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  • 1. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Hardware Inventory Last updated: July 5, 2002(Note: Connection type refers to where on the computer you need to plug the device into. For many devices, (e.g. monitors, computers themselves, this field will not be relevant. It is useful, however, for figuring out what devices can easily coexist on a machine.) Machines Product NameManufacturer Description PC orMac Dell Dimension XPS R350 Dell 350 MHz Pentium. Monitor, speakers; PC Aardvark zip, hard, floppy, and CD-ROM drives. Power Macintosh G3AppleG3, 266 MHz. PowerPC floppy, zip, Mac Bear CD-ROM. 17 monitor, speakers,HP694C printer. Power Mac G2AppleG3, 450 MHz. No FloppyMac Cat Dell Dimension V450 Dell 450 MHz, 17 monitor, floppy, zip,PC DogCD-ROM Dell Dimension V450 Dell 450 MHz, 17 monitor, floppy, zip,PC Elephant CD-ROM Thinkpad #1 IBMIn the black nylon case. External (PC-PCMCIA) floppy. NO CD ROM drive. Thinkpad #2 IBMIn the carrying case. External (PC- PCMCIA) floppy. NO CD ROM drive. Dell laptop Dell PC Powerbook laptopAppleMac 1

2. Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Alternative access devices (mice, trackballs, etc) Name of device, ManufacturerMac/PC DescriptionApprox. Software used with it Connection Part number Price each (source, if other than manuf.) AlphaSmartAlphaSmart, Inc. MacPortable keyboard. Stores and edits $230N/A 2000http://www.alphasmart. and PC text for computer transfer.. com/ AlphaSmartAlphaSmart, Inc. MacPortable keyboard. Stores and edits $199N/A 3000 with http://www.alphasmart. and PC text for computer transfer. CoWrite CoWriter (2)com/allows word prediction capability. BAT Infogrip, Inc. MacOne-hand keyboard. Uses chords $199 1. Special keyboard Apple for each keyboard character.(single)driver. 2.desktop bus $349ChordEasy.(ADB) (dual)Discover switch Don JohnstonWindo Allows user to control computer $449 Special software that Keyboard wswith the use of a switch plus on-comes with theport (daisy- http://www.donjohnsto (availa screen keyboards and mouse switch. chains with n.com/ble for controllers. Comes with set-upskehyboard) Mac that are specialized scanning menus also) for various programs. Ergo 2000 PerfecTouch, Inc. PCSplittable (L/R) ergonomic N/ARegular keyboardkeyboard port2 3. Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology LaboratoryF-16 Flight Radio Shack PC4-button joystick$19.99N/A 15-pin Joystick (joystick w/throttle port) Key Largo Don JohnstonPC $295 Kenx Plugs into a(infogrip special http://www.donjohnstoor Donadaptor. n.com/ Johnston) Maxim Kinesis CorpPCSplittable (L/R) ergonomic $129 N/ARegular KB 200 PC keyboard directkeyboardfromportKinesis HeadMouse Origin InstrumentsPCInfra-red tracking of reflective dot ~$1800 N/ASerial port. OIC-201 on forehead. Used with Softype, an (infogrip)Device http://orin.com/index.h onscreen keyboard with wordaccepts an tmprediction, to send keystrokes toadditional other programs.serial mouse. HeadMaster Plus Prentke RomichPC or HeadMaster Plus is a headpointing~$995 N/A Accepts an Mac system that takes the place of a (prc) additional http://www.prentrom.c mouse. serial mouse. om/ Intellikeys Don JohnstonPC or Large keyboard. Many overlays~$400 N/A Regular Mac available, ranging in sophistication keyboard http://www.donjohnsto from arrows to qwerty. port n.com/3 4. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology LaboratoryJousePrentke RomichPC Joystick/mouse. Mouth-controlled~$2000 Need to use an on-Serial port. joystick mouse, with sip/puff click (infogrip) screen keyboard Accepts an control. (e.g. WiViK) with itadditionalif you want to type serial mouse,http://www.prentrom.c (and not just click). but alsoom/ seems towork finealongside aPS/2 mouse. MacintoshDon JohnstonMacLets you use switches with a mac, $135 N/A switch interfacein several configurations.each (2)http://www.donjohnston.com/ Step on it!Bilbo Innovations, Inc. PC Set of three custom-programmable$139 N/A Computerpedals used to emulate or control pedals http://www.bilbo.com/supplement mouse clicks, keyboard strokes, or macros. Switches Ablenet$42N/A Big red (2: red and blue)http://www.ablenetinc. jelly bean (2: red and blue)$42com/ Switches Adaptivation $14 each N/A Taction pads (2) Pal Pads (2: red and blue)~$25 Switches Don JohnstonEither $48N/A Bass yellow (2)http://www.donjohnston.com/ ellipse (2) ~$70 light switch (2)4 5. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory mounting switch (2),$89DJ switch kit?$226 Switches Tash$39 N/ABig Buddy Button Redhttp://www.tash.org/Buddy buttons (3: red, blue, green) $39Pillow$80Plate $60tip switch (mercury)$60TouchwindowEdmark Corp.PCTouch-operated screen.~$335 N/A Serial port Serial # 231177, lot # 0399 VersaPad Interlink Electronics PCPointing device. Use finger or$69 VersaPad Driver Serial port Touchpad stylus to point, click and drag.AND PS/2 Version 1.2http://www.interlinkele Navigate documents with pan and Mouseportc.com/linksplash.htmscroll bars. Capture graphics youwrite or draw. Win King TashPCExtra-large keyboard and mouse$900Microsoft mouse Serial portemulator. Large, high visibilitydriver must beANDhttp://www.tash.org/keys with built-in keyguard.installed for mouse keyboardemulator to work. port Win Mini TashPCSmall keyboard w/ mouse emulator $750 Microsoft mouse Serial portfunction. High visibility membrane- driver must beANDhttp://www.tash.org/surface keys. Low pressure to installed for mouse keyboardactivate keys. No travel. Co-exists emulator to work. port.gracefully with regular keyboard.5 6. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Environmental Control Product NameManufacturer DescriptionApprox. PriceUse with: Adaptivation Programmable remote$364.00Powerhouse appliance Freeswitch Maxwith lots of functions andmodules & masterlots of possible accessmethods. Infralink Relay Unit &Gewa (Distributed by Gewa Prog-III IR infrared transmitter (2 Infra-link)Transmitter: separate items that areProgrammable IR remote used together.)control. Can controlrelay unit decsribedbelow Relay unit: plug yourappliances in here, anduse the remote to turn theelectrical sockets on andoff. LinkswitchAdaptivation interface device that$63.00 (includes oneenables individuals to taction pad)activate battery operated assistive devices usingAdaptivation's TactionPads or any conventionaladaptive switch. Mini Relax infrared Tash Portable scanning IRIR appliances transmitter; (Access 1st)transmitter. Can be Any appliance that http://www.tash.org/ accessed using a single already uses an IR remoteswitch. Learns codes or (many TVs, VCRs andsignals from any infrared stereos already do). 6 7. Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratoryremote that is used for TVs, VCRs, etc. It is capable of learning, and then transmitting, up to six different signals. Infrared remote controlU-control II SystemWords+, Inc. $395.00 transmitter with serialhttp://www.words- port cable (1)plus.com/products/input/u Command Center (1)control.htm Alarm module (1) Appliance modules (2) 7 8. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Other hardware and equipment Category Product nameProduct manufacturer Approx. price Product description Playback equipment Classmate Panasonic Myna Corporation Catalog no. Black, measures 10" x 5" x 2"Cassette RecorderTMM1007,Plays and records cassettes at 1 and $19915/16 ips on 2 and 4 tracks. Cue and review, variable speed, tone index Mounting systems Ablenet$188Slim Armstrong Mountingsystemhttp://www.ablenetinc.com/ Mounting systems Universal mounting system (3) Ablenet~$200 http://www.ablenetinc.com/ Screen MagnifiersOpticlear American Computer Optics,$100-$150 Magnifiying anti-glare filter. SitsInc. on top of a 17 monitor. Switch latches Switch latch model 4388 Tash Allows a momentary action switch to be used as direct, momentary,http://www.tash.org/ latched, or timed. Switch toysDolphin jumpCatalogs such as Enabling$29-$60 Dolphins jump around on a track.Devices and CrestwoodDrumming mambo elephant Catalogs such as Enabling$29-$60 Pink elephant, loud drums andDevices and Crestwoodcymbals. Use at your own risk.PonyCatalogs such as Enabling$29-$60 Trots and bucks.Devices and CrestwoodRoly-poly calfCatalogs such as Enabling$29-$60 Walks and says moo.Devices and CrestwoodBaby Elephant Catalogs such as Enabling$29-$60 Flaps his ears and moves his trunk.Devices and Crestwood8 9. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Jumping KangarooCatalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Makes sound, jumps, and movesDevices and Crestwood head. Telephones Infralink remote controlInfra-link, Inc.Full-function telephone with remotetelephone access through infraredtransmission, accessible with asingle switch. Most powerfulaccess is with an infraredtransmitter (a separate device).Compatible transmitters that wehave: GEWA Prog III (distributedthrough Infra-Link, Inc.)Photo-dial speaker phone 9 10. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Software Product NameManufacturer Approx. Description/purpose Category Platform Installed onprice. Baby & Me (Sesame The Learning $30 Computer games forAges 1-3: Early computer either Street) Companytoddler and parentusehttp://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp The Berenstain BearsLiving Books $20 Read-along (interactive Children: readingWin/Mac Get in a Fight book)(CD)http://www.kidsclick.co m/living_books.htm BoardmakerMayer- $399Library of clip art andMacBear, Reg# for the Macintosh Johnson Co.drawing program toBM60435make communication http://www.mayer-boards and device johnson.com/main/index overlays. Contains .htmlseveral languages. Boardmaker 5.0Mayer- $299Library of clip art andPC Elephant, Dog, Johnson Co.drawing program toAardvark http://www.mayer-make communication johnson.com/main/index boards and device .htmloverlays. Containsseveral languages.10 11. InventoryIthaca College Assistive Technology LaboratoryCamp Frog HollowDon Johnston $59 Cartoon/animated,