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  • HarborOne Consumer Online & Mobile Banking Agreement

    1 | P a g e REV 8/2019

    A. Introduction This HarborOne Online Banking Agreement effective September 10, 2015 applies to the Online Banking, Bill Payment, Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit Services you receive from HarborOne Bank and supplements the terms and conditions in the Personal Deposit Account Agreement that governs your deposit accounts. You should read this Agreement carefully to understand how our Internet services and features work, as well as your rights and obligations if you register for and use these online services. Under this Agreement, “we”, “us,” “our” and the “Bank” denote HarborOne Bank. “You” and “your” refer to each accountholder that has requested this service. B. Agreeing to this Agreement 1. By enrolling in the Online Banking services, you acknowledge that you have received and understand the terms of

    this Agreement and agree to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement and any amendments that are made from time to time. You should retain a copy of this Agreement for your records. If you enroll online and are unable to print, we will mail you a paper copy of this Agreement at your request. You agree that email or other electronic communications that we send you, including communications through the Online Banking Message Center or the edocuments shall be treated as “writing” and shall bind each of us in the same way as a written communication. Unless otherwise provided under applicable law, any electronic communication you send to us will not be effective until we receive it and have had reasonable opportunity to act on it. By clicking the “I Agree” button, or by using or continuing to use the Online Banking Service, you agree to the full terms of this Agreement.

    2. Service Providers. We are offering you the Service through one or more Service Providers that we have engaged to render some or all of the Service to you on our behalf. However, notwithstanding that we have engaged such a Service Provider to render some or all of the Service to you, we are the sole party liable to you for any payments or transfers conducted using the Service and we are solely responsible to you and any third party to the extent any liability attaches in connection with the Service. You agree that we have the right under this Agreement to delegate to Service Providers all of the rights and performance obligations that we have under this Agreement, and that the Service Providers will be third party beneficiaries of this Agreement and will be entitled to all the rights and protections that this Agreement provides to us. Service Provider and certain other capitalized terms are defined in a "Definitions" Section at the end of the General Terms of this Agreement. Other defined terms are also present at the end of each set of Terms that follows after the General Terms, as applicable

    C. Accessing your Accounts through Online Banking A. Account and System requirements: To access your accounts through Online Banking, you must maintain an

    active HarborOne Bank deposit or loan account, sign-on with an identification code (“User ID”) and access code (“Password”). You will obtain a User ID and Password when you enroll in the Online Banking service, and may change them through Online Banking at any time. If you forget your Password, you may request a replacement by calling the Bank’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-244-7592. If you provide your User ID and Password to a third party, you are authorizing that party to make transactions on your accounts, including transfers and bill payments. We will not be liable for and will not reimburse you for any losses that may occur as a result of the use of your User ID and Password by such authorized users. If you believe that your credentials have been lost or stolen or that someone may attempt to use them to access the Site or Service without your consent, you must inform us at once at 1.800.244.7592. To safeguard your use of Online Banking, you will be asked for your User ID and Password each time you access this service. For your protection, you should sign off after every Online Banking session. We will automatically terminate your online banking session if there is no Online Banking activity for a period of time. In addition, we employ safeguards, such as firewalls between our systems and the Internet, to protect your account information

    B. Online Banking automatically gives you access to all eligible accounts (checking, money market, savings, retirement, certificates of deposit, and loan accounts) linked to your customer record at HarborOne Bank. Certain accounts are not eligible for enrollment in Online Banking. Account exclusions include, but are not limited to, Beneficiary Accounts, Some Commercial Loans, and some mortgage account types. However, if any of these accounts are enrolled in Online Banking, they are bound by the terms and conditions of the Online Banking Agreement. If there are any accounts that you do NOT want access to or that you do NOT want enabled for funds transfers via Online Banking, you may remove access to those accounts at any time by calling 1-800-244- 7592. You may also request that we restore access to unlinked accounts at any time. Certificates of Deposit, and Passbook Savings accounts, although they may be eligible for Online Banking, are not eligible to transfer funds from these accounts using the online service. At a minimum you must use a browser with 128-bit

  • HarborOne Consumer Online & Mobile Banking Agreement

    2 | P a g e REV 8/2019

    encryption to be able to access and use the Online Banking service. Your browser must have JavaScript support enabled in order to view pages correctly and you must be on at least the latest two versions of your Browser software..

    D. Basic Online Banking Services 1. Account Information (i) You may view current balance information or review transaction activity for your eligible HarborOne Bank checking, savings, money market savings, CD, line of credit, mortgage or loan accounts that have been linked for Online Banking access. Current balances may include deposits that are still subject to verification and may not include deposits or loans that are in process, outstanding checks or payments, or other withdrawals, payments, credits, charges, or debits that have not yet been posted to your account. (ii) You may perform self-service activities such as, viewing front and back images of your manually written checks, changing your Online Banking Password, changing your email address and researching up to 365 days of historical account balance and activity information. 2. Fund Transfers

    (i) You may make same-day, future-dated or recurring fund transfers in any amount between your HarborOne Bank deposit accounts that have been linked for Online Banking access. If you request a fund transfer using this service, you authorize us to follow the transfer instructions and transfer the funds from the designated originating account to the designated recipient account. You may access your account(s) by computer or Smart Phone 24 hours a day using a password, to:

    • transfer funds from checking to checking or statement savings or money market Accounts • transfer funds from statement savings to checking or statement savings or money market Accounts • transfer funds from Money Market to checking or statement savings or money market Accounts • make payments from checking, savings or money market to loan accounts with us • make payments from checking to third parties (available via bill pay) • get information about:

    o the account balance of checking, savings, money market or certificate accounts o the last 120 days of transactions for checking and savings, money market accounts

    We may refuse to act on your fund transfer instruction if there are not sufficient available funds in your account, including funds available under any linked line of credit, on the Transaction Date. Funds transferred to a deposit account will be deemed deposited on the Transaction Date and will be available thereafter in accordance with our funds availability policy. (ii) You may edit or cancel a future-dated fund transfer prior to 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the day before the Transaction Date. A same day transfer is effective immediately and cannot be cancelled. (iii) You may make same day, future dated, or recurring fund transfers between your HarborOne Bank deposit accounts and your linked HarborOne Bank line of credit, installment loan or mortgage loan accounts. Fund transfers cannot be made if you only have a CD, a passbook or a loan account with HarborOne Bank. (iv) You may initiate an internal transfer using the Online Banking service, which will allow you to debit your Checking or Savings account at HarborOne and initiate a credit into another customers account at HarborOne Bank. Once the transfer is completed you cannot stop or reverse this transfer. (v) You may initiate an external transfer using the Online Banking service which will allow both a debit and a credit transaction to/from your HarborOne account to /from an account at another US financial institution. This service uses the ACH rules and regulations governing funds transfer services. Once the transfer is completed you cannot stop or reverse this transfer. You can only transfer funds using the external feature once you have validated your ownership with the external account and HarborOne has approved this link. You cannot use an internal transfer service with an external transfer as defined above. 3. Alert Messages Online Banking allo