work productively. We teach the Bible’s timeless truths to families and small Christian fellowships

    whether in town or out in the country. The settings are usually informal and our students are laborers and farmers who hunger for the spiritual nourishment of Scripture. We travel within the province of Siem Reap where we live and beyond it to proclaim the Good News of salvation to those who haven’t yet heard. Although Cambodia occupies only a small niche in a big world, its people are precious in God’s sight. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has caught that vision and sees what God sees in the people of Cambodia. For that reason

    CBF has seen fit to place us and the Basses as the first CBF missionaries here. Thank you for enabling us to do the small things that make a big

    difference to the people of this faraway part of the world! Contact Peelers at bill.noy.peeler@worldpersonnel.org.

    Missionary Spotlight

    Below are updates on families WBC supports—Peelers , Hansens, Lees and Sherins,.

    Bill and Noy Peeler: Cambodia

    Excerpt from Nov. FB post: It was great to visit with you this summer. This past year has been very busy. We have continued work with refugees at the transit camps on the border and increased work with asylum seekers here in Skopje. We partnered with the Jesuit Refugee Services to serve in the government operated asylum center to provide shelter for people seeking asylum in Macedonia. We have expanded the “cow bank” project. Through

    fundraising efforts, we increased the herd to 15 cows. We have loaned out 4 calves and seek to loan out 6 more. We are currently fundraising to be able to pay for solar

    panels for the farm. We still have a partnership with the Food Bank of Macedonia. We started working with a private orphanage called Immanuel House, helping complete the building of a home for children. They want to use biblical principles to teach children in a home setting. Your prayer and support make these ministries possible. We are excited that a small group from your church will be coming next year. facebook.com/PartnershipMacedonia

    The Lee Family: Macedonia

    Excerpt from Nov. e-mail: We enjoyed our home assignment in the US and were especially encouraged by our time with the Woodland Baptist Church family. We returned to Kijabe, Kenya in late August when Amanda and the children began a new school year and Erik returned to work at Kijabe Hospital. Erik is currently training doctors from Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo and Kenya. During the week of November 28th, all the previous pediatric surgery trainees gathered in Kijabe for a weeklong spiritual and educational retreat. Please pray for Edmond Ntaganda from Rwanda who will be taking his oral certification exams the first week of December. We pray that you all have a blessed holiday season and we give thanks for your generosity and love. towards us. amanda.k.hansen@gmail.com The Hansens : Kenya

    Excerpt from Nov. e-mail: In Fort Thompson, on the Crow Creek Reservation, we continue to work with Hunkpati Investments, Tokata Youth Center, and Diamond Willow Ministries. We are using the Lakota books here also to build relationship with the community and school administration. We have participated in several community meetings in Fort Thompson as they meet with architects from Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative. This architectural firm is featured on the PBS Show “Native American Green: New Directions in Tribal Housing.” You can view it online at naturalheroes.org/videos/native-american-green/. Two architects from this firm are meeting with community

    members to discuss and design plans for a culturally sensitive, environmentally sustainable housing development. Here is the image of one prototype that incorporates the Sioux tipi design. All designs are very neat looking homes that the community can be proud of culturally and environmentally. See sustainablenativecommunities.org/ Ashworth Road Baptist Church in West Des Moines has been vital in connecting these architects with the community. They have hired the architects and are

    donating the funds for the building of the first prototype home in the new development. We are hopeful that it will be a model of support that we can duplicate. ksherin2@gmail.com

    The Sherins: South Dakota

    mailto:amanda.k.hansen@gmail.com mailto:amanda.k.hansen@gmail.com http://uncommonroad.blogspot.com/ http://naturalheroes.org/videos/native-american-green/ http://sustainablenativecommunities.org/

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    Habitat House Completed (continued)

    know that their mortgage payments will be used to build a home for another family willing to partner with Habitat. Our house was number 990 for Habitat for Humanity of SA, which is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. The first house in 1976 took two years to build. This house was built in two months and typically 50 to 60 homes are built annually.

    Thank you to our co-sponsors of the house at Coker United Methodist. They provide over half of the funding and a lot of volunteers. Thank you to dozens of Woodland members who participated in the work. Our family’s lives are changed forever thanks to all of you.

    W oodland is going to Macedonia in June 2017 to serve alongside Jeff and Alicia Lee, CBF Field Personnel. This will be a varied experience of working with refugees and adults with developmental delays, worshipping in an international church, serving with the Macedonia Food Bank, experiencing the culture of Macedonia, and more. We will be challenged in our traditional thoughts and be- liefs about mission. We will dive deep into dis- cipleship by thinking critically about mission practice, the theological foundation of this prac- tice, and how it relates to Woodland and our community.

    WHEN? June 17 through 27, 2017

    HOW MUCH? The all-inclusive investment (except for personal expenses like souvenirs) is $2800. woodlandbc.org/Macedonia

    Join us for this amazing opportunity!

    Lance and group in Macedonia

    Mission Trip to Macedonia

    E mily Richardson, daughter of member Laurie Richardson, is currently in Thailand on a five month mission trip called World Race, and asks for

    prayer. Emily has already partici- pated in a year-long World Race. (www.worldrace.org)

    Adventures in Missions- The World Race Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe. Emily left in October and will return in March, spend- ing one month in each country. Follow her blog at emilyrichard-