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Transcript of Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone in 2017!!! › cms › lib ›...

  • Calendar of Events

    1/11 PTO Meeting 3:45 pm

    1/18 Assembly 9:30 am

    2/8 1/2 day - Dismissal at 12:14 pm

    2/13 School Assembly

    2/16 3rd grade Music Program/

    Grandparent’s Day

    2/16 McDonald’s Fundraiser Night

    2/20 No SCHOOL - President’s Day

    3/8 PTO Meeting 3:45 pm

    3/15 Spring Picture Day

    3/16 1st Grade Field Trip to the

    Puppet Show

    Happy New Year!

    Best wishes to everyone in 2017!!!

    • Thursday, January 12th: 1/2 day, dismissal at 12:14 pm

    • Thursday, January 12th: End of 1st semester

    • Friday, January 13th: NO SCHOOL - Teacher Work Day

    • Monday, January 16th: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther

    King Day

    • Tuesday, January 17th: 2nd semester begins

    Congratula ons to the

    following students for

    demonstra�ng the char-

    acter trait for December.

    McBride – Daniel Markoski

    Duvall – Ema Dimoski

    Lencke – Aiden Mikus

    Argadine – Mackenzie Leyden

    Sle#o – Jackson Sorensen

    Burford – August Feliciano

    Gasparovic – Owen Sle#o

    Wolf – Emerson Norris

    Cholodinski – Alexis Young

    Baechle – Bethany Lozano

    Bell/Hess – Talia Flores

    Potamianos – Lacey Leonard

    Coil – Flint Alm

    McMahon – Keewa Yu

    Ready – Madelyn Rodrigue

    Bierman – Makayla Koziarski

    Jansen – Devin Menefee

    Rice – Sophia Ma#hews

    Allen – Kathleen Richardson

    McBride – Zander Abraham

    Ewen – Alexis Howard

    Wool – Lexi Pryde

    Please make a note that the 4th grade music program/grandparent day

    has been moved to March 23rd from February 16th as originally sched-

    uled. The 3rd grade music program/grandparent day is still scheduled

    for February 16th.

    Parents, if you can donate a

    box of Kleenex to our gym

    teacher and art teacher, it

    would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you all in advance!

    Don’t forget to wear a BLUE

    SHIRT on Monday, January,

    9th for Bullying Preven�on




  • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Cheese Pizza Cheese Burger/Fiestada Pizza Meatballs/Spaghe7 1/2 day - no lunch NO SCHOOL

    (Available daily this week: Turkey Sandwich or Chicken Chef Salad)


    Anthony Caprio - 5th/Wool

    Perfect A*endance Winners

    Jonathan Letcher, Camille Ng, Kiara Jones

    Lunch Menu (January 9 - January 13)

    News From The Cafeteria: Parents please check your child's back packs for notices from the cafeteria. We have a very large negative balance. Notices go out once a week for negative balances. Lunch cost $2.15. If your child only buys a milk, it is 40 cents even if your child is free or reduced. Please send lunch money in an envelope with your child's FULL NAME and GRADE on it. If you have any questions please con- tact Shirley Tokarz, cafeteria manager 663-2525 ext. 17603. Thank You.

    Check out our AWESOME Solon Readers who are in the 50 point AR Club and above:

    50 Point Club50 Point Club50 Point Club50 Point Club: (1st grade) (1st grade) (1st grade) (1st grade) - Lola Coil (2nd grade) (2nd grade) (2nd grade) (2nd grade) - Benjamin Spajer, Ryan Huss, Anne Correlli (3rd grade) (3rd grade) (3rd grade) (3rd grade) - Colton Parlor, Aison Michailides, Gabe Sletto, Isabella Blockland, Levi Pogose, Gianna Gullette, Rama Abukhalil, Fairuz Youssef (4th grade) (4th grade) (4th grade) (4th grade) - Tyler Eich, Ryan Whitaker, Amanda Lopez, Emma Krooswyk, Logan Rodriguez, Lauren Matthews, Dzejla Bosnjakovic, Dane

    Hayden, Claire Rager, Isabel Egner, Kaysie Struble, Makayla Koziarski, Ava Ivezic, Samantha Bui, Maria Nikolaras, Leah Etter (5th grade) (5th grade) (5th grade) (5th grade) - Zander Abraham, Jeffrey Meschede, Taneil Gaddis, Luke Sargent, Carter Gleason, Oliver Talbot, Devlin Walden, Dylan Webber, Tyler Hay, Vincent Colvin, Mauricio Garcia, Lily Matonovich

    100 Point Club100 Point Club100 Point Club100 Point Club: (2nd grade)(2nd grade)(2nd grade)(2nd grade) -Kaylee Basiaga (3rd grade)(3rd grade)(3rd grade)(3rd grade) - Kayla Carrera, Payton Phillips, Flint Alm, Caleb Kotynski (4th grade) (4th grade) (4th grade) (4th grade) - Jane Myres, Bailey Reidelbach (5th grade) (5th grade) (5th grade) (5th grade) ---- Hayden Kay, Jonathan Sorensen, Abigail Berrisford, Emma Priesol, Miabella Gundich, Kathleen Richardson

    200 Point Club200 Point Club200 Point Club200 Point Club: (3rd grade) (3rd grade) (3rd grade) (3rd grade) - Dani Montgomery (5th grade)(5th grade)(5th grade)(5th grade) - Nora Hagerman, Reagan Graan

    300 Point Club300 Point Club300 Point Club300 Point Club: (4th grade) (4th grade) (4th grade) (4th grade) - Quinn Mehal, Caitlyn Lister (over 580 points!) (5th grade)(5th grade)(5th grade)(5th grade) - Miller Crampton