HARVARD MUSEUMS OF SCIENCE & CULTURE PRESENTS ... commentary. Also visit the Museum and Art...

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    WINGS OVER AUSTRALIA A Private Air Expedition Sunday, April 30 through Saturday, May 13, 2017 with study leader Dr. Andrew Berry

  • DR. ANDREW BERRY is lecturer on Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and an associate of the Population Genetics Department in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University.

    Born in London, Berry has a degree in zoology from Oxford University and a PhD in evolutionary genetics from Princeton University. Combining the techniques of field biology with those of molecular biology, Berry’s work has been a search for evidence at the DNA level of Darwinian natural selection.

    Berry is the editor of a collection of the writings of Alfred Russel Wallace, the Victorian biologist who, with Charles Darwin, co-discovered natural selection; and the author, with James D. Watson, of an account of the history and impact of modern genetics published to mark the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix. As an educator and popularizer, he seeks to demystify the most important and most misinterpreted of all biological ideas, evolution.

    On this program Berry’s lecture topics will include the biogeography of Australia, humans pre-history, and conservation in Australia. 


    WINGS OVER AUSTRALIA A Private Air Expedition Sunday, April 30 through Saturday, May 13, 2017 with study leader Dr. Andrew Berry

    Experience the dramatic landscapes of Australia from an incredible perspective

    —aboard a private high-wing aircraft. It’s the perfect way to experience the

    far-flung destinations of Tasmania, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Coober Pedy,

    Uluru, and Arnhemland, all while avoiding the hassles of check-in lines and

    baggage claims. Combining safety, range, and comfort, our chartered Fokker 50

    turboprop aircraft provides a welcome oasis of relaxation while traveling

    between destinations. Cover great distances with ease, enjoying unparalleled

    flight-seeing over legendary sites and adjustable flight schedules to get the

    most out of world-class explorations.

    Program Highlights

     Enrich your experience with a lecture program featuring Harvard study leader Andrew Berry.

     Enjoy the comfort and efficiency of travel by private aircraft onboard the chartered Fokker 50.

     Fly to the island of Tasmania and visit one of the world’s more unique art museums.

     Visit Kangaroo Island and meet with experts at Seal Bay Conservation Park.

     Experience the remarkable changing colors of the desert landscape and the spectacular sight of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) at dawn.

     Explore the lush wilderness of Australia’s breath-taking Top End, at Arnhemland.

    Above photos, L to R: Aboriginal rock art near Darwin; A vintage tram in Melbourne’s city center; Residents of Kangaroo Island; An ornately carved didgeridoo Cover photo: Visitors taking in the unique shapes of the Sydney Opera House









    Providing a bird’s-eye view of Australia’s

    spectacular and diverse terrain, this air

    safari is the perfect way to cover the

    country’s vast distances and enjoy an

    amazing array of experiences on a single

    journey. Avoid the hassles of long check-in

    lines, crowded gates, and lost baggage, and

    spend more time exploring and relaxing.

    The Fokker 50 is a high-performance

    turboprop aircraft that offers jet-standard

    passenger headroom, seat pitch, and

    overhead lockers, and is fully air-

    conditioned. The high-wing design is

    perfect for low and slow flightseeing with

    superb unimpeded viewing. 

    The Private Air Experience


    SUNDAY–MONDAY, APRIL 30–MAY 1 HOME / SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Depart home on an overnight flight to Sydney, Australia. Lose one day crossing the International Date Line.

    TUESDAY, MAY 1 SYDNEY Arrive in Sydney in the morning and transfer to the Shangri-La Hotel for immediate check-in. A group lunch is followed by a walking tour of The Rocks, a 19th-century village of quaint old cottages, pubs, and churches now in the shadow of the Harbor Bridge. Gather this evening for a welcome reception and dinner. SHANGRI-LA SYDNEY (L,R,D)

    WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 SYDNEY Enjoy a private, off-hours visit to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to tour the unique Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander collections. Continue to the iconic Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most recognizable buildings and one of its busiest performing arts centers. Hear some of the amazing stories behind this miracle of architecture and engineering. The afternoon and dinner are at leisure. SHANGRI-LA SYDNEY (B,L)

    THURSDAY, MAY 4 HOBART, TASMANIA/MELBOURNE After breakfast, board our Fokker 50 for a flight to Hobart, on the island of Tasmania.

    Visit Hobart’s controversial Museum of Old and New Art on a headland of the Derwent River. Owned by eccentric philanthropist David Walsh and never short of shock value, MONA mixes edgy installations with antiquities, rare coins, and spectacular artwork. Then visit The Cascades Female Factory, Australia’s most significant historic site associated with female convicts, for an insight into the regimented system of punishment and reform that operated within its walls. Return to the airport in the afternoon for a flight to Melbourne. The evening is at leisure. PARK HYATT MELBOURNE (B,L)

    FRIDAY, MAY 5 MELBOURNE Melbourne is a city renowned for great art, attracting visitors from far and wide to visit international exhibitions and cutting-edge street art. Visit historic laneways and architecturally significant buildings to discover hidden galleries, street art by renowned artists, sculpture, and modern art. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before continuing to explore behind the scenes of the venues that host Australia’s favorite sporting events. PARK HYATT MELBOURNE (B,L,D)

    SATURDAY, MAY 6 ADELAIDE Fly to Adelaide, renowned as a cultural hub in South Australia. See the South Australian Museum, including a privately guided tour of the Aboriginal Cultures Gallery, which showcases the largest collection of Australian

    aboriginal artifacts and archival material in the world. Then venture into the Adelaide Hills for lunch at The Lane Vineyard, followed by a visit to Cleland Wildlife Park, famous for its friendly koalas and home to over 130 species of native South Australian animals, many of which are endangered. Get close to animals seldom seen in the wild, such as the yellow-footed wallaby, the bush stone curlew, and the brush tailed bettong. HILTON ADELAIDE (B,L)

    SUNDAY, MAY 7 ADELAIDE / KANGAROO ISLAND Begin with a short flight to Kangaroo Island, one of Australia’s true wonders. Thanks in part to its isolation, Kangaroo Island possesses rich and diverse flora and fauna seldom found elsewhere in Australia. Experience the mellow island life while walking quietly through the bush, looking for endemic wallabies and a unique kangaroo species found only on Kangaroo Island. Continue to Seal Bay Conservation Park to walk among Australian sea lions on a beautiful sandy beach. Watch pups playing in the surf, see old bulls bearing the scars of territorial disputes, and learn about their unique biology. HILTON ADELAIDE (B,L,D)

    MONDAY, MAY 8 COOBER PEDY / ULURU Fly to the isolated mining community of Coober Pedy, home of the largest opal supply in the world. Cooper Pedy showcases a unique living experience with a visit to an underground home, the only underground

    Aerial view of Uluru

  • Orthodox Church in the world, and an opal cutting demonstration. Continue to Uluru— commonly known as Ayers Rock—the world’s biggest monolith, where archaeological evidence suggests that Aboriginal people have lived for at least 22,000 years. SAILS IN THE DESERT (B,L)

    TUESDAY, MAY 9 ULURU Early this morning experience the remarkable changing colors of the desert landscape as the sun slowly rises. Hear the chorus of bird calls greeting the new day, and discover the paw prints of animals that have foraged during the night. Discuss the history of this unique area, including the plights of early explorers and their interactions with Anangu, the traditional owners of this spectacular wilderness. Enjoy an afternoon at leisure before reconvening prior to sunset to travel to a sand dune location where you are welcomed with a stunning 360 degree view of Uluru and Kata-Tjuta, a striking group of domed rocks. Then take advantage of some of the world’s best stargazing of the spectacular southern night sky. SAILS IN THE DESERT (B,D)

    WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 ARNHEMLAND This morning depart on our private aircraft for the lush wilderness of Australia’s Northern Territory. Davidson’s Arnhemland Safari is a rugged 700 sq.-km area nestled against the Arnhemland escarpment fringed by idyllic billabongs, flood plains, paper bark

    swamps, and monsoonal rainforests. Discover galleries of aboriginal rock art and learn about the variety of techniques used in the rock paintings as the styles changed over the thousands of years of occupation and storytelling. DAVIDSON’S ARNHEMLAND SAFARI LODGE (B,L,D)

    THURSDAY, MAY 11 ARNHEMLAND Following breakfast, choose from a variety of activities that may inclu