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Progress Report and Discussion. HARC Wedge GAME. Demo and discussion of current features UI development issues Further work Discussion of possible underlying models. AGenda. Select and place wedges Fixed and continuing costs per wedge Projected vs. actual savings Multiple round play - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Progress Report and Discussion

  • Demo and discussion of current featuresUI development issuesFurther workDiscussion of possible underlying models

  • Select and place wedgesFixed and continuing costs per wedgeProjected vs. actual savingsMultiple round playPlayer chat

  • Dr. Warrens game development system is very limited in its ability to customize the UI.Limited text placementDifficult image and text sizing and placementFramework is not in active development. Move to a new system?Standard Java: multi-platform application or web..NET/C#/Silverlight: rich web experience

  • What are some simple models that can be used to give actual savings values per round?Additional factors to include:SocialEconomicPoliticalTechnological