Happy Mother¢â‚¬â„¢s Day page 1 0f 6 Happy...

download Happy Mother¢â‚¬â„¢s Day page 1 0f 6 Happy Mother¢â‚¬â„¢s Day page 6 0f 6 7. When you are happy with your drawing,

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Transcript of Happy Mother¢â‚¬â„¢s Day page 1 0f 6 Happy...

  • 2. Now we can draw the base and top of the vase. Then turn the diamond shape in to a box by drawing one small line going down, from each of the corners and then joining them with two larger lines. Lastly we can add the stalks for the leafy and grassy bits of the �owers. Draw some curved lines going from the top of the vase upwards.

    1. Let’s start with the most basic shapes to begin with. Take your 2H pencil and draw one large circle for the vase and seven smaller circles which will be the center of each of the �owers. Also add a diamond shape for the box of chocolates. The red lines show you what to draw next, continue to use your sketching pencil for the plan of the drawing.

    Happy Mother’s Day page 1 0f 6

  • Happy Mother’s Day page 2 0f 6

    3. Start adding petals around the centre of the �owers, by drawing eight small ovals around each circle. Do one �ower at a time so that you dont get confused when the petals start to overlap.

    4. Do the same for the rest of the �owers.

  • Happy Mother’s Day page 3 0f 6

    5. Now we need to add some more petals behind to make the �owers look more realistic. Do a new petal inbetween each of the ones you have already drawn. Do this for all the �owers.

    6. Add the leaves, try some di�erent shapes and sizes if you like!

  • Happy Mother’s Day page 4 0f 6

    7. Thicken the lines for the grassy bits of the �owers, by adding a line that is the same shape right next to it. The two lines should meet at the top in a point. Next draw some extra thick lines for the stalks of the �owers, make sure they look thick enough to hold up the �ower!

    8. Now that the �owers and vase are done, we can make a start on the dog and chocolates! Draw the plan of the dog using circles and curved lines. If you get stuck you could always take a look at the character sheets!

  • Happy Mother’s Day page 5 0f 6

    7. Now lets give the dog some fur! Pressing lightly to begin with, start drawing zig-zag lines around his head and ears.

    8. Now for the chocolates! Carefully draw nine oval shapes inside the box, try and space them out evenly. You can draw on sprinkles or icing as well if you like.

  • Happy Mother’s Day page 6 0f 6

    7. When you are happy with your drawing, take out your 2B pencil and draw over the whole outline carefully. Think about which lines you need and which lines don’t need to be visible. Carefully erase any lines that you don’t need any more, and then we will be ready to start colouring in!

    8. Here is my �nished mother’s day scene, try loads of di�erent colours. You could add some background colours or patterns, try �ipping your pencils for even more choice! You could write ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and sign your name and give the drawing to your mum!