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Created by four Michigan State University Communication students, this digital marketing strategy outlines in detail the process Harmony Nutritionals should take to launch their products digitally.

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2. 2 April 23, 2013To the Wilkinsons family,The following report summarizes the work of the Harmony Nutritionals Michigan StateUniversity team on their digital marketing strategy project. It includes a detailedbreakdown of market research, social media posting strategy, brand positioningstatement, website mockups, search engine optimization plan, and a pay-per-clickadvertising strategy. Together, the project deliverables will help Harmony Nutritionalsposition their products for success in the online marketplace.In order to ensure this success, the team worked a total of 153 hours on the project overa 9-week period. At a rate of $23/hour for social media planning, and $43/hour for webdevelopment, the project would be valued at $3,759*. We are pleased to deliver thisproject at no cost as part of the capstone course of the MSU specialization inInformation Technology Management.It has really been a great semester working with Harmony Nutritionals. We have alllearned a lot from working on the project. We are all very appreciative of the patienceand professionalism displayed by everyone involved. It was a pleasure to work directlywith Brad and Nura every week. The passion they have for creating an innovative,healthy, sustainable product inspired us to deliver to them a quality project they can useto launch their product to market.We are all hoping for a successful launch of the Peanut Punch Smoothie. Our team trulybelieves this unique product can capture significant market share in the Ready to DrinkBeverage market. We hope that we have developed a life-long relationship with theHarmony Nutritionals staff that can continue to be mutually beneficial. In the future, theyshould feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions they may have aboutour project and continuing on with the next steps. Thank you for a great experience andgood luck!Best,Harmony Nutritionals Michigan State University TeamAllie Brito, Project ManagerJanelle IshmanNick OhlerLaura Ene*Cost estimation derived from data collected on industry averages at Indeed.com 3. 3 Table of ContentsCover Letter..2Executive Summary.4Team Members....5Statement of Work.......6Purpose...7Scope........................7Project Deliverables..8Goals & Objectives...9Cost & Schedule Estimates.9Stakeholders10Chain of Command.11Benefit & Risk Evaluation....................12Assumptions & Constraints.........................13Communication Plan..13Sign-Off........13Items Delivered..14GANTT Chart (Project Schedule) .............16Presi.com Presentation.17Social Media Marketing Plan25Company Overview.....26Objectives................27Target Audience...29Focus Channels...32Message Content.33Message Strategies.36Facebook .36Twitter....41Pinterest.45Putting It All Together..48Social Media Management Tools..49Google Analytics......49Hootsuite...50Tweet Adder 3.0...51Action Plan....53Social Media Calendar....56Evaluate Your Strategy...58Glossary.59Facebook....59Twitter......61Pinterest......63Google Analytics........64Hootsuite..68Works Cited...69SEO Strategy.......70AdWords Strategy.......74Website.........76Nestle Data Analysis...81Muscle Milk Data Analysis..88 4. 4 Executive SummaryThe overall objective for the Harmony Nutritionals team was to provide a social mediastrategy that demonstrates and expresses the companys values and increases productawareness of their initial smoothie line, as well as provide the client with search engineoptimization (SEO) techniques and an initial website site map and design. Since thecompany is still in the early stages of development, our focus and main goal was toprovide the client with the necessary tools to implement a successful social mediacampaign and website launch.In order to achieve these goals, we divided the objectives into three areas of focus:Social Media Strategies, SEO and AdWords strategy, and Website design. From thesefocus areas, we created a list of deliverables to be presented to the client each week inthe form of six milestones. We then allocated the deliverables amongst the groupmembers and set up a Facebook group to support easy communication between eachother. The six milestones and their deliverables are as follows:Milestone 1 - (Mar. 14) Competitive data analysis Profile of target audiencesMilestone 2 - (Mar. 21) Wireframe drafts Company presentation onPrezi.comMilestone 3 (Mar. 28) Wireframe finals Social media strategy draftMilestone 4 (Apr. 4) Website mockup draft SEO draft AdWords strategy draftMilestone 5 (Apr. 11) Website mockup final Final social media strategy Final SEO strategy AdWords strategy finalAdditional Items Positioning statement Website coding Glossary of terms for social media Create initial company logoWith the exception of the extra items delivered at the end of the project, each of thedescribed deliverables was discussed during weekly Skype meetings with the client. Alldeliverables were uploaded to a shared Google Drive by a previously decided deadline.During the Skype meetings, feedback was given and any concerns were addressed toensure continuity throughout the process. 5. 5 Harmony NutritionalsMichigan State University TeamAllie Brito Project Manageremail: britoale@msu.eduLaura Ene Online Marketing Specialistemail: enelaura@msu.eduJanelle Ishman Web Design/Social Media Specialistemail: ishmanja@msu.eduNick Ohler Online Marketing Specialistemail: ohlernic@msu.edu 6. 6 Statement of WorkforHarmony NutritionalsComposed for: Nura WilkinsonProject Start Date: 2/28/2013Project End Date: 4/23/2013 7. 7 PurposeTo implement and develop a social media strategy/plan across relevantsocial media platforms as well as a site map that builds on the brandattributes to position and create awareness around the company and itsinitial product (Harmonys Peanut Smoothie). ScopeUpon finalizing the goals and expectations of our client HarmonyNutritionals, we will work with Nura Wilkinson (CEO), and bothindependently in our areas of expertise and together to coordinate anddevelop a plan to establish a web presence that reflects the ethical, sociallyresponsible, and health-conscious personality of the brand. We will alsofocus on the launch of the first company product, the PeanutSmoothie. This plan will be explained in detail through an innovativepresentation of the company for the clients review. This presentation willhelp to ensure our work to represent the companys values meets theexpectations of the client.We will work to provide an interactive platform for the clients targetaudiences to share experiences and ideas with the brand and each otheras well as gain knowledge about the company and its initial product, thePeanut Smoothie. In order to provide the most effective branding andmessaging strategy, we will create profiles of the companies two targetaudiences- LOHAS (active adults), and Latin Americans. Based on theseprofiles, we will be able to develop the best possible SEO strategy as wellas a creative and dynamic Social Media marketing strategy that will createa buzz about the company. 8. 8 Project DeliverablesFrom the initial meeting and information provided by the client, we haveidentified the following deliverables:1. Innovative and creative presentation including company overview,profile of target markets and competitors. Finished by Mar. 212. Company website design and plan:a. Wireframe drafts by Mar. 21b. Wireframe final by Mar. 28c. Website markup draft by Apr. 4d. Website markup final by Apr. 11. Including: content directedtowards the target audience, access to social media sites, pagefocused on first product launch, and company overview page3. SEO and AdWords draft by Apr. 4, final by Apr. 114. Establish presence in multiple social media platformsa. Create specific profiles of target markets and competitors byMar. 14b. Research, identify and choose appropriate social mediaplatforms to be presented in a draft due Mar. 28c. Social media marketing strategy and plan final by Apr. 11 9. 9 Goals and ObjectivesTo provide a social media strategy that demonstrates and expresses the companiesvalues as well as increasing brand awareness of their initial smoothie line. In addition,our goal is to provide the following: present search engine optimization (SEO)techniques and develop an initial website site map and supply design possibilities. Inorder to meet these goals, our plan is to provide the requested documents promptly,within the scope of the defined terms, and within budget. While completing the project,the team will uphold standards of communication in order to cultivate a constructivebusiness relationship as well as eliminate miscommunication discrepancies withstakeholders and project director, Dr. Coursaris.To implement these goals, the project will be divided into six milestones with differentdeliverables per section of the project. Each milestone must to be completed eachThursday in compliance with a weekly meeting with the client. Upon meeting, the clientwill provide any necessary feedback. Any feedback provided will be immediatelyaddressed and completed for the following meeting. Each milestone has predefined softdeadlines (weekly) but the overall project will require a hard deadline and finalcompletion date of April 23. Cost and Schedule EstimatesIn order for the project to be completed by Apr. 23, the team has set six soft deadlinesfor six different milestones. The following is the breakdown of the six deliverables:Deliverable 1: Due Mar. 14. Requires the team to complete a data analysis ofcompetitors social media and finalize the budgetDeliverable 2: Due Mar. 21. Requires the team to complete a website wireframedraft as well as present the client with a company overview presentationDeliverable 3: Due Mar. 28. Will require the team to finalize the wireframe for thewebsite and present the social media strategy draftDeliverable 4: Due Apr. 4. Will require the team to provide the website moc