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A Mother's Day present for Anna Lopez from Andres and Catherine.

Transcript of Happy Mother's Day Anna

  • 1. Anna: So much more than four letters

2. Anna is more than just a beautiful woman. 3. She is a sister 4. a wife 5. a teacher 6. a Mom 7. a Mom again 8. a Mom yet again 9. a real family gal. 10. Shes always ready to listen 11. to record precious moments. 12. Shes there to celebrate with family 13. and celebrate with friends 14. still taking photos 15. spending mother-daughtertime 16. enriching her childrens lives. 17. She is there in the cold 18. and in the heat 19. ready to dance 20. encourage 21. play in the sand 22. and the snow. 23. Shes there to walk down theaisle 24. and celebrate with friends shejust met 25. and with friends/daughters in-law she gets to know. 26. All that and she finds time tostay in touch. 27. After all that, she deserves a break! 28. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! We love and miss you! 29. fin Te amamos, Andrs & Catherine