Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day. I Love You to the moon & back. My mother loves to give, We do not live the wealthy ways, Still love the life I live, We make it to see better days . Radiant Sunflower, Filled with beauty inside and out, Gives all in her power, Always there to help when in doubt . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Happy Mothers Day I Love You to the moon & backMy mother loves to give,We do not live the wealthy ways,Still love the life I live,We make it to see better days.

Radiant Sunflower,Filled with beauty inside and out,Gives all in her power,Always there to help when in doubt.

Endlessly shows a grin,Who I reveal my secrets to,Never would trade her in,Love her? Yes, indeed I sure do.

Shes always there for me,Kindness? In that she does not lack,Though we may disagree,I love her to the moon and back.

MommahYou are absolutely amazing and mean the world to me. Without you I dont know what I would do. I love being around you ; youre the funniest person in the world and you're always giggling . Its so cute. I consider you as one of my best friends & I love you SO much. I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world to have a mother like you. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother .